A couple of inches of FUCKING snow and the whole of Britain comes to a stand still!

No schools, no post, public transport fucked it makes you wonder what would happen if Britain faced a real crises. My council tax bill is over £400 per year (for a bedsit) with four apartments (each one has the same council tax rate.) Despite this HIGH council tax I have seen NOT ONE single gritter meaning that the roads are lethal especially the lesser used roads. What the fuck are we paying it for? They empty our bins (every fortnight) and provide street lights and thats about it.

Also take a minute to think about the homeless in this cold weather, they are still receiving no help, no support and now they have freezing temperatures to contend with as well. How many will freeze to death alone this Christmas? What the fuck is the point of the government? Who the fuck are they helping? Where the fuck are the taxes they thieve going? What the fuck are they doing?

The British government collect HUGE amounts of taxes weekly. VAT, Council tax, Income Tax, Tax on alcohol, fuel and tobacco but the money that they collect does not benefit anybody other than the government and the corporations (who pay not even close to a fair rate themselves.) If they did collect taxes from multinational corporations maybe they would have enough funding to sort out some of these problems.

The truth is the reason they do not grit the roads or help the homeless is simple they are too busy and spending too much money on allowing corporations (like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Tesco and so on) to avoid paying tax.

As far as the government are concerned corporations and the super rich are the only people worth helping the rest of us are just an inconvenience. So they will carry on helping the corporations and moving the homeless out of the consumers sight.


Why are the homeless and poor not being helped?

A conversation on the subject of homeless people with the average Brit and me usually leads to an argument. I find most peoples ignorance offensive when it comes this subject. Comments and ideas like “even if they had money they would just buy drugs” or “its usually their own fault they’re homeless” are pretty ridiculous and ignorant comments. I believe people that live on the streets are sometimes (not always) attracted to drugs especially strong and dangerous drugs because of the situation that they have found themselves in.

Drugs tend to numb pain and even feelings so people in both physical and emotional pain attract towards them. I have never been that experimental with drugs, I have always approached with caution. I lived in a town where it was almost fashionable to inhale gas, inject heroin, smoke weed and snort cocaine. I never touched heroin in my life and I tried gas but never liked or even understood why people would ever do that shit more than once. The only drugs I have ever taken with any consistency is Cannabis and Cocaine nothing else ever really appealed to me. I feared many drugs and I managed to stay away from serous addiction. The only drugs I am really addicted to is Tobacco and tea! I smoke weed but I can go without when I need to, I really struggle to go without tobacco and I drink obscene amounts of tea.

Many of my friends however did take much stronger drugs and many of them are still living with the constituencies of it to this day. When I actually think about it I can honestly say I can’t think of a single person that I know that does not do drugs. So how does drug addiction lead to being made homeless? NOBODY is selling their house to buy drugs the system is creating homeless numbers to increase not drug addiction or anything else.

Anybody that walks around any city or decent size town will know there are much more homeless people now then ten or twenty years ago. And the problem is even worse than it appears as many of the homeless are removed from public view by being offered tents in more secluded, unseen areas. The reason that many reject or do not like to stay in these tents because by sleeping in shop windows in busy city centers they are more likely to get a bit of money.

The British government are at the moment shamefully and disgracefully failing and even victimizing these people. There are literally people freezing to death in the streets they are being given no home, no support and not even a glimmer of hope no wonder they turn to drugs. Even worse is because of a lack of money they turn to cheap much more dangerous drugs. The reason that many turn to stronger drugs has nothing to do them wanting to get more fucked and more to do with them wanting to get fucked for cheaper.

A system that allowed drugs to be distributed more freely (especially cannabis) could lead to drugs being much more affordable which I believe would actually help the homeless massively.

But what they really need is to be re-homed as quickly as possible but they’re not, they’re just left homeless and desperate sitting in shop windows hoping somebody throws them a pound.

The point I am trying to make is we don’t know what could have lead to people ending up in the situations that they end up in, we have have not lived their lives yet some are so quick to judge and place themselves as superior. But these people are somebodies child and one day it could be you or even worse your child so they should be prioritized, supported and re-homed.

Fake people struggle to pretend to be real especially politicians.

Some people are surprised by the success of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell as politicians but I am not really surprised (I was surprised by the result by that was mainly due to media and polls predicting a landslide) and I think a lot of their success is down to their realness as people. Labour have been stuck in the middle of the right and governed by corporate sponsored puppets and it has shown in their polices and their results. It’s hard to connect with real people or help people on real issues when you are paid by big business and rich businessmen.

