Look at this for censorship, manipulation and oppression by YouTube.

Somehow my new video has more likes on Steemit than views on YouTube! Again.

Comments waiting for approval but YouTube will not allow me to approve them!

Google are not offended by corporate animal cruelty but they are offended by people exposing corporate animal cruelty!

Too much swearing to be advertiser friendly!

None of these videos are suitable for monetization, no reason given. Only one of these videos contained copy-written material.

The image below shows search referrals and that Google seem to be bringing perverts and weirdos to my website.

YouTube remove subscribers every time I upload something new.

YouTube are not the only video streaming service that hate the truth. LiveLeak allow sick, violent videos but not the truth.

If you are having problems reading the text just right click and open image in new tab.


Below is the page I was directed to, I appealed the decision but Google have decided that my new video Fuck the System 3 is too offensive for a payment to be made to me. They still advertise on Fuck the System volume 1 and 2 but that money goes straight to Sony due to a copyright claim on the music, so Sony and Google can profit from my offensive language but I can not?


I also received this email forcing my to remove a video link image (the link without the image remains on my website.) The image showed a fur farm, Google have decided you should not have to witness such disturbing images. This kind of censorship is going to lead to ignorance, the truth should never be hidden.