When the weird and strange become the norm.

It is a funny, strange world that we live in. I think the world has been normalized to most through the education system, media and just the fact that the weird becomes normal when we live through it everyday of our lives. If we were born in to a tribe of cannibals cannibalism would be a normal part of our lives but it does not mean it is actually normal or acceptable, it just means that our minds have been programmed to accept it as normal. A lot of things that are now considered to be normal would have been considered to be strange and alien to us as little as ten or twenty years ago.

For example it is now perfectly “acceptable” and “normal” for kids as young as ten (or even younger) to be on social media sharing pictures of themselves with the world. The trouble is (call me old fashioned if you will) its not normal its fucking disturbing actually (at least to me it is.)

It makes me ask what could be considered “normal” in another ten or twenty years time? As technology and the world moves towards virtual reality are we going to forget about actual reality? We shouldn’t because what happens in the virtual world of the internet can still have a huge impact on people in the actual real world and real reality.

In the days of the Victorians it was considered to be perfectly “normal” to hold on to the dead for months or years sometimes and even put them in to poses for photographs. Obviously this was mainly due to the high cost and rarity of having photographs taken at the time and peoples desperation to have something to remember their loved ones by but it is still very strange, scary, disturbing and dark to our modern day society. But ask yourself this; Is it anymore strange, disturbing and dark then children crying out for attention on Facebook? Is it any more strange, scary, disturbing and dark then clothing companies (like Primark) adding pad to make it look like young girls have breasts? I don’t believe it is. Why?

Because the Victorians were mourning their loses by doing this, this was done out of sadness and desperation not simply an attempt of gaining attention.




Primark is owned by Associated British Foods, a company that made £783 million in 2014, Primark and Associated British Foods is a undeniable financial success. Associated British Foods also own Ryvita, Patak’s, Silver Spoon, Twinings, British Sugar and many other brands. Wittington Investments owns 54.5% of Associated British Foods, Wittington Investments also owns Fortnum & Mason, Selfridge’s, and Heal’s, a chain of homeware and furnishing stores in the UK. Wittington Investments is 79.2% owned by the Garfield Weston Foundation, which is one of the UK’s largest grant-making trusts, and 20.8% owned by members of the Weston family. In 2008, the trustees of the Garfield Weston Foundation valued their 79.2% stake in Wittington Investments at £3.62 billion.

What does all this nonsense mean? It means that somebody is making a ridiculous amount of money!

For Primark customers it means they can buy decent clothes very cheap, people like cheap and who can blame them? When we look at it, it seems that everyone is a winner. Primark customers benefit with cheap, affordable clothes and the people at the top make a fortune, whats wrong with that?



The problem is that despite Primark now having 278 stores, 167 of which are in the United Kingdom and Primark have made about £322 million pound profit in the last six months they still fail to pay workers in foreign countries a fair wage. If you shop at Primark you are financially endorsing the exploitation of children and foreign people. The Problem of child labour goes beyond Primark as many corporations are prepared to use this modern day form of slavery as a way to make money. Nike, Walmart, Tesco and countless others are guilty of profiting from it.

Nowadays it is hard not to fund child labour and animal cruelty, Primark are guilty of both as well as tax evasion, if you stand against these issues it is your duty not to fund companies that care so little for human rights. There really is no excuse Primark should be avoided as should all companies that make huge profits from the exploitation of children.