One newspaper reported that Theresa May hated the slogan “strong and stable” and wanted to axe but her hate for it did not stop her using it over and over again. This exposes the problem with Theresa May and many politicians, they spend so much time reading their scripts playing their roles, they lose grip on reality and what they stand for.

If you lose grip and sight of our reality how can you be real and be trusted to address real problems? Watching Theresa May nearly in tears on the TV directly after the results come through shows how short sighted and detached from reality she has become. She claims her actions and decision making lead to Conservative MPs losing their seats (which they did) she was visibly more emotional effected by that than, more than I have ever seen her before. But you could argue that her and her governments actions and decision making have in the past lead to thousands of civilian deaths in Syria and Libya, put more people than ever in dead end jobs, caused poverty and made many people homeless. None of that seems to bother her at all.

She has lost sight of reality and due to this connecting with real people is her problem, she refused to do the TV debates and large public appearances for this reason.

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell do not need to fake their beliefs or work around them to suit corporations and scripts because they are real beliefs from real people.

“Please do not give your money to the homeless, give it us” charities ask.

“Most British beggars are not asking for money because they are homeless – they’re spending the money on heroin and crack cocaine, a charity has said. Giving money to street beggars can kill them, Thames Reach warns  – and says that around 80% of beggars on the street don’t need money for accommodation. Mike Nicholas of homelessness charity Thames Reach says: ‘We want to educate the public – the main reason people are begging on the street is heroin and crack.”

The Metro (that shit propaganda filled newspaper that nobody would ever buy so they give people that use public transport.)

In the United Kingdom homeless people have faced numerous attacks of late, spikes put in shop windows and favourite sleeping spots, police harassment, no payment of benefits because people that do not have a fixed address (or need it the most) can not claim benefits and now we are being told to ignore them! Don’t give your money to them give your money to this business and this business will invest your money in to advertisements, paying wages, office space and whats left they’ll give to the homeless! How decent of them.

They speak as if EVERY homeless person is addicted to heroin or crack, how many people are blowing their wages on alcohol and coke? But they’ve earned the right to take their drugs?

Being homeless must be a stressful situation to find yourself in so is it any wonder that homeless people turn to alcohol, heroin and crack? The media have no concept of reality. “They’re all junkies” is the complete wrong attitude to have even if some are. Criminals that are defied as criminals based purely on their drug habits is a form of discrimination, these “charities” categorizing beggars as drug addicts does not only show a true lack of understanding of the situation these people have found themselves in, it also exposes their lack of compassion.

A homeless man spending the two pound I gave him on crack is not bad as as the executive of a homeless “charity” spending it on his car and lifestyle.



Do you remember when the system made us feel secure and safe? When we are young and taken and conditioned by school didn’t the world feel like a safe place? Somehow school and their conditioning not only makes us feel safe but they also seem to manage to convince us that the world is perfect or somehow at its peak. How many times did we hear “you’re lucky, you have rights, you have freedom” and all the rest of it? They tell us so much most of us believe it and they believe it because they want to believe it. It makes us feel more important and civilized but hiding in our civil society are truly twisted people that feed from our negativity towards our fellow people.

They feed from out ignorance, hate and fear and with the huge influence they have over their media and the masses being reduced to repeaters instead of freethinkers spreading their seeds of ignorance, hate and fear is easy. Even our “enemies” make use feel righteous because the media make people believe we only kill people that hate freedom, human rights and us. But its not true they kill families.

Our government act as the middle man in every sense including profit. We don’t have freedom and we live in a corporate dictatorship and this is mainly due to the direction the government has been taking us because who owns and controls governments with lobbying and dodgy deals, corporations. They don’t care about people they only care about profit in a way I guess a government always has to extort somebody so its faced with a choice, extort the rich and big businesses to fund to needs and wants of the many or extort the many to fund to needs and wants of the rich.

The choice seems obvious to most but the rich and big businesses have the money to lobby for what they want the people are forced to protest and then accused of being criminals for protesting.

So we end up in a dictatorship, like a prison but you can’t see the bars unless you look at them properly because the bars are no longer just bars or chains, they are now money, debt, survival but the results are the same as ever, we are their slaves.

