There is no war on drugs, extremism or terror!

The governments of USA, UK and Europe appear to be fighting many wars. They claim to be fighting a war on terrorism, extremism, hate speech, drugs, fake news. They fight secret wars, drug wars, information wars, we could be approaching a war on Russia while still fighting Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, the […]

Do not talk politics with over privileged, teenage white girls, unless you want to test your patience…

Today I have had a delightful (by delightful I mean horrifying) political conversation with a British teenage girl! The subject was a potential US and China trade war, I stated that a trade war with China is much more useful to the people of America and maybe Britain than continued wars […]


I am not really sure what the fuck is happening to both my website and my YouTube channel at the moment but the last few weeks I have had nothing but problems and those problems have accelerated and grown in the last couple of days.  A week ago I was […]