The Alien Races Book – Over 82 Species On Earth! [Full Documentary]

Recommended Documentary. Aliens have been living on planet Earth before the Human race was born. – according to Paul Hellyer, former Canadian defense minister. There are 82 alien races living on Earth, which include the aliens caught on tape, and the ones listed in the Alien Races Book. In this […]

David Icke – The Reptilians – the Schism – Obama and the New world Order.

An old but very interesting lecture by David Icke, looking at Illuminati bloodlines, the Reptilians, the New World Order, Satanic child abuse rituals, the monarchy and many other subjects.


The Soul Travelers – Michael Wynn – Full Length Documentary – Support Independent Media Michael Wynn’s “The Soul Travelers” reveals the truth about mythology, the spirit world, magic, Satanism, and the Illuminati. This documentary reviews repeating themes in mythology and tales of ancient man. Then the video discusses […]