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There is no war on drugs, extremism or terror!

The governments of USA, UK and Europe appear to be fighting many wars. They claim to be fighting a war on terrorism, extremism, hate speech, drugs, fake news. They fight secret wars, drug wars, information wars, we could be approaching a war on Russia while still fighting Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Falklands. They do spend a lot of our taxes on fighting these wars.

But surely thats OK isn’t it? After all these wars are being fought for us and against enemies of freedom, right? Wrong, if they were fighting these wars for us they would be fighting wars on poverty, exploitation or oppression! I believe these wars do not exist and there is only one war that is real, that is the war rich/establishment vs poor/the rest of us. They call them things like the “war on drugs” but what does the war on drugs lead to? It leads to harsh punishments to drug addicts instead of help and support. Pablo Escobar has been dead for over 25 years yet Cocaine is still as easy as ever to get your hands on. There is just different middle men, making the money and controlling the supply and I bet the men at the top are not Colombian but American and state sponsored.

They stir up race wars and use racism to keep us divided but this war is not about race its about control, if we are all focusing on each other how can we focus on the real enemy? Which is the corporate and bank controlled state.

The so called war on terror has led in an increase in terrorism because if you fight terrorism using terrorism all you are going to end up with is more terrorism. Than we have the war on extremism and hate speech, but what is extremism and hate speech? There is no clear definition on extremism or hate speech and this is deliberate. In my view most of our mainstream media could easily be categorized as hate speech and promoting extremism but thats not who they are after. The war on extremism, fake news and hate speech is really just a war on your freedom of speech, they’re not going after the corporate media they can and do carry on printing their hate filled racism and propaganda daily.

The government use fear and hate and create problems to control us, without problems there would be no need for a government. These problems are than solved by your government usually at the cost of a little freedom from the people and little more power to the state.


Do not talk politics with over privileged, teenage white girls, unless you want to test your patience…

Today I have had a delightful (by delightful I mean horrifying) political conversation with a British teenage girl! The subject was a potential US and China trade war, I stated that a trade war with China is much more useful to the people of America and maybe Britain than continued wars in the Middle East. I then also stated that China’s Foreign Minister warned that both sides would lose in a conflict between his country and the United States..

To this she answered “well they shouldn’t do it then.” I do not believe in war but I do believe that China is economically as strong as it is mainly due to exploitation of its people and the USA are by far China’s biggest customers. I said “if Donald Trump was to fight a war against that kind of exploitation which allows China to benefit from such cheap labour, I would support him.” It shouldn’t take bombs to move trade, America is the customer so it should have the right to choose.

Unlike the wars in the Middle East that her mind has been programed to accept as a war on terrorism, this upset her! To this she begins attacking my grammar, I will hold my hands up, I’m from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, people from Wolverhampton or the West Midlands in general are not known for our posh accents and proper speaking. Think Ozzy Osborne, Frank Skinner, Noddy Holder or Jasper Carrott we sound daft (local dialect it means stupid!)

I explain that picking faults in peoples grammar is just something people do when they do not have a valid argument, to this she somehow manages to alter her face in to this ridiculous, I hate your guts look as if she is looking at a piece of shit!

I pick up a keyboard that just happened to be next to me at the time and smash her over her head, the keyboard broke in half so I proceed in kicking the shit out her, while screaming “fucking wake up, you over privileged spoiled bitch!”

I then snapped out of my daydream and politely explained that its alright for people like her, with her Smart phone, Nike Trainers and warm cozy house to be OK with exploitation and child labour, after all it benefits people like her.

These people are being exploited for businesses worrying about where their next meal is going to come from while you are being conditioned by businesses worrying about what you’re going to wear to the Prom and losing snapchat streaks, its a problem.


I am not really sure what the fuck is happening to both my website and my YouTube channel at the moment but the last few weeks I have had nothing but problems and those problems have accelerated and grown in the last couple of days.  A week ago I was having trouble uploading videos to my website I assumed it was a fault with my website and spent hours searching Google for what the problem could be. After finding no answers that helped I given up. I decide to upload a video to YouTube, same problem can’t upload! I see an error message that says “there was a fault sending data” I have been uploading to YouTube regularly for 6 years never had or seen this problem before. I was just about to go bed and I thought one more try suddenly it worked! I thought the problem was gone until two days ago.

YouTube have hit my channel with strict and blatant censorship many of my subscribers are telling me that they are not seeing my videos unless they actively search for me, as well as having subscriptions removed or not counted. One person told me they had to subscribe three times before their subscription stuck. Due to this unfair, harsh censorship of anyone that is not rich as fuck I decide to give away free downloads of my videos from my website, this would help my videos spread and give viewers another way of sharing, I thought.

First few months went OK I added loads of free downloads and received hundreds of hits on many pages containing the downloads. Two days ago I attempt to upload my new video to my website to offer as a free download and to my new video playing feature that was added months earlier. Can’t upload video, when I log in to the control panel of my website I receive a notice your access has been limited in the past 24 hours. I change all the settings and codes which has to be one of the most boring, irritating experiences I have ever had and I try again. Still can’t upload. I try YouTube same problem “there was a fault sending data.”

About three years ago my old website was cyber attacked and taken down, I got a friend to trace the attack and he found an I.P that lead to a department of work and pensions office as shown in the video below.

I am not sure if this is another cyber attack from somebody like that but I know I have never seen this problem before. I cannot prove this is a cyber attack from government offices or anyone else yet but I am going to try and find out what is going on. I have spent the last two days trying to fix this problem I have tried five different browsers (updating my browser allowed me to upload to YouTube but my website is still not allowing anything to be uploaded) and I have read tons of information and still I ain’t got a clue.

I have actually filmed myself attempting to upload to YouTube but being unable to do so. I might add the video to my channel later. How come when Lizard squad cyber attack Sony and XBOX  or when News Corporation companies get cyber attacked its classed as terrorism yet our government are constantly cyber attacking and censoring anyone that disagrees with them? That alone makes them terrorists in their own words than we consider mass murder for oil and profit, slavery, exploitation and corruption I think its obvious to anyone that as an IQ above 10 who the real terrorists are.