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Homeless Britain and Benefit sanctions

A High Cost to Pay, a report published in 2013 by the umbrella body Homeless Link, indicates that individuals who have experienced homelessness are being disproportionately affected by benefit sanctions.

The report shown

  • 31% of homeless people on Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) have been sanctioned, compared to just 3% of typical claimants
  • Nearly a third of services report homeless people being sanctioned while facing poor mental health, learning difficulties or substance misuse problems
  • The majority report clients being pushed into debt, food poverty and survival crime
  • Services report clients’ existing problems getting worse as a result of sanctions, with only a minority being motivated by sanctions to find employment 
  • The report calls for changes to the sanctions regime to take into account the issues homeless people are trying to overcome

Since this report was published in 2013 the problem of both homelessness and benefit sanctions has risen. As a customer of the Jobcentre I can honestly say the behavior of some of the staff is manipulative, forceful and sometimes just not called for. Some people have called me arrogant when I posted a video of a interview I recorded with a member of the Jobcentre’s staff. These people fail to understand the Jobcentre are only there to trick you out of your benefits and cause a sanction.

That’s why they keep updating the claimant commitment, that’s why you do not have a set time or day of the week anymore, they pick and choose making much more likely that people forget their appointments. That’s why they want to access your universal job-match accounts and that’s why they keep sending people to meaningless courses, appointments and the ultra useless jobfare’s they offer.

It seems to me the only jobs going is caring or low paid corporate slave work such as Amazon, McDonalds, Tesco and so on.

There are three reasons poverty and homelessness has risen and workers wages have not. 1. The benefit system 2. The tax evasion of the establishment and rich 3. The ridiculous high cost of living. All these things are caused by bad governing and government.

Sing Petition @ https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/benefit-sanctions-must-be-stopped-without-exceptions-in-uk



Boris Johnson has defended bullfighting, he is reported to have said the partial ban of bullfighting in Spain is ‘political correctness gone mad.’ What I find strange about his remarks is WHAT THE FUCK HAS IT GOT TO DO WITH HIM? Britain has a growing poverty problem, a benefits system that is causing homelessness and poverty in cities all over the UK, single mothers being found at home dead, in a hat a scarf after having their benefits sanctioned and Boris Johnson decides now is the time defend an unbelievably cruel “sport” that has been banned (at least a partial ban whatever that means) in a foreign country! How out of touch with real people is this rambling prick?

I have noticed something about Conservative politicians, they seem to love killing animals! Boris Johnson is also a hardened supporter of fox hunting and many Conservative politicians are supporters of  ideas like badger culling and fox hunting. I believe they would have dog fighting fully legal if it were not for public outrage. More to the point I believe it is not Boris Johnson’s place to comment or get involved in issues that have NO relevance to him.

I believe we should begin a cull of Conservative politicians after all they are much more of a pest than badgers, pigeons and foxes and think of the positive impact it would have on the environment. They’re all driving huge cars in huge mansions wasting obscene amounts valuable energy. Individual politicians are polluting the planet more than the average street with their traveling alone and for what? To defend a barbaric sport that (in my opinion at least) should have been banned decades ago.

Boris Johnson seriously needs to consider things that are happening closer to home, the poverty problem that he and his government have created is worsening. People are being made homeless and Boris Johnson is concentrating and outraged by a ban on bull fighting.

I have always thought that Boris Johnson is either an evil genius that has discovered that acting like the Honey Monster’s retarded brother allows him to get away with incompetence and political wickedness or he really is the Honey Monster’s retarded brother.

Final message to Boris Johnson; A ban on bull fighting is NOT political correctness gone mad! Political correctness gone mad is websites being taken down and YouTube channels being shut down for simply pointing out the incompetence and lunacy of people like you. Do you understand? You big, stupid, rambling, rich simpleton prick.

I moved from poverty stricken Wolverhampton to lovely posh Church Stretton. I hated it!

I was born around Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton has always had high levels of homeless people and poverty in general. After spending over thirty years of my life witnessing many homeless people and poverty it starts to become and feel normal. I than moved to a place called Church Stretton and this came as a culture shock to me!

From poverty stricken (for the most part) Wolverhampton to a posh upper class place like Church Stretton.  Lonely Planet guide branded Wolverhampton the fifth worst city on the globe.

It even ranked alongside poverty-stricken slums in El Salvador and Ghana and saw off ‘competition’ from Chennai in India.

