2nd time uploaded. STUCK ON ZERO VIEWS! Psychopathic YouTube HATE this video


Why do YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit protect psychopaths, war criminals and rapists? PART 2

Second time uploaded STUCK ON ZERO VIEWS!

Google have “confirmed by manual review” that my new video Britain’s Paedophile ELITE… EXPOSED is not suitable for advertisers and some reddit users believe it should not even be on reddit.

Recently I uploaded a new video to YouTube called Britain’s Paedophile elite. Google decide this video (like many of my others) is not suitable for advertisers. Google also completely fail to notify any of my subs that I have uploaded the video forcing me to share it myself. I shared it on Reddit and it gained over 100 points on only for it to disappear after I was reported for self promotion. Despite numerous reposts it fails to even come close to the first post. In fact I seem to have attracted a bunch of pro conservative wankers that are misguided enough to think that I can’t take a bit of a trolling. I have a message for you pricks demonspawn79, DaDavidLynchMob, M4d_MartiganlargePenisLover and whoever else feels the need to attack me while defending politicians that are KNOWN and in some cases PROVEN to rape children in care homes. That message is FUCK OFF you media manipulated, fast asleep sheep.

Your threats and aggression does not worry me one bit (obviously or I would not be writing this.) You might think that this is OK but the VAST MAJORITY of people do not. As for me being accused of being a conspiracy theorist just for mentioning this, this is not a theory and all of my video is backed by media reports. I would not and do not accuse random politicians for no reason, the people in this video have been exposed NUMEROUS times for their actions as explained in the video.

DaDavidLynchMob asks me to stop posting my own shit on reddit my answer to this is FUCK OFF PRICK. Do I ask you to stop sitting on your ass all day writing comments on EVERYTHING on Reddit? I don’t in fact knock yourself out and carry on you SAD lonely BASTARD. Just because you have nothing of your own ideas or creation to share does not mean that none of us do.

largePenisLover commented; Someone with mental issues made an unhinged slideshow about some pseudoscientific nonsense and narrated it. There’s thousands of these on youtube.
A thing all these video’s share is that they are way too long and that the author says something about it being an abridged version due to something external they can’t control.

You’re right largePenisLover (you know this man has a tiny penis.) I have mental issues caused by ignorant DICKS like you that believe because the Sun has not reported it it must not be true. May God forgive you for your ignorance you stupid blind fool.

M4d_Martigan (commenting on another video I made) said; Seriously dude the audio mix alone hurts my ears. You already broke rule 6 now it’s rule 7. Calm down and post this where it belongs, not here.

The audio is not great it is made on a ZERO budget unlike your corporate propaganda their politically motivated lies are 4K and their audio is perfect. Good enough to brainwash braindead sheep like you. So fuck you and suck my fucking dick whoever the fuck you are.

You see if you don’t like good you are entitled to your opinion but I don’t like Adele, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran but I do not watch their shit just to moan about it to them when I have finished. You people must have a lot of spare time, not very active lives? Try getting a girlfriend if you can find anybody that does not instantly notice you are but a useless tosser.

FULL DOCUMENTARY AT  https://youtu.be/pvLmB2ZyCgw

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A decentralized Internet is nothing new!

Recently there has been a lot of talk about a new decentralized Internet. A Internet where greedy, freedom hating corporations have less or preferably no control or influence at all. For all the talk the decentralization of the internet is moving slowly. Facebook, Google and Amazon for example still have much too much control and power. Facebook and Google feel no way in hiding controversial content. Criticism of governments and their policies is regularly hidden from the masses. They don’t always remove the material they simply make it much less accessible. I honestly believe that most people still have NO idea just how manipulated the information we read on the internet is. Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter they’re all highly censored.

This censorship is NOT about protecting people its about protecting governments, the establishment and corporations. Back in the year 2000 the internet was different. It may not have been easy to watch a video but information online was not manipulated because corporations like Facebook and Google were not as powerful and influential as they are now.

The new decentralization of the internet is the most progressive step backwards I have ever seen! I guess sometimes and step backwards is a step forward.

I believe (and hope) that the decentralization of the internet could kill or at least seriously damage the obscenely greedy corporations that have damaged the Internet in recent years. Surely when Facebook censor their own users they must be losing users and putting people off. The censorship is blatant and the decentralization of the Internet has come about mainly because people recognize what is going on.

So fuck Google Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg and FUCK the deep state they work for and protect and power to the people.


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I have blogged this subject sooo many times I get sick of repeating so one more time. First it was Facebook then YouTube and Google and Twitter these sites are blatantly censored. Due to this censorship many former users of these sites have been looking for alternatives. YouTube has tons of alternatives unfortunately none of the alternatives have close to the amount of users that YouTube has and many vloggers and so on still use YouTube, as shit as YouTube is (with their ridiculously hypocritical advertising policy and full blown censorship) its better than nothing.

