Cannabis Strain review Gorilla Glue from NextGeneration on Dream Market

This week I have been smoking a strain of Cannabis called Gorilla Glue purchased from a vendor called NextGeneration on Dream Market. As usual with Dream Market the product is high quality, well grown and properly dried.

Gorilla Glue is an interesting strain of cannabis, not as strong smelling as some yet its loaded with crystals and is very potent. This strain is another strain that has the potential to help people that suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, its strong and makes you sleepy. It also helps your appetite and therefore it could be beneficial to people that suffer from certain eating disorders.

Gorilla Glue is potent but what makes Gorilla Glue stand out for me is its unique taste, its lovely. Gorilla Glue tastes savory, a little earthy, cool and smooth on the throat and very natural. Because of its potency it is not really a strain for beginners but seasoned smokers will most likely love it.

NextGeneration is a very trustworthy and established vendor as shown below.

NextGeneration (17000) (4.94    )

Agora: 1000 deals, Ratings: 5/5
Nucleus: 831 Deals, Rating 4.91/5
11/04/2018 (today)

To purchase Gorilla Glue add /contactMember?member=NextGeneration to the end of a working Dream Market link

DrugsIncUK Lemon Silver Bubble, Cannabis Vape Cartridges and Lavender Kush Shatter on Dream Market

DrugsIncUK are definitely one of my favorite vendors on Silk Road and Dream Market. They supply very good quality skunk at a fair price and have a very high rating. The Lemon Silver Bubble is one of the best Skunk’s I have smoked this year but the skunk is not what makes this vendor one of my favorites!

The 1 ML Vape Cartridges are brilliant. The Cartridges fit on to most e-cigs only instead of being loaded with boring nicotine they are loaded with cannabis oil! These are great for anybody that wants to smoke cannabis without the strong smell or the need for tobacco. They are very potent and the effect seems to be a lot quicker than your usual methods of smoking cannabis, I felt high within seconds of taking a puff.

The Cartridges are one of the best products I have tried on Dream Market but this vendor has something else just as interesting and potent!

DrugsIncUK (1000) (4.96    ) (346, 4.97/5) (254/1/1)
Nucleus: 346 Deals, Rating 4.97/5
02/04/2018 (today)

This Lavender Kush Shatter is probably my all time favorite product I have review or ever smoked! When I first seen it I was a bit confused about what to do with it. It looks and feel like honey but this stuff is as sticky as glue. I decide to use a blunt rounded knife to smear it on to a little on a Rizla and roll a normal spliff with it (using the Lemon Silver Bubble.) The spliff was strong, tasty but also clean, it tickles the throat without being harsh or making you want to cough your guts up.

Two hours later and I am still feeling the effects of the Lavender Kush, this stuff is mental , I highly recommend that you try it now. .


DrugsIncUK (1000) (4.96    ) (346, 4.97/5) (254/1/1)
Nucleus: 346 Deals, Rating 4.97/5
02/04/2018 (today)

Add /contactMember?member=DrugsIncUK to one of the addresses below or any working Dream market 

A Playstation 4 rant.

I have had a PS4 since 2014. I also had a PS3. Upon first playing the PS4 the graphics look much better than the graphics on the PS3 and as I have stated in others blogs GTA 5 is a great game with huge longevity. Metal Gear Solid 5 also looks impressive and many recommend the Witcher, 7 days to die and fallout 4 and they all seem interesting but also a little similar to each other. Different enemies, different weapons and scenery but we are still just walking around maps killing everything in sight. That’s cool but sometimes a change is nice.

It may sound stupid and unreasonable for me to moan about the choose of games for the PS4. There are hundreds of games to choose from and yet I found myself playing the PS3 (which is free to play online) much more than I played the PS4. Despite the hundreds of games the PS4 offers most of them are average to shit games that are already out on the PS3 and take no advantage of the extra power of the PS4.

I like sports games like football but they update them every year with a new game and keeping up with the latest version is a VERY expensive thing to do. FIFA 18 will cost you £50 today yet this time next year it won’t be worth shit because FIFA 19 will be out. It’s a major rip off.