Church Stretton on the other hand is a lovely place a place of natural beauty and obscene wealth. A huge difference in lifestyles and wealth yet only about 40 miles apart.

I was angered by the ignorance of the people in Church Stretton as they protested, fought and won the right to keep their swimming baths and library open. These people voted for the cuts (Church Stretton is under Ludlow constituency which is a Conservative safe seat)  but they don’t want the cuts for Church Stretton just the cities.

I began to HATE Church Stretton, the youth are spoiled beyond belief and live in luxury unlike so many young people in Wolverhampton. They live in High Rise flats and high crime and poverty areas as their parents struggle to pay rent which is some rich bastards mortgage on a property that the owner would never want to live in himself..

But to the people of Wolves and other cities I say this; Fuck these ignorant parasites in rural England they got the money but no sense. Their sheltered lives make them ignorant to point of stupid and they don’t even see it.

They are racist, small minded, fools that have no idea how bad the cites are.

It always comes down to this question for me; What kind of Conservative voter are you? A selfish one or a stupid one Church Stretton is full of selfish ones.

Why is the world like this?

I believe in God and I believe that for God to be real it must be more than we could ever understand or comprehend so to us God works in mysterious ways. One of the most common arguments against the belief of God or religion is why are there so many innocent people suffering in the world? My answer for this is we have free choice, (as suggested in the story of Adam and Eve) I believe somewhere in our history we chose the devils way! In other words we made this world the way that it is.

We only have to look at the ridiculously high wastage in the food industry to see that there is plenty of food for all. The trouble is that food would not be worth anything if it was freely available and distributed because of this it is more profitable for corporations/supermarkets and food retailers to throw the food away instead of giving it away.

I find the food donations to food banks and other charities in supermarkets a bit of an insult to the intelligence of the customer, Asking us to donate food in a giant building full of food. Owned by a corporation that is literally worth billions of pound and staffed by minimum waged or zero hours staff sometimes on schemes like workfare that mean the government paying the employee to employ!

A society that puts money ahead of people need to eat and that depends on the exploitation of people from foreign nations to function as a society can not claim to be influenced by god.

The western world and the lifestyles we live are destroying the world for other nations and even our own youth in order to save the world for corporations and the establishment.

I think of the world like this; extreme poverty exists to fund the super rich and the greedy. Every time we see a person that has too much and lives ridiculous lives of greed and extravagance somewhere in the world their are people paying for that.

A world that has individual families that own more than the other 99% of us has a problem.




My views and opinions on young farmers, charities for rich kids, Conservative constituencies and the upper class in general seems to have upset and offended some people, to these people I apologize, I’m sorry that you are so ignorant!

I had a former young farmer insisting that Young Farmers (a charity for over privileged conservative rich white boys and girls) do lots of charity work that helps the homeless, the poor and the oppressed, well fucking done how big of you! Where would they be without your generosity?

I have a few questions and observations however, questions and observations like; Instead of charity why don’t we alter the system so that people do not need charity? Instead throwing spare change at poor people and charities when your pocket and bank accounts are full of cash, why not change the way you think? How can a place or organization claim to care about people but then vote for a government that deliberately oppress, extort the poor and hand tax cuts to the rich?

When you posh country bumpkins are looking at fields of sheep and lovely scenery people in the city are looking at police harass and abuse the homeless that you claim to care about. If you rich spoiled white boys and girls really care then why do you vote the Conservatives?

Two reasons as far as I can see genuine ignorance and not giving a fuck about anyone or anything other than themselves.

Do you get upset or offended by our governments mouth piece we call our media attacking the poor, homeless and immigrants? Of course not but you do get offended and upset when you are faced with attacks on your ignorant lifestyles, you get offended by criticism of a Conservative run corporate sponsored “charity” how dare we little people attack you well fuck you. You are no better than the people that are being attacked and oppressed on a daily basis by our media so when you get a bit back you should SHUT THE FUCK UP and take it like we have too. You don’t like me? GOOD that means I am hitting the intended audience.

That goes for all the over privileged wimpy white boy and girl Young farmers, the organizers of this so called charity and to anyone else that thinks they are better than anybody else based on circumstances, luck and financial comfort.

Make poverty history instead of government policy.