I look around at many people and feel sorry for them because they have no idea, they accuse people of living in a dream when they are literally living in a dream. The only term I can think that truly describes them are the words “fast asleep” because that is what they are.

Black people are so racist!

Are black people actually more racist than white people? It is undeniable that black people are racist and many white people do take offense to the racism of black people. In fact white people sometimes justify their own racism with arguments like “black people are racists too” and like I said its the truth, black people are racists, I have seen and experienced that racism and in my youth I was sometimes offended by that racism as I have grown I now understand their racism, in fact I ask myself; How could a black person not be racist?

History exposes the slave trade, thousands of black people literally stolen from their homes to be enslaved to rich white people.  Than we have the European invasion and colonization of Africa, something that schools do not really explain with any detail.

Most white people would argue that that is history and we can’t change history and they would be right! But than we have the continued exploitation of Africa, millions of Africans living in conditions that are described as “extreme poverty” by governments and media when corporations continue to feed off Africa (natural resources, cheap labour) like the Vultures they are. We have the prettiest spots in the Caribbean reserved for rich white people when black people are forced to live in oppressed ghettos. Statistically black people in the UK and USA and far more likely to end up in prison than white people, according to Google the UK’s population looks like this.

Ethnic groups white 87.2%, black/African/Caribbean/black British 3%, Asian/Asian British: Indian 2.3%, Asian/Asian British: Pakistani 1.9%, mixed 2%, other 3.7% (2011 est.)

Only three percent of Britain is black!

Yet according to Google 13.7% of Britain prison population is black! America has a similar story! Approximately 12–13% of the American population is African-American, but they make up 35% of jail inmates, and 37% of prison inmates of the 2.2 million male inmates as of 2014 (U.S. Department of Justice, 2014.)
I know some white people would say things like “thats because black people are more likely to commit a crime and again they are right, black people are more likely to commit crime. But why? Is it because black people are more evil than white people? Or could it be because black people that live in the USA and UK tend to live in the oppressed ghettos whereas many white people do not? I believe it is.
Places in Britain that have a high population of black people or foreign people in general do tend to be the worst places not because of the high population of foreigners but because foreign people including black people do usually find themselves living in the most oppressed areas with the highest amounts of poverty and therefore higher crime rates than the rest of the nation.
White people seem to think that black people should be grateful for the opportunity we give them to fill our prisons, live in our ghettos and work for minimum wage while we exploit and thieve from their home nations.

You hate me??? You supposed to hate me!!!

Some people I know keep telling me they hate me!!! But do they really hate me??? In this case yes! But why??? Is it my violence it could be except I am not a violent person. Is it because of my cruelty or lack of empathy? I’m not cruel and I fight for the oppressed and myself and nobody else. I think they hate my willingness to tell them a few unheard, unsugarcoated truths! Like Plato once said; Nobody is hated more than the man that speaks the truth.

See in this case the people that tell me they hate me are in my eyes pathetic scared sheep, selfish, self and image obsessed fuckin freaks so desperate to fit in to our fucked up society! They care more about their equally as selfish friends then they do their own family, even their little brothers and sisters mean shit to them but money obsessed and money grabbing businesses that love the contents of their purses are worshiped, followed and pathetically sucked up to as are schools, colleges and all authority figures.

These people will stick up for themselves against me but when somebody verbally attacks them behind their backs they simply put their tales between their legs and cry like the scared little puppies they are. I say what I want to face to peoples faces or I put my name and face to it so all can see or read, these people viciously attack each other but only when the person they are talking about is not in the room. They are two faced, lying, fake, selfish hypocrites.

  I put my face and name to all I say and I say what I want when I want how I want you don’t like me??? FUCKING GOOD, there is a huge list of people that feel the same, go add your name to it!!!

Over privileged rich white kids everywhere!!!

The world seems to struggle with balance, global wealth distribution is ridiculous and unfair and lifestyles of people usually depend on where that person was born. Many children have hard lives, they are exploited by corporations who like parasites feed on their desperation and basic needs. These children work and live in conditions that most people in our country could not image, some children are not even fortunate enough for that.

Some children (thousands everyday) literally starve to death or die of lack of clean drinking water.

That is why I find it hard to sympathize with the average British youngster, I know their are children in Britain that are unfortunate but some are not! I believe that we are creating a generation of mollycoddled, spoiled brats that don’t even know they are born.