The PS4 has THREE UFC games (one to be released soon,) Multiple Farming simulators, who the fuck wants to pretend to be a farmer? What next? An abattoir simulator. There are hunting, cooking and construction simulators. The PS4 has a Rugby game, an handball game, 4 WWE games, 5 different versions of FIFA and 5 versions of PRO evolution but no boxing game! WTF.

The gaming developers and creators seem to lack anything like a decent imagination and instead of creating NEW high quality games in many cases they are simply creating cheap games that could have worked on the PS2 and selling people the same game but slightly updated over and over again.

Don’t tell me get an Xbox the game selection to that is equally as bad as the PS4’s it suffers from the exact same problem.

The PSN is also down A LOT despite the £5.99 per month it costs to play it. The PS4 and the eight generation of games consoles has to be one of the biggest disappointments and let downs from any generation of games consoles. Its overpriced, over hyped garbage with a very small selection of appealing games and so many lame cheaply made games that might as well be a PS2 game.

Is Theresa Many the WORST prime minister that Great Britain has ever had?

Theresa May is the 54th prime minister of the United Kingdom her reign has been a shambles in her own words a coalition of chaos! A one billion pound deal paid for out of public money to the DUP is the only reason she is in power. The Conservatives are cutting tax credits and benefits literally to fund this ridiculous one billion pound deal. Where is the fucking outrage?

Theresa May has insulted the intelligence of the British voters and tax payers and continues to extort the working and lower classes (most of whom would not have voted for her) just to fund her fascist dictatorship-like ideology.

Labour MP Lisa Nandy revealed in parliament the embarrassing inconsistencies between Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd over documents being hidden from the inquiry into allegations of child abuse by MP Cyril Smith.

“The Home Secretary told me that some papers would be withheld from the Cyrill Smith inquiry for national security reasons,” Nandy told the House of Commons, yet she added: “this week the Prime Minister has written to me to say we are clear that the work of the security services will not prevent information being shared with other such inquiries.”

– And she challenged Amber Rudd to confirm “for the survivors of Cyril Smith who have waited for decades” for justice – whether papers on historic allegations of child abuse against Smith will be withheld from inquiries for reasons of national security.

The Conservative government of the UK spend more time trying to cover up their own embarrassing, sick, twisted and psychopathic actions than they spend governing the country. They’re obsessed with Internet censorship she even recently accused Facebook of providing a platform for extremist. She warned social media sites could become “known as the terrorists’ platform or the first choice for paedophiles.” What I find ironic about this is her party is providing a platform for extremists and  known as the terrorists’ party and the first choice for (elitist) paedophiles! Britain’s Paedophile ELITE…EXPOSED @

I’m not overly educated in the history of the UK’s prime ministers and I dislike Theresa May’s politics in fact I think she is psychotic! But the same could be argued for Tony Blair, Winston Churchill, Edward Heath and Margret Thatcher. So of the 12 British Prime ministers the UK has had in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II at least five are possible psychopaths.

So Theresa May is probably not the worst prime minister the country has ever had or even had in the reign of the Queen! That is not is not much of a compliment though its like saying Michael Swango is not as bad as a doctor as Harald Shipman or John Bodkin Adams.

SOUR DIESEL from Mr Cronk on Dream Market Cannabis REVIEW

This week I have been smoking Sour diesel from a Dream Market vendor called Mr Cronk. Mr Cronk is a highly rated established and trusted vendor with a good selection of Cannabis.

The Sour diesel from Mr Cronk is nicely grown and dried. It is very dense and therefore grinds up nicely. It smells earthy and fresh. I love the effects of sour diesel it is literally numbing, relaxing and does not cause as much tiredness and fatigue as other cannabis strains do.

Sour Diesel is highly used by medical patients due to its ability to numb pain it is also sometimes used against things like depression and insomnia. Like the Lemon Sour Diesel, Sour Diesel is a nice smoke with calming effects. It is definitely among my favorites for its unique taste and its numbing effects.

Buy High Quality Sour Diesel @ Dream Market from;

Username MrCronk


Cannabis Strain Review. California Orange.

This week/month I have mainly been smoking California Orange an old school classic, dating back to at least 1980! The California Orange I have my hands on in dense and looks very well grown.  They call it California Orange so I was expecting a citrus taste and smell I didn’t really get that. Maybe the California Orange I have my hands on is a little matured. The smell of it reminds me of Black Cardamom!

