REASONS to vote Conservative..

Here is a list of reasons that people should run to the polling booths  and vote Conservatives on the 8th June 2017…

The most obvious reason to vote Conservatives is…… you’re rich… If you’re loaded and do not wish to contribute a fair percentage of tax than the Conservatives is the political party for you.

Another obvious reason you may wish to consider voting for the Conservative is you own a huge business or corporation, the Conservatives and previous Labour governments have kept the cost of corporation tax down very low while extorting the working classes, don’t let Jeremy Corbyn force you in to paying your staff a fair wage and a fair tax rate.

Other reasons range massively maybe you own or control a huge paedophile ring? The Conservatives have been actively working against the police and victims day after day to stop these businesses from being exposed! Maybe you hate Foxes, the poor, Immigrants and love war if so vote Conservatives we are the party for.

Maybe you’re stupid and not capable of Independent or critical thinking? If thats the case read the mainstream medias propaganda and do what they tell you to do, which is…VOTE CONSERVATIVE!

But the best reason of all that may make you want to reconsider your vote is maybe you just hate people, maybe you want to see people oppressed, degraded, enslaved and skint. Maybe you want to see more wars, murder for profit, corruption and pure ignorance maybe you just want to piss people off, if so VOTE CONSERVATIVES and don’t forget to tell a friend.