Google are deliberately destroying YouTube and creating CorporateTube..

Recently PewDiePie has said he is thinking about closing his YouTube channel, his channel is the most subscribed to channel on YouTube with 50 million subs! The reason he has said he is closing his channel is because he believes that YouTube are deliberately oppressing his channel! Why would they do that to the biggest channel on YouTube? I don’t watch PewDiePie as a rule but I have watched him in the just past out of interest. I didn’t enjoy his videos and I was surprised he is popular as he is, but I was also surprised by some of the things he talks about.

PewDiePie has now joined the MASSIVE and growing list of YouTubers that feel/know that YouTube are manipulating stats, hiding videos and basically ripping people off everywhere. I believe these lost views that people have been seeing disappear go straight to shit like Vevo. These corporate music video view counts seem completely unrealistic to me, they are exaggerated bullshit.

When YouTube was young if a music video managed 20 or 30 million views it was considered good, nowadays some videos are reaching over a billion! I call BULLSHIT, Fake stats from a fake site.

I have seen videos of mine lose views especially over the last 12 months. I have 26000 subs but some of my new videos are struggling to get one hundred views! So I do believe PewDiePie is probably telling the truth. Google hate freedom and they are trying to turn YouTube in to CorporateTube! So we should dislike everything corporate, troll it and fuck them.

Subscribers are instantly removed as soon as I upload videos! In fact the last couple of months my subscriber amount has fallen! I believe Google are attempting to create some shit Amazon Prime type of shit service but we don’t want more shit like that. YouTube was better before these parasitic corporations got their disgusting reptilian hands on it, especially Google.

This is about control, Google are attempting to control what you watch and what becomes a “success.” To be successful on YouTube all we have to do is avoid honesty, political philosophy, conspiracy and suck Corporate dick, errrr no thanks I would rather be unsuccessful. Fuck YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest of it. We the people know you’re full of shit, we know you’re control freaks, we know you’re liars, we know you hate the truth, we know you’re ripping off the world so FUCK YOU ALL.

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I remember when YouTube was my favourite website. It was the only place to be for conspiracy videos and it helped me reach literally millions of people. Them days have gone, today YouTube is a huge piece of corporate shit. The flow of information is manipulated to sat the least in fact I would say it’s almost fully controlled. When I posted a video a couple of days a go I noticed it told me “your subscriptions MAY be informed” Why may be?

They may be informed if Google decide it is viewer friendly enough? The stats are as fake as Kim Kardashians ass. Recently they have got ridiculous I lose views! When I upload a video I lose subscribers instantly and the view counts on the first days (a time a video of mine used to hit over a thousand views easily) now struggles to get past a couple of hundred.

Man GOOGLE HATE THE TRUTH. I done a bit of research to see if other channels were suffering from the same problems, OVER TWO MILLION results on Google on “YouTube removing subscribers” Google are obviously irritating a lot of small time video makers in doing this, they also promote absolute GARBAGE.

Some of these YouTube channels now, what a load of shit. You might think that mine is lame but I make it all on NO BUDGET, shit like College Humor, PewDiePie and MANY others are just mainstream wannabe SHIT, with the money they pick up from YouTube they can invest and improve, some video makers can’t. YouTube used to offer a real alternative and still does but at the same time its BLATANTLY and ILLEGALLY manipulating the flow of information and oppressing videos and video makers as well as ripping them off.



The disgusting greedy corporations that have a huge unfair monopoly on the internet, corporations like Facebook and Google now pretty much choose what you watch, read and therefore in most cases what you think! How? Youtube is completely unclear about its copyright policy, it fails to follow the law and ignores very important laws such as the fair use and the public domain laws, it seems to me that Google just like pissing people off by using copyright infringement as an excuse to allow themselves to avoid paying YouTubers. I am still to receive any payment at all from YouTube despite nearly 17 million views on my main channel and all of my videos contain Google’s ads!

Even worse is the fact that Google just casually remove videos based on BULLSHIT claims that sometimes don’t even make sense, some of my videos have been on YouTube for years and have received hundreds of thousands of views but Google still feel no way in just randomly and without warning removing it or blocking it, based on claims that are usually false.

Google pay and promote the commercial, dumb garbage like PewDiePie but small time video makers are (like me) are not paid instead we are attacked, censored and hidden from searches.

Facebook is just as bad! A Facebook wall nowadays usually consists selfies and dumb comments by dumb people that have way too much spare time, and ads paid for by corporations, usually stupid little gimmicks but still these ads receive millions of likes from millions of stupid, simple minded fools, give us dislike already.

I closed my Facebook a few months back due to the fact that my posts were not reaching my Facebook followers, I don’t miss Facebook one bit from my point of view Facebook become frustrating in the end. When I first started on Facebook (about 2011) I could reach tens of thousands sometimes even hundreds of thousands of people with one post, nowadays I struggle to reach ten! Facebook is well and truly under control, the CIA spy machine has decided spying on people criticizing the government is boring so they have decided to not allow us to criticize the government on Facebook anymore.

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Is this what YouTube has become?
Is this what YouTube has become?

I have had a YouTube channel for over five years and in that five years Google have done nothing but censor, remove videos for petty reasons, under count views, refuse to pay me for the views I have had despite running adverts on nearly every video view, stop my account from unloading anything over 15 minutes and now they have decided to begin to remove subscribers from my channel, I receive emails informing me of new subscribers but the number of people subscribed to my channel goes down.

It seems to me that Google do not wish for the people to watch political videos that ask questions that mainstream media is not asking, it seems to me that Google would rather you watch mediocre, lame brained and very boring comedy like CollegeHumor, PewDiePie, pranks, idiots doing stupid things and people falling over or something shit like that. So many popular YouTube channels consist of low quality not good enough for the mainstream but so desperate to be mainstream comedy, nearly every video screenshot shows some famous on YouTube comedian wannabe pulling silly faces next to a cake or Kim Kardashian’s ass or a image of whatever subject they may be boring us with week.

Fuck that, that is shit. I want scary conspiracy theories that are closer to the truth than the average simple minded fool would like to believe, I want see to the lies the politicians tell us, their corruption and the banks and corporations greed, I want see the Truth, YouTube are not prepared to let that happen maybe the truth scares or embarrasses Google.

Removing deep thinking open minded political videos and replacing it with lame comedy acts is like waving a rattle in a babies face and playing peekaboo but there is a problem, this baby is an adult and this adult wants Sergey Brin, Larry Page and the terrified government and establishment to take that rattle and shove is somewhere the sun don’t shine. Google are not taking in to consideration the fact that some people have a mental age of above 12 years old and IQ’s above 50, some people actually want to watch videos that make them think, broaden their horizons and inform.


I am obviously not requesting or expecting YouTube to remove shit comedy videos, the exact opposite actually, I don’t think YouTube should be removing any video whatsoever unless they can prove that the channel/individual that uploaded the video does not own the rights. WOLVOMAN80 is now a business that like any other business depends on profit, I have a large family to feed and bills to pay and I view Google’s actions as oppression and I know that I am not the only one effected as numerous people and small YouTube channels have contacted me with similar complaints.

Google may claim not to like all this “conspiracy shit” but they seem to be making quite a lot of money at distributing it, considering that Google charge about $1.50 for a video ad and in some cases share the profit with nobody and YouTube get one billion hits per day, please Google can I have a few of the crumbs for my 17 million views so far.        11