Review continues below. 

This California Orange does not have a strong smell even when smoking it does however have a nice taste. Very different to anything I have smoked recently and very nice. The effects include hunger, dry mouth, a little tiredness and relaxation and they creep upon you. Upon smoking it does not have an immediate effect in fact I was beginning to believe it was a weak strain until about twenty after I stopped smoking. Suddenly I find myself stoned, very stoned! It is uplifting and does not come with any paranoia.

California Orange Scores 8.1

Best so far…

G13 HAZE 9.4

Super Silver Haze 9.1


Super Lemon Haze 8.5

Critical Kush 8.4

Lemon Sour Diesel 8.2

The Ultimate 8.2

California Orange 8.1

Afghan Kush 8.1

Moroccan Pollen Hash 8.1

Amnesia Haze 7.9

White Widow 7.7

Jack Herer  7.5

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????7g Cali Orange B+ “Reseller Special”
฿0.00643 (about £35 at this time)
United Kingdom

Cannabis review; Amnesia Haze.

Definition of amnesia

  1. 1:  loss of memory due usually to brain injury, shock, fatigue, repression, or illness

  2. 2:  a gap in one’s memory

  3. 3:  the selective overlooking or ignoring of events or acts that are not favorable or useful to one’s purpose or position… Americans seemed to develop a willful forgetfulness about the nation’s longest military conflict, an amnesia that lasted for nearly a decade. — Alan Brinkley

Today I am reviewing a Cannabis Strain called Amnesia Haze. This shit is strong, it smells strong in fact upon lighting this up it taken less then two minutes for the whole apartment that I live in to stink of it. And the effects of it are strong. The effects include fatigue, extreme relaxation, paranoia and anxiety. Despite its name Amnesia Haze it is not very hazey it taste more like a cheese or something.

It is not my favourite strain and nowhere near as nice tasting as Super Silver Haze or (my favourite so far) G13 haze but it does buzz you. I believe you could probably sleep through a nuclear war with this shit definitely a good one for sufferers of insomnia. Below is a picture of how I feel once I have smoked this shit.

Amnesia Haze Scores 7.9 Strong but not particularly nice tasting.


Cannabis review; SUPER SILVER HAZE.

Wow lucky me I got my hands on some Super Silver Haze exciting times. I love the smell of super silver when its fresh its fruity, hazey and just smells fresh, super silver is a lovely smelling skunk. It also smokes lovely and is VERY strong. Effects include intense paranoia, questioning of reality and maybe a little bit of over thinking! This kind of skunk is why many people hate marijuana its the kind that makes you reminisce all the bad things that you have done in your life and it refreshes the guilt, not everybody’s idea of a good time really, but I still love it in fact it is among my favorites.

The taste when smoking is very clean and smooth its almost cool and gentle on the throat no harshness at all. Not at all one for beginners but hardcore smokers (like me) will love this strain.

Super Silver Haze Scores; 9.1


Cannabis Review; The Ultimate.

The Ultimate is one of Dutch Passions heaviest yielding varieties meaning growers like this one. It is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain. It smells little earthy and very fruity, I am not usually a fan of the fruity tasting cannabis strains (though they do taste nice) because they tend to lack strength sometimes.

The first thing I notice upon sparking it up is it tastes and smells very fruity and sweet. It is a very nice tasting strain but unlike like some sweet tasting strains The Ultimate has a bit of strength to it as well. The effects of the Ultimate is uplifting, happiness and no paranoia at all it does not like you tired (unlike the White Widow I reviewed earlier.)

At first I was not sure about the Ultimate but after a week it had grown on me for its nice taste and relaxing but uplifting effects and in the end I missed not having any left. It definitely is not the strongest or most intense strain that I have ever smoked but it is very nice and I would defiantly buy it again despite the pretty high price of it. This is a social one. If you were to hand this out in a room half full with angry EDL nutters and the other full of Islamic fundamentalists they would be friends within haf an hour, you cannot be angry when you smoke the Ultimate.

The Ultimate scores 8.2

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Living in the UK I have smoked a fair amount of cheese at one time everybody had cheese it was everywhere. The first thing you will notice with Cheese is its very strong sour smell hence its name. Cheese also stinks when you smoke it its a very strong smell that travels for miles and lingers.