Below we see Scottish poverty…


BOW, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 21: A woman walks past a residential development in the London borough of Tower Hamlets on February 21, 2013 in London, England. A recent study has shown that 42 per cent of children in Tower Hamlets live in poverty, making it the worst area of the UK for child poverty. The research was carried out by the 'Campaign to End Child Poverty' who have produced a map describing levels of child poverty across the UK. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
Above is BOW, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 21: A recent study has shown that 42 per cent of children in Tower Hamlets live in poverty, making it the worst area of the UK for child poverty. The research was carried out by the ‘Campaign to End Child Poverty’ who have produced a map describing levels of child poverty across the UK.

Below is lovely Church Stretton, not much poverty in this Conservative safe seat but lots of ignorance….



Do you know what pisses me the fuck off, positive thinkers, I am not saying positive thinking is bad because that would be idiotic but there seems to be a movement of so called positive thinkers and they talk nothing but BULLSHIT.

Positive thinking allows us to completely change our destiny they claim and I have no doubt sometimes it does sometimes however positive thinking will make no difference to a life what so ever. For example nearly half of the world lives on less than two dollars per day, a billion people live on less than one dollar per day, is their negativity actually to blame for this? If they smiled when they were starving to death would they be alright? Think about it when was the last time we saw a starving African smiling, they are always depressed.

We have no food or shelter for our children, no medical assistance,  TRY CHEERING THE FUCK UP.

My problem with this positive thinking shit so many people are talking about is it almost blames people that are in bad situations for the bad situations they are in, in some cases it’s true but not all cases you fucking muppets.

 Also it’s a lot easier to have a positive look on life when you are living a life of luxury, with nice cars and lots of cash.



Poor Kids (Poverty Documentary) – Real Stories

3.5 million children are growing up in poverty in the UK. It’s one of the worst rates in the industrialised world and successive governments continue to struggle to bring it into line. Struggling & without a voice, ‘Poor Kids’ shines a light on this pressing issue.

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Looking at the Education system, racism, terrorism, extremism, poverty, corporate censorship of the internet, society, mental illness, ODD and the stupidity and paranoia of the Daily Mail.



People in the West are sometimes showed disturbing images of children starving to death, with these images we are sometimes told the life story of the child that we are watching starve, if these videos do not disturb and upset you, you are probably not human or you don’t have a soul or something. After we watch these videos we are given a quick and easy way to quickly donate to help prevent any more children from going through this kind of suffering. Some people happily donate to these charities, as did I but when you look at the big picture these charities are not working and charity is patronizing to the African people. The people of Africa can look after themselves and cringe worthy charity songs like Band Aid 30 is embarrassing, patronizing and ridiculous. They have people that have hundreds of millions in their bank accounts sing “feed the world” to us?

If the West really wanted to help Africa we could maybe stop stealing their valuable natural resources, not that not stealing from somebody is actually helping them. If we see an old woman crossing the road and we do not grab her handbag and run, did we help them? How do the West exploit Africa?

Africa has a large quantity of natural resources including oil, diamonds, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum and cocoa beans, it also has woods and tropical fruits. Much of its natural resources are undiscovered or barely harnessed. If Africa have all these natural resources then why are the African people living in poverty? EXPLOITATION.

Nigeria is the continent’s biggest oil producer, at least $400bn (£250bn) of oil revenue has been stolen or misspent since independence in 1960, according to estimates by former World Bank vice-president for Africa, Oby Ezekwesili. That is 12 times the country’s national budget for 2011. Meanwhile, 90% of people in Nigeria live on less than $2 per day.

Corrupt African governments are not the only exploiter of African people, Britain, USA and some of Europe’s economies and wealth are built on the exploitation of Africa!

Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary-general, written a 120-page Africa Progress Report, which he claims shows how the economic benefits of extracting natural resources such as oil and iron often fail to flow through to the local population. In the report he writes”Africa loses twice as much in illicit financial outflows as it receives in international aid,” he goes on to write “It is unconscionable that some companies, often supported by dishonest officials, are using unethical tax avoidance, transfer pricing and anonymous company ownership to maximize their profits, while millions of Africans go without adequate nutrition, health and education.”

Britain’s debt is Africa is HUGE, we owe Africa they do not owe us, the Slave Trade, cotton, sugar, tobacco, diamonds, gold, coal, oil the list is massive, we misguided Britain’s are told that Africa would not survive without our charity, this is not true, it is actually the other way round! People in Britain do not depend on Africa to live, we however depend on Africa to live the lifestyles we live. Britain’s debt to Africa is Trillions of pounds in money but it is also worse than that.


Africa’s Growing Strategic Relevance



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