YouTube are shutting us down to protect the British government from criticism!

I am an extremist, I produce extremist content that is not advertiser friendly. It seems to me the truth is not advertiser friendly! Google, Facebook and the rest of the corporate owned Internet seem to have a real hatred for the truth but not only the truth anything that is non-corporate. Over the last few years YouTube seem to be getting more and more picky about the content they want and they also seem to have decided that YouTube is no place for you to protest, exercise freedom of speech or make a living.

YouTube are removing subs from me, every time I make a few I lose a few as well. The amount of subscribers I have has not changed (it goes up and down) this year!

I believe that Google, Facebook and the rest of the corporate owned Internet are acting on behalf of the governments and advertisers, the British government/HMRC do use YouTube adverts to threaten their own population with their confusing and extorting tax system, at one stage nearly every video I watched had a video by the HMRC threatening their own population.

Theresa May is a corporate whore and a hypercritical fascist that hates freedom and seems to spend too much of her time protecting elite paedophile rings, corporations, the rich and banks and attacking her own population using financial fascism just that like Margret Thatcher and EVERY recent prime minister that has come before her. A truly disgusting example of a human being she has no respect for human life and is guided only by money as opposed to justice, equality and freedom, she is merely another puppet to the establishment and the corporations and a true terrorist that needs to be stopped for the good of the nation and the nations she and her government and puppet masters loot from.


Facebook and Google are used as tools to protect elitist paedophile rings!

I have recently started studying government run paedophile rings, its a subject that I have blogged about in the past (before having my old website taken down in a cyber attack by a Department of work and pensions office.)

Facebook started censoring their site of this kind of information years ago, they have actually blocked me from accessing two accounts now and deleted another!

We all know that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is the governments favourite spying tool but I don’t think most people realize just how manipulated the flow of information is on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg must like paedophile rings or something because he seems to feel an obligation to protect them by withholding the information that is coming out about them.

Same goes for Google in fact since I have started studying and reporting the British governments alleged involvement in paedophilia and even Satanic ritual referral hits on my site from Google has halved! Sergey Brin and Larry Page also seem to be keen to protect these people from facing justice.

Some might accuse me of spreading fake news but I am backing everything up and in most cases just putting mainstream media reports together.

I believe that their seems to be a global blackout on this subject from mainstream media and social media and this is their greatest weapon.

The trouble is with Internet censorship is we only get half of the story, what the mainstream want to tell us, when they want to tell us. The mainstream media seem to be trying to conceal as much they can and slowly drip feed the public information on this subject.

They protect each other in order to protect themselves and they are hoping the dominoes stop falling before it reaches the highest people in our fucked up society..



Recently there has been much debate on vaccines but not on the safety of vaccines much of this debate has been aimed at people that do not vaccinate their children, some politicians, doctors and sections of the media are discussing things like forced vaccinations or removing unvaccinated out of schools! Their argument is; if unvaccinated children are to great in number the vaccinated children could also be at risk of catching the disease despite them having already had been vaccinated by these brilliant, cutting edge vaccines. Sounds like a load of bullshit to me, another excuse for the government and people with too much time on their hands to meddle. If a vaccinated child catches a disease that he or she has been vaccinated against surely that shows failure of the vaccine, blaming parents that chose not to vaccinate despite the fear mongering and the threats that are now paraded by mainstream media is lazy. A pharmaceutical corporation sells us a product that will only work if EVERYBODY buys it and you call Anti-Vaccine Parents stupid?

I vaccinated my child because of bullshit, fear mongering and propaganda like this, she had a reaction, lucky for me it was not life threatening (as far as I know) but it did involve hysterical crying for two weeks, for me anything that makes somebody cry for two weeks must be bad.

On February 4 2015 BBC news reported;

The current death rate in England and Wales is running about one-third higher than its normal rate for this time of year, official statistics show.

In the two weeks ending on 23 January, 28,000 people died, the Office for National Statistics figures show.

Over the previous five years, the average number of deaths for the same period stood at about 21,000.

Experts say flu could be the driving force, although the precise causes will not be known for some time.

Prof John Newton, chief knowledge officer at Public Health England (PHE), which monitors death rates, said there had been a substantial increase in the numbers since Christmas.

Although it was less apparent from the raw data, PHE’s own analysis has found that – even taking the season into account – deaths among elderly people have now been significantly elevated for six weeks.

The death rate has risen by 3,700 people a week since early December. Of that more than 3,000 are accounted for by over-75s.

The usual key causes of excess winter deaths are cold weather, influenza and gastrointestinal infection.

Estimating exactly which has done what, however, will take some time.

‘Flu season’

There is evidence, however, that flu may be a crucial driver of this year’s elevated deaths.

According to PHE statistics, both GPs and hospitals are spending much more time dealing with flu than they did last year, despite a similar vaccination rate among the key target groups.

Furthermore, the H3N2 sub-type – a prevalent flu virus at the moment – takes a particular strain on elderly people.

An important role for this virus is therefore consistent with a higher death rate among the elderly, who have been encouraged to get vaccinated.

Read full report here

Sensible questions about vaccines or just the thoughts of lunatics?

How accurate was Andrew Wakefield’s research? It was bullshit the media and politicians insist, but it accounted for a huge, unexplained and undeniable leap in autism, how many of these reporters and politicians that claim his work and research is bullshit have ever looked at his work?

Autism Stats


If these flu vaccines that are being distributed more and more to children and pensioners all over the country, are so good than why are statistics showing a sharp rise in deaths at flu seasons?

How much research has gone into the effects and safety of multiple vaccines and where can it be found?

Why are the vaccines ingredients so weird?

And does anybody actually have data or unbiased proof that vaccines are safe?