Strange stories of Satanism, Reptilians, Demonic possession and the Occult – WOLVOMAN80

Looking at Strange stories of Royal Family Cannibalism, inbreeding, Demonic possession, Devil Worship, Fred and Rose West, Satanism, UFO, Mantis alien, Reptilians, Vampires, UFOs, the Occult and more…

YouTube SHUTTING MY CHANNEL DOWN to protect you from this lunacy go watch James Corden instead.

Strange stories of Satanism, Reptilians, Demonic possession and the Occult (PART 1) – WOLVOMAN80

Strange stories of Satanism, Reptilians, Demonic possession and the Occult (PART 1) – WOLVOMAN80

Looking at reality, Paganism, Reptilians, Demonic possession, Occultism, Human Sacrifice and Stories of Prince William and Justin Bieber Shape shifters.


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We live in a celebrity culture and we worship celebrity vultures and corporate whores to me its torture. I think it’s time to begin a slaughter.

Slaughter Adele to feed the hungry and weak, serve in stew with potatoes and leek, fry her up like bubble and squeak, that fat whore will feed the poor for weeks.

Slaughter the Royals and the political elite, make Buckingham palace a place for the homeless to sleep, don’t get offended you stupid sheep compared to funding the Royals this shit would be cheap move Harry and William to Benefit Street.

Slaughter Hollywood and Walt Disney, HBO and MTV, CNN and the BBC, News Corporation and Sony.

Slaughter the famous and the rich slaughter Theresa May the evil bitch kill her now and kill quick before she kills more foreign kids.
She’s a corporate whore always after more what the fuck do they need all this money for? It’s for murder and war and nuclear weapons and all so that with the push of a button they can destroy us all.

She is fucking sick a puppet to the rich an ugly and shameless hypocrite. She is guided by money she’s a gloried junkie and I would not fuck with your tiny dick!

You’re right I’m sick as I explained before this I was bought up with Jim’ll fix it.

So what do expect? Why should I respect people like this sick and twisted and people that overlook and protect rapists?

I don’t think I should, I don’t think I could they’re still protected by Google and Facebook. They lied to you they hide what’s true and promote the lies the mainstream spew.

But you don’t give a fuck and you don’t want to look so instead you follow your fake friends on Facebook. If I like your pic will you please like this fuck that I don’t give two squirts of spunk or piss.

I like real shit you like corporate bullshit that’s why Ed Sheeran gets to number one with his tune perfect. Fuck that specie ginger freak the man’s a fuckin leech with more money than my whole fucking street.
And for what? for being a corporate bitch aimed at the stupid and the thick that can’t even see how fucked up this world is.

Now he has his MBE just like Prince Charles mate Jimmy it always fucking seems to me the only people that get MBEs are people that fuck little kiddies.
Oh shit have I said too much? Do I look like I give a fuck? Google will remove ads from this vid because they’re paid to hide this shit.

Tax breaks for corporate puppets and snakes back handers and secret handshakes, war, fascism and a police state. I’m still waiting for the world to wake and burn this freaks at the stakes, hurry the fuck up for fuck sake it will soon to be too fucking late and when they’re burning in the fiery lake only then will they see they made a mistake.



Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana or Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is only three days old yet she has already spent more time on our news and in our papers than the average person will ever get. The day she was born the news channels completely dropped the general election, drowning Libya migrants, the Nepal earthquake after effects and everything else that is happening in the world and turned their attention to the Royal Baby accompanied by repeated footage of Prince William and boring commentary of the “splendid events.”

I do understand that some people do like to follow the lives of millionaire aristocrats so I understand why the news may give it a mention but to base the whole of a “News Broadcast” around the birth of one child in a world where a child there are about 255 births globally per minute or 4.3 births every second (as of Dec. 2013 estimate source is not so splendid. Reporting the birth and then the next day the name is one thing but today they reported the Queens first visit to her great grandchild! Hello this is the news not family affairs.


Some 805 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth and yet we concentrate and show our affection and support to the few that live in obscene wealth and greed. Still people moan “leave the Royals alone or can’t you be happy that we have good news on the news for a change” my argument is its good news for them now they have everything they could ever want maybe now we should focus show our affection and support to those that actually need our affection and support but are ignored.


The average simple minded, flag waving British citizen should remember we live in a world where more people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet and these people have the money and power to help, instead they exploit and we still idolize them. I do not blame Prince William for the power and fortune he was born with, in his own way if Prince William Truly believe that Gods have handed him and his family the divine right to rule he is either and victim of mind control, mental or worse he is right!

The world has just one King and that king is Yeshua more commonly known as Jesus Christ, and Jesus said “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”




At 8.34 this morning the second child of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was born, in case you have been on Mars its a girl! The comment sections of online media, Twitter and Facebook are full of well wishers, even the American president Barrack Obama wished the couple well. The mainstream media try to present the birth as a reason for the nation celebrate and rejoice, but is it?

0305_george_3 I genuinely hope that both of the royal children have long, happy lives but do I believe the royal children are more or less important than any other child in Britain? No, I also do not believe that “the gods” or “God” or anyone has given them the right to rule us. The monarchy is an old fashioned, expensive, silly and primitive method of governing.

Monarchies, heredity hierarchies and aristocracy leads to inequality, class discrimination and snobbishness, the royal baby is no more important than babies from council estates in Britain or anywhere else in the world. Obviously like everyone they are born in to the world completely unknowing of who they are and what is expected of them, although Prince George showed he is picking it up really well waving at the crowd on the news and waving at the crowd, smiling is the only thing I ever see them do. The news coverage of the birth was over the top, boring and unnecessary, I had the news on for twenty five minutes and literally the only thing they talked about was the birth, it really is not that big a deal on the grand scale of things, it had supposed to be the news.