WTF is goin on?

Politics is fast moving and crazy at the moment sometimes all this craziness makes politics confusing and hard to follow. Just a few weeks ago America were talking about potential military action because of Russian interference with the American election there was even talk of Donald Trump being impeached and even World War three now all seems to have been forgotten!

The media are hostile towards Donald Trump and I was one of those people that concluded; If the mainstream media hate him he must be doing something right.

I was beginning to believe Donald Trump though not perfect was a real alternative to the puppets that have preceded him. I never trusted Donald Trump but at the same time I could not say for definite he is just another puppet! I am slowly starting to accept that Donald Trump is just another puppet!

Donald Trump was telling us that ISIS were an American creation but than implements a ban on ten Muslim countries entering the US? I’m not American but if America are going to ban and deport Muslims the American armies should leave the Middle East at the same time.

Trump also seems to be very pro Israel as he and the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu are sharing love messages over Twitter.

This leads me to conclude all this so called confrontation with sections of the mainstream media could be just an act! Maybe they know or have considered that the activists, conspiracy theorists, bloggers and alternative media are people that tend to be politically active and these people trust the mainstream media so little that nowadays bad publicity really is good publicity!

Jeremy Clarkson is a ugly, sausage fingered, lanky streak of piss and an elitist brown nosed puppet!

I know what you are thinking, Wolvoman80 is a troll and a hater, unfollow and ignore. But Jeremy Clarkson trolls and hates everybody and everything that is not upper class and English. He is a racist right winged extremist that deliberately promotes a racist, ignorant dumb mentality.

I would like to start a petition to have Jeremy Clarkson dropped off with the rest of the Top Gear crew in the middle of an Argentine Ghetto wearing Union Jack t-shirts with the words Falklands 1982 on them. The event should be filmed for entertainment purposes in a kind of a reality TV fashion.

Directly after the show when the Clarkson fans are still mourning the death of their favourite talentless lanky streak of piss, somebody should explain to them that Jeremy Clarkson may appear to be your friend but he is nothing more than a Conservative racist. Friends with people like David Cameron, he hates or at least does not care one bit for the poor and his racism is small minded and shameful. There have been many controversial racist moments that Jeremy Clarkson has found himself involved in yet somehow he is still employable.   

I guess that Jeremy Clarkson may not be as stupid as he looks or acts because he is smart enough to know you can get away with racism as long as its the right kind of racism. The picture below shows the choice of number plate was obviously deliberately choose to ridicule Argentines on his new Amazon prime show “the Grand Tour”



I know a lot of people are having problems with Facebook but call me paranoid but ever since I called Mark Zuckerberg a smelly breathed looking inbreed weakling on a YouTube video and a blog Facebook seem to be desperate to stop me using it.

Don’t believe me, look at this, Mark Zuckerberg’s (an inbreed puppet to the establishment) Facebook asked me to confirm my identity by naming friends.


Why that looks like three completely different people Mark you ugly Zionist supporting Dick.


That’s Walter White and some very impressive art of two people I don’t recognize Mark you disgusting parasite


It’s that girl I meet on Tuesday in Cartoon land Mark you Genocide supporting weakling


That appears to be the most ridiculous question anybody has ever asked me Mark you socially inadequate freak you make Dr Evil look normal.


The I.D I sent them was not good enough I sent a tax letter and a bank statement!


This appears to be a greedy, ugly tool of the establishment, corporations, Israeli, U.S and British government. He oppresses peace and promotes genocide with his friends in the mainstream media who he pay to portray him in a positive light. A truly disgusting parasite of a human being!