Knowing the world is fucked and the government are corrupt is not necessarily being awake!

So many people claim to be awake but what is “being awake?”

Over the last fifteen years the government have been well and truly exposed by the internet, people nowadays have easy access to much more information than they ever did before. This information has been an embarrassment to many governments and “high ranking” members of society. It is undeniable that people are armed with much better information than ever before so why are things only getting worse?

Knowing the world is fucked and the government are corrupt is not necessarily being awake! To be awake is know that the answer is you! There is literally no point whatsoever in knowing only to carry on the same as before.

I always find it shocking how people have access to the information but don’t use it or allow to change their lives at all.

I believe if you are not fighting them you are or might as well be asleep!

To be awake is to understand that we can change the world we can’t make it perfect but we can at least try and make it much fairer. I believe it is our responsibility to fight for people less fortunate and worse effected by our system. To overlook the extortion, thievery and greed happening on a huge scale in front of our faces because it allows us to pay less for clothes and technology is no different to stealing and extorting people yourself.

To be awake is to not be impressed by logos and hype to see past the image that corporations present and see the for what they are. Which is obviously tax avoiding, thieving, extortionist, parasites that only care about profit.



I know to some people the world seems like a lovely place and this may sound unbelievable but the world has a dark side and that dark side is poverty, oppression and even starvation on a mass scale. Why do some people have so much when others do not even have essentials or even close to decent living conditions? Even in the West the “civilized” world where most people can afford to eat we still see high suicide rates, depression, much mental illness and poverty.

Why is this the case? How is it this huge planet that grows food all over it can not sustain us? The answer is it can! The problem is not a shortage in the supply of food the problem is a fault in the distribution of food. As far as a business is concerned why would they want to distribute food to a location that the food is not valuable or unfordable? This is the price of the ultra capitalistic world they are creating. They literally care more about profit than they care about people.

Africa is a perfect example (as always) it suffers from huge poverty and starvation yet running through Africa is second largest rainforest in the world. A place that grows more unspoiled food than we could possibly consume. In most cases travel restrictions are to blame for both the shortage of incoming food and the for the deaths of people seeking food as travel restriction prevent them from moving.

This is yet another example of how governments cause much more problems than they solve, even worse is they sometimes even create problems intentionally, why would they do this? Because the solution usually leads to governments being given extra funding in taxes and/or extra powers and more control.

Despite such high rates of poverty around the world and in their own nations and the huge sums of money collected in tax and evaded in tax by corporations and billionaires every years the government are not so fast to address poverty as a problem. This is because unlike terrorism there is no profit to be made in fighting poverty unless you are talking about charities because charities have found a way to make a profit from “fighting” poverty. They use and collect for poverty to make themselves rich.

We are in a class war and the rich are literally acting like parasites taking everything for themselves and leaving the poorer classes short. Thats not to say we can blame everything on the rich because we don’t fight them, we let them carry on extorting us and pass the blame and take our anger out on immigrants.

Africa is also rich in natural resources unfortunately for the African people that wealth does not flow through the African economy and help the African people in fact it helps corporations and businesses who exploit the situation and use Africa and other poor nations for cheap labour, metals, food, oil and huge profit.


After nearly six years of uploading videos on to YouTube (first videos were pretty pointless) my channel has gained nearly 25000 subscribers, 17 million views and has been watch for over 70 million hours worldwide since September 2012! Does this make my YouTube channel a success? Yes, in terms of views and overall reception but financially, I have not had so much success. 197 USD YouTube reckon I have earned over the six year period, WTF is that? Google/YouTube can take their $197 and shove it up their tight, greedy, corrupt corporate asses.

Their own stats once acknowledged they owed me 13000 USD only for the $13000 to suddenly disappear. I have written letters, sent emails to every Google contact address I can find including YouTube “help” which is about as helpful as a lump on your balls! YouTube have always placed ads on my work and I know that advertising on YouTube is expensive so YouTube/Google are making a killing on my work, when I am relying on working tax credits.

I believe this exposes the greed and parasitic behavior that people have come to hate about these leeches and when I say leeches I mean corporations in general. As well as not paying me for my videos, Google have also removed videos under false claims, all of my videos removed have since been put back on to YouTube because in the vast majority of cases I have won appeals based on the grounds that the claims were false! I believe that in some cases these claims on YouTube videos are attempts of political censorship but most of the time they are just greedy businesses wanting to make money from other peoples work, these businesses usually back down if you appeal as in most cases they have no legal right to the videos they claim they own. Despite this they can still put your channel in bad standing and this can remove features from your channel.

The choice of music in my videos has cost me dearly as background music is often used by YouTube as an excuse to not pay one penny to the video-maker. But I believe what has cost me the most is the wrong videos, with the wrong messages and the greed of the parasite corporations that are sucking the internet dry.

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