Facebook also has many alternatives as does Google news. Steemit offers small cryptocurrency payments to bloggers unfortunately Steemit is not so much censored but it is highly controlled and despite its claim of being decentralized it is not.

Reddit is a FUCKING joke which is a shame because it has so much potential. First thing I FUCKING HATE about Reddit is their fussiness. Things like too many capitals in the title is a responsible reason I suppose but some of the reasons are ridiculous. I shared a few posts on /r/Dream_Market ban me for spam! They’re greedy bastards they just didn’t like the idea of somebody sharing links and them missing out on affiliation payments through the links that they provide.

r/Conspiracy ban me for “self promotion” call me stupid if you like but I make a considerable amount of videos that most would say are CONSPIRACY THEORIES I thought a good place to share them would be a page of fans of conspiracy and the videos and blog I shared were doing pretty well. Until r/Conspiracy ban me and remove the posts including this one http://wolvoman80.co.uk/?p=3891. That is a conspiracy. What kind of shit is a page that allows you to share as long as its not your own material?

I would also like to give a huge FUCK YOU to the following pages /r/WTF,   r/Ghosts and r/Paranormal. Reddit is a joke and too many moderators seem to fascist haters of freedom of speech and freedom of expression The only thing that bought people to Reddit is censorship yet Reddit is as censored as any site I have ever used.   


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Reddit vs Steemit vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Google Plus

OK first get rid of Google plus and twitter because they are useless. Twitter is highly censored and seems to focus and promote too much celebrity bullshit and Google Plus and the worst website I have ever seen or heard of. Google plus is so bad that just its existence has worsened other sites (YouTube,) its so bad that people like me (YouTube users) were FORCED to use and accept it because Google knew the only way they could gather an audience for Google Plus was by sucking the blood out of YouTube (YouTube was not even their idea or creation.)

So now we are left with Steemit, Facebook and Reddit. Steemit is good in a lot of ways but I have noticed it seems to suffer from a small pool of readers. If I post a link on Reddit or Facebook it can bring thousands of people to my site. Steemit seems to lack the ability to do this it may bring 20 or 30 visitors but thats about it. It could get better as time goes on but right now the only thing good about Steemit is it pays cryptocurrency for your posts.

Now we are left with Facebook and Reddit. Facebook should be the most useful one of them all because it has the most users but heavy censorship has ruined it. It does still have its uses and is very hit and miss. If I post everyday or even every week my posts can still reach thousands of people. Facebook have also locked me out of two accounts and made its self as useless as possible.

Reddit seems to me to be the most effective way of sharing yours blogs! It is far from perfect though and still censored. Its overly strict on new accounts I only signed up a week ago and because of this I am flagged for spam when I post despite a capta solving when posting and signing up. The reason I did not sign up earlier is because I was told it was censored and useless which it is. But it is a little less useless than the rest of them and at least Reddit tell you that they are removing your content instead of simply hiding it.


Why and how you should be using Dream Market. NEW LINKS UPDATED 12/02/2018

This post is not suitable anybody in the world. I suggest you leave immediately.

Millions of people in the UK already use drugs and they are usually over charged on poor quality drugs for doing so. The war on drugs is nothing more than a small part of a much larger war. The war on your freedom.

I smoke weed and through blogging I earned a little bit of cryptocurrency. This could not have come at a better time because at the time I was struggling to buy food never mind smoke weed.

After going a couple of weeks without smoking weed but smoking lots of cigarettes to make up for it I decide to try Silk Road. I purchase a few small orders thinking if one does not come through at least one of the others should. To my surprise they all come through and the difference in quality and choice to what we find on the street is ridiculous. Silk Road had trouble and went down which caused me problems (I lost 80 USD.) I also fell for a dodgy vendor cost me another 135usd which was finalize early (below are some trusted vendors from the United Kingdom.) I would not finalize early on Silk Road or Dream Market unless you have used the vendor before or he has a high and established rating.

Silk Road went up and down shortly after this and despite months of me sending them polite messages I found myself being ignored. I thought Fuck Silk Road I will try Dream Market and I have used only Dream Market since.

First thing that you need to use Dream Market is Tor which can be downloaded @ https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en

Next thing you are going to need is an account you can sign up for Dream Market at the following links. If One is down try the next one. There are extra links at the bottom of the page in case none of the below work.


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If you are buying bitcoin exclusively to use on Dream Market pay your bitcoin straight in to your Dream Market Wallet using the Bitcoin address provided. This usually takes 20 minutes to clear (I had one take 24 hours once so do not panic if it does not show instantly though it usually does.)

From then on it is as simple as choosing the product that you want to purchase and how you would like it to be shipped. Anything valuable is better tracked and delivery can be the next day or as many as three days. One package took two weeks to show up! By the time it had shown up the vendor had already reshipped another which somehow beat it.

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