As explained in previous blogs haze is usually my favourite smoke but I don’t mind cheese. Cheese is strong but also uplifting and has the tendency to make people happy, despite its very strong smell and taste I have always noticed it is sometimes not as strong as the smell suggests. Like many skunks Cheese is expensive and in the UK it is massively popular despite its very high price (it will usually cost at least ten pound for sometimes as little as 0.7 of a gram though it can be found cheaper depending on location and source.)

Cheese is defiantly worth a try if you have never tried it if only for its strong taste and smell. But I find it too pricey its a good solid skunk and is just plainly over priced.

CHEESE scores 8.7

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It is now my favourite part of the day because I am now going to review G13 Haze.

When I first looked at G13 haze I was surprised by its density and its strong smell, haze does not usually smell this strong (it also smells strong when smoking.) I believe the G13 haze I smoked was very well grown and its very expensive to buy (at least here in the UK where EVERYTHING is expensive but thats another story.)

Upon having a smoke on it I am amazed. It’s very hazy but full of other flavours a bit soapy and a bit skunky and very thick smoke. G13 is very strong and not really a good one to start on but for regular users that want something strong (as it gets) G13 haze is a must try. I would be interested in trying other versions of it.

I have to say its one of my all time favourites and one of the strongest I have tried. From now every skunk I smoke will be compared to G13 haze which is definitely one of the finest I have ever tried. Not really one for the day much better for the night time as it can make you feel tired also comes with slight paranoia.

I have always preferred haze to cheese and traditional skunks, I think they are tastier and more uplifting as soon as I hear “haze” I smile but G13 haze is now my favourite haze and weed that I have smoked and I will be lucky if anything beats it anytime soon.

G13 HAZE scores 9.4/10

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MrCronk (1050) (4.92    )
Black Market Reloaded: 1766/52/18 (pos/neu/neg)
21/11/2017 (today)




I love weed and I love blogging so I have decided that I am going to begin reviewing strains of weed that I get access to. The first being Jack Herer.

Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s, where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. I first tried Jack Herer in Amsterdam when I was in my early twenties and I remember it starting ridiculous giggling fits so when I got my hands on it again years later I was pretty excited.

When I first light it I taste a bit of haziness crossed with traditional skunk its a nice tasting smoke. In strength it is not the strongest and does not make you feel tired in fact you can almost fully function when you are smoking Jack Herer.

In effects of Jack Herer are good it makes you ridiculously happy, giggly and calm and their is no paranoia from it as there is with some of the very strong skunks. Jack Herer defiantly has a creative feel to it. Jack Herer tends to be expensive.

I would say Jack Herer is a good skunk for a beginner, a writer or somebody attempting something creative. Full blown weed heads (like me) might want something a touch stronger for the night but this skunk is uplifting and can be smoked anytime of the day without ruining your day.

Jack Herer Scores 7.5/10

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I have only been on Steemit for about a week so this is a very quick first impression review. When I first signed up to Steemit after hearing positive and hopeful reviews online, I have to say I was a bit confused of what all the hype was about.

I posted a few blogs that I copy and pasted from my website, I thought for the very least it will open my website up to a new audience. I have signed up to many websites that claim to be anti censorship or have promised to make people rich.

Trutube, LiveLeak, Sellfy, Blip TV, Adsense, Blogger, Create Space and many others have sounded full of potential but ALL of them have been huge disappointments, in fact HUGE FUCKING RIP OFFS is a more accurate description.

My first impression of Steemit was not brilliant, but upon reading how it works it sounds pretty exciting. I am not saying that Steemit is going to make bloggers rich instantly or ever but some bloggers are happy just to be heard freely and fairly without censorship anytime we say anything slightly controversial, if we make money surely thats a bonus.

I hope Steemit stays true and censorship free if it does that I would love to see it destroy these corporate giants that have controlled, manipulated and extorted from our Internet for too long already.



