BREAKING NEWS Kim Kardisian post selfie on Instagram fully clothed!

Why are the media so quick to tell us when Kim Kardisian poses naked for Instagram? Realistically (apart from the people that are pathetic enough to be following her on Instagram in the first place) who gives a fuck?

Its not even like its a rare occurrence (even if it was it is still not news worthy) in fact Kim Kardisian poses naked ALL THE TIME. Its getting old, its getting boring and it is all she has got. She really is a one trick pony. This girl must have a very low opinion of herself because I have never seen a person crave attention so much. Its not even like she needs to do this, she is loaded, one of the highest paid whores in the whole world.

It must be a pain in the ass to possess an ass of that size and shape I should imagine. I often wonder and ask myself if Kayne West has ever woke up to the distance voice of Kim Kardisian shouting “Kayneeee, I’m fucking stuck on the toilet again, help.” Poor Kayne has to rush in and attempt to pull this freak of the toilet as the suction works against him.  Not a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

That would be not be news but it would be interesting and amusing to see that story reported in the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror or the Sun with a picture of Kayne West covered in the shit of Kim Kardisian and requesting a divorce.

The point I am trying to make (gone of topic a bit) is Kim Kardisian posing naked is NOT news so don’t put it in newspapers. The corporate media must be desperate to fill their pages with anything but news to scope this low.

The real news is: The government are extorting you, fighting wars, murdering people and ruining lives on a mass scale to fund the already obscenely rich and greedy. Kim Kardisian is a distraction, if this attention whore is your role model you are in trouble.

This is not real news and its not fake news its corporate news for the idiotic population.

Fake news is the real news and real news is the fake news!

Over the last few weeks there has been much talk of fake news, fake news is the corporations way of controlling what you read and watch. When the term fake news is used you can guarantee they are talking about non corporate bloggers that have alternative ideas. I believe the corporations and world’s governments have realized they have lost control of the Internet and this is a desperate, pathetic attempt of gaining back some of that control.

“Stop reading that fake bullshit about the corruption, war crimes, massacres and thievery your government are committing and read the real news,” they tell us. But what is the real news? Well as I write this the top story on Google news is;

Who won X Factor 2016? Saara Aalto and Matt Terry’s emotional final as it happened

So thats the real news, well I was miles off! Heres me reading facts like 99 per cent of the worlds is owned by 0.1% of the world’s population and thousands of children are starving to death on a daily basis, reading about wars being fought all over the world and government corruption when I should have been reading about who won the X factor.

To me that’s the fake news kick it off Facebook please Zuckerberg it’s making people ignorant and stupid. But wait you want people ignorant and stupid so you and your puppet masters can carry on extorting to the world. So the the X factor is real news and war, poverty, corporate, exploitation, Pizzagate and extortion is fake news.

Two screenshot examples of Real news according to Google taken about half an hour part of each other.

Half an hour later

So somehow the bullshit that happens on a SHIT reality TV show ends up above 25 people being killed in Cairo. The only trouble is with reading the “real news” is its so mind-numbing, simple and dumb. When they say “real news” they mean corporate and government sponsored propaganda/distraction written by puppets. When they say “fake news” they mean the real news written by real people, talking about real issues and they are not necessarily financially motivated corporate elitist puppets.

They are trying to make the powerful corrupt, useless, propaganda filled mainstream media even more powerful and take power away from the people, like they always do.