We believe that this is helping our children but I don’t think it is, in fact we are turning them in to selfish individuals with very little or no morals. We are also making them weak minded and codependent.

The strange thing is the parents attempts to make their kids happy by spoiling them is eventually and inevitable going to lead to sadness and loneliness as well as a feeling of self importance and expected privilege.

Thats why when you look at these posh kids being chauffeured to school in their parents BMW, wearing their £100 Nike trainers and posh school bag holding their new i phone don’t get pissed off or bitter because these things usually come with a price in this case that price is your character, strength of mind and personalty. They have been transformed into a spoiled, over privileged, weak minded WhiteBoy or WhiteGirl and nobody likes a spoiled, over privileged, weak minded WhiteBoy or WhiteGirl.




Anybody that walks around city centers in Britain must have noticed the amount of homeless people seems to be increasing. Shop windows in cities and towns everywhere are full of homeless people on this cold snowy night. These people live in conditions that are not suitable for animals in some cases and I have even witnessed these people being harassed and ridiculed by certain police officers! Homelessness effects mainly the young and its a trap that can be hard to get out of, thats because without a fixed address claiming benefits, starting bank accounts, looking for work and many other things can be awkward, sometimes impossible.

As usual the British governments plan of how to deal with such a problem is short sighted, uncaring, cheap and ridiculous. Police harassment has always been a favourite but the homeless people stay anyway, you would think they haven’t they got a home to go to.

When police harassment fails the only thing left is spikes! Shop windows and other favourite spots for homeless people in London and Manchester now have steel spikes sticking out of the ground to prevent homeless people sleeping in them.


With this mentality our government have, what other solutions for problems could our government find?

They could lace city walls with a chemical that becomes deadly when in contact with chemicals in spray paint and marker pens to prevent graffiti and then fire out metal spikes in to the faces of the artists.

They could put bombs in T.Vs that detonate and throw metal spikes out of your TV if you turn on the TV when you have not paid your TV license.

Corporate tax evasion could be completely avoided if we simply use spikes and dagger them in to the heart of all corporate tax evaders. 

Corrupt politicians could also be sorted out with the use of spikes. Every time we find out they lied, over claimed, rip us off just stab them with a metal spike! They would be shit scared to ever tell a lie again.



Many cultures believe that Gods or ancestors can posses certain people with the help of ritual, here are a few famous people that are said to be possessed by a ancient god or considered to be from a divine bloodline.

Small clip taken from 2016 Documentary movie Dark Theory



Do you know what pisses me the fuck off, positive thinkers, I am not saying positive thinking is bad because that would be idiotic but there seems to be a movement of so called positive thinkers and they talk nothing but BULLSHIT.

Positive thinking allows us to completely change our destiny they claim and I have no doubt sometimes it does sometimes however positive thinking will make no difference to a life what so ever. For example nearly half of the world lives on less than two dollars per day, a billion people live on less than one dollar per day, is their negativity actually to blame for this? If they smiled when they were starving to death would they be alright? Think about it when was the last time we saw a starving African smiling, they are always depressed.

We have no food or shelter for our children, no medical assistance,  TRY CHEERING THE FUCK UP.

My problem with this positive thinking shit so many people are talking about is it almost blames people that are in bad situations for the bad situations they are in, in some cases it’s true but not all cases you fucking muppets.

 Also it’s a lot easier to have a positive look on life when you are living a life of luxury, with nice cars and lots of cash.




The vast majority of people seem to have very little or no opinions at all, like dead fish they go with the flow, I don’t mind that at all. The fact they have no mind is no concern of mine. But people that have no opinions at all tend to get irritated when people with opinions express opinions, especially when the opinions expressed force them to think outside the tiny little box in their minds.

Opinions that contradict the world they have been presented with really upset them. Sometimes their heads look like they may explode, me brainwashed not a chance they insist, just because I support England, love my queen, hate Muslims and immigrants and don’t give a fuck about wars paid for by my taxes does not mean I am brainwashed. Yes it does. These people get offended when facts are presented to them,

 The definition for brainwashed described by an online dictionary is pressurize (someone) into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means.

 What the fuck is more systematic and forceful than school? Five days a week from the ages of 3 to 16 they brainwashed you and now they are brainwashing your kids, think what we tell you to think. Queen’s Birthday celebrations, Jubilee celebrations, Royal Weddings, Royal Babies, Princes, Princesses are all pushed on to your children.