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WOLVOMAN80 on Internet censorship, Trip advisor, YouTube, Google, payment, food, preservatives, sweeteners, HEK CELLS, Alton Towers, Review, Internet surveillance, Doctors, Scientists, Qualifications, Boiling Frogs, Science, Salt, Good for heart, RSPCA, Murder animals, racism, racist media, Illuminati sacrifice, the Vigilant Christian, Prince, Robin Williams, Paul Walker, celebrity deaths, school, indoctrination, brainwashing, brainwashed masses and more.






WOLVOMAN80 on Internet censorship, Trip advisor, YouTube, Google, payment, food, preservatives, sweeteners, HEK CELLS, Alton Towers, Review, Internet surveillance and more.



What am I doing right now?

The answer is listening to Adele!

Why would I be listening to Adele?

I am trying to understand what this huge obsession is that so many people seem to have about Adele, “Hello” has recently hit half a billion hits on YouTube. I know modern day music is shit and Adele is undoubtedly less shit than most but I don’t think she is anything special! In fact I think she is overrated and her being so overrated is mainly due to the poor quality of corporate music, after listening to shit like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj anything that is not corporate pop shit, sounds amazing even if it is just corporate middle of the road shit.

I have never rated Adele, I’m not saying she is shit I’m just saying she ain’t as good as everyone seems to think she is. I find her music boring, soft, whiny, depressing and full of self pity, I much prefer to listen to something a little more motivational. I admit she is better than the bad bunch we have at the moment but she ain’t brilliant. All I see is a miserable fat girl singing average, middle of the road songs about being a miserable fat girl!

Call me old fashioned if like but give me Guns n Roses, Johnny Cash, Rage against the machine or the Prodigy any day and turn this self pitying shit off.




I write many blogs moaning and complaining about the government and the parasitic corporations that control the government, today instead of bitching about our ridiculous government or ranting about the fact that Facebook have not even paid £5000 in UK tax this year or something just as ridiculous, I thought I would write about something that does not piss me off! JOHNNY SPICE in WOLVERHAMPTON City Center is my all time favourite place to eat!  Johnny Spice is an Indian Buffet and I love Indian food, prices range from a bargain £5.00 per head on a Saturday dinner to £9.50 per head on weekend evenings, it is cheaper than local buffets such as Cosmo and Ming Moon and although it does not the same choice as the other local buffets, I would say they food is better quality from Johnny Spice.

Johnny Spice gets a 5 star rating from me.

As well as an 4.5 rating on trip adviser.




Last year my girlfriend bought me a PlayStation 4! I have been a keen gamer since I was a child and although I had gone a couple of years without playing computer games we still used the PlayStation 3 to watch Netflix. I was excited about the PlayStation 4 but it did not take long for me to realize that despite the PlayStation 4 having amazing power and graphics it lacks a decent game. I went months wasting the PlayStation 4’s power on watching T.V shows on Netflix, I looked regularly for games that may interest me and found very little and the games that did interest me were so expensive it put me of purchasing them. Everything on PlayStation 4 is expensive, when we purchase the expensive movies we can no longer download the movie on to the PlayStation we are forced to watch it through a Netflix like stream which means if you have no internet you can watch nothing even if you have already paid for the movie, to be honest I had been disappointed with the PlayStation 4.

Months later and I had almost given up finding something worth while on the PlayStation and then Grand Theft Auto 5 was released. I have always been a big fan of Grand Theft Auto so when it came out on PlayStation 4 my generous girlfriend bought it for me.

It had been at least seven years since I last played Grand Theft Auto and three years since I last played any games regularly but it taken me only a few minutes to realize that Grand Theft Auto 5 is special! After a couple of more weeks of playing and I can honestly say that Grand Theft Auto 5 is the BEST GAME I have ever played! Critics of the game claim that the game promotes and glorifies violence and the games is often attacked and blamed for the actions of irresponsible parents that allow young children to play this games despite the huge 18 certificate on the cover.

Finally my PlayStation 4 has a use other than Netflix, so far before Grand Theft Auto I was completely unimpressed and even annoyed at the PS4, I thought it was expensive and weak. Since than I have kidnapped a Simon Cowell types of Prick and filmed him dancing in his underwear, I blown a Mark Zuckerberg type of pricks head off and loads more fun. Other than GTA 5 (which is out on every machine) so far I can honestly say the PS4 is a waste of time and money and a massive let down so far in some ways the PlayStation 3 is actually better than the PS4.