 They forget to mention Royal murder, slavery, exploitation, greed, wars and incest. Press the dislike button if you wish but be aware it’s the facts that you don’t like.

 Soldiers are sent around schools and presented to children as heroes! They are not heroes they are pawns in a rich man’s war, there are two reasons someone might join the army the first one being they genuinely and falsely believe they are helping people by joining the army or they just want to kill people. If after all these years and wars you still believe the British army are trying to help anybody other than the establishment you must be stupid and if you feel the urge to kill people you must be psychotic. That must mean soldiers are either elitist, stupid or psychotic not a person children should be forced to look up to.

This indoctrination of the nation makes having a politically discussion with the average Brit as fun as banging your head against a brick wall.

 Immigrants are fucking us over, taking our jobs, benefits, houses and women they insist as they are wearing their Man Utd, Chelsea or Arsenal tops. Foreign players, foreign managers, foreign owners.

Immigrants and foreigners fucking us over? How do you work that out? Your government and hierarchies have been murdering, thieving and exploiting foreign nations all over the world for hundreds of years and your corporations have added to the problem. Your whole lifestyle depends upon the exploitation of foreigners so what right do you having bitching because they have been given the same chances and benefits you have? I’m fucking English they insist like that means they are or should be more important than everyone else is.






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I was bought up in the middle of Wolverhampton and Walsall in a once prosperous and famous town called Willenhall (famous for locks and keys) before moving to Wolverhampton about ten years ago. Walsall, Willenhall and Wolverhampton have a huge variety of ethnic groups and minorities this meant I was bought up around many races Indians, Pakistanis, Jamaicans, Chinese and even a few English kids (like me), and for this I am glad because this has helped me understand people better. I feel no racism or hate towards any people but I am ashamed to say I notice that too many white people do feel racism and hate towards people, this is a fact I used to deny, I used to believe it was black peoples/Muslim peoples paranoia making them think like this, I was wrong. I always knew that some people were racist I just always believed it was a tiny minority of people. I did not believe that police discriminate almost systematically, I did not believe that being black or Muslim made it harder to find work or opportunity, I did not believe that our society was racist, ignorant and oppressive, but then I woke up and smelt the propaganda and the fears and hate it spreads!

Why are so many white people so small minded and racist in the first place? One word; FEAR! It seems to me that white English people fear everything and everyone that is different to them, especially black and Muslim people. Its surely about time that these over privileged, cowardly white boys take note of what is actually really happening. It is not Muslims, black people or ethnic minorities that should be feared, the only thing that should be feared is your fear of everyone and everything that is different to you and what it may lead too!


Over privileged rich white boys like you are responsible for more murder, hate and war than any other race, they may wear nice suits and talk in a proper fashion but they are as evil, greedy, corrupt and as twisted than the devil himself, like they say; the devil wears Prada! So many white people live cozy lives in willing ignorance of the truth, they call people terrorists and extremists but the taxes they pay are financing wars all over they world. Our media first tell us “be afraid” and then we are afraid, they then tell us “let us kill them” we watch them on the news kill them and realize we were wrong to kill them but now we got to be even more afraid of the extremists and terrorists we funded to help us kill the first people we were afraid of and these are even more dangerous because we funded them!

We ignore extreme poverty and the unjust wars our government fight and support in Libya, Iraq, Palestine and Syria but on the very rare occasions that white people are attacked “we stand shoulder to shoulder against terrorism” its time for a reality check.



Funniest Facebook fails.


None of the Facebook fails below are my original content nor do I know anybody involved. If you see yourself on this website and feel offended and angry at me, then don’t, these pictures have probably already gone viral before I used them! Be angry at yourself for being so silly and foolish that you end up in this situation in the first place.

We should never judge anybody, but fucking hell.
She does look a bit like a skanky hoe TBH.
UGH! girl with lame brain writes ignorant and shit on Facebook.
Learn to speak American? Does he mean Native American? If so, hear hear. No he does not he is just an idiot. Lovin his friend though.
I hate it when this happens, not getting stuck in a escalator getting stuck in a conversation with an idiot.
Now I am going to rape their gerbil!
Will somebody please acknowledge that I fucking exist.


Thank you.
I would end this conversation ASAP.


Don’t let your dying great grandmother spoil your plans.


Predictive text is a pain in the ass.
Always double check your picture AND learn how to use your phone.