Is it just me or does anyone else feel completely disconnected from the average Brit? I don’t hate British people; I just think they’re stupid. We in Britain talk about Americans being dumb, we laugh at Donald Trump, George Bush and America in general but look at fucking Britain, David Cameron, Nigel Farage, they are not much better than Donald Trump. And the average Brit is stupid as shit and ignorant as we claim Americans are!

We moan about America while sitting there filling our faces with McDonalds, Coca Cola and all sorts of chemically enhanced American shit watching their shit stupefying TV and their shit stupefying movies and listening to their shit stupefying music.

I’m not defending Americans they’re stupid as shit, I’m just saying us Brits are pretty fucking stupid too.

We Brits fail to spot how manipulated we are. We Brits would eat our own shit if they market it well enough, look at fucking British Television, Americans are making Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Vikings and it’s always sunny in Philadelphia while we in Britain watch EastEnders, Coronation street, Emmerdale and FUCKING X FACTOR.

We Brits believe Britain is great, we are free! As long we pay our taxes and debts, take our kids to school, and don’t do drugs well drugs that are not sold to us by multinational pharmaceutical corporations. As long as we obey the law, get a job, declare our earnings and accept big brother.

Brits are like yeah I love Britain’s freedoms, its fucking fantastic mean while they got Inland Revenue pay this debt within the next three weeks or it will cost you 10 times what you owe us and when you can’t pay that we will lock you up for tax evasion, if you are going to avoid paying taxes you had better make sure you are avoiding millions Brits are like shit fucking pay it quick.

Kids miss a day off school, pay us.
Parked in the wrong place, pay us.
Watching TV pay us.
You need water pay us.
Hungry pay us.
You got a spare bedroom? Pay us.
You made some money this week? Pay us.
Your dead? Pay us.



Is it just me or does anyone else feel completely disconnected from the average Brit? I don’t hate British people; I just think they’re stupid. We in Britain talk about Americans being dumb, we laugh at Donald Trump, George Bush and America in general but look at fucking Britain, David Cameron, Nigel Farage, George Osborne, Boris Johnson they ain’t much better than Donald Trump. And the average Brit is stupid as shit and ignorant as we claim Americans are! 

 We moan about America while sitting there filling our faces with McDonalds, Coca Cola and all sorts of chemically enhanced American shit watching their shit stupefying TV and their shit stupefying movies and listening to their shit stupefying music.

 I’m not defending Americans they’re stupid as shit, I’m just saying us Brits are pretty fucking stupid too.

 We Brits fail to spot how manipulated we are. We Brits would eat our own shit if they market it well enough, look at fucking British Television, Americans are making Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Vikings and it’s always sunny in Philadelphia while we in Britain watch Eastenders, Coronation street, Emmerdale and FUCKING X FACTOR. 


I used to love YouTube until Google got their hands on it, Google must be one of the biggest fucking rip offs on the whole of the internet, try advertising your business with Google, they’re like 75 cents per click as much as one dollar fifty, to get a person on your website? We would have to be selling cocaine online to make that profitable.

 It’s different when you want to use your site or your videos to advertise and Google are paying you, they’re like you receive $1.88 per one thousand clicks, any questions?

 Don’t even try to ask Google questions, I’ve tried and I have come to the conclusion that I could probably invoke Satan with less trouble than contacting anyone from Google.

 I don’t like Google these internet geeks like Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg remind me of the little bad breathed, pale faced little do gooder geeks from school. They look like the product of incestuous relationships between the fucking Adams family.





A few political posters by WOLVOMAN80.

David Cameron in great distress.




David Cameron confused by what a good politician had supposed to do.
David Cameron confused by what a good politician had supposed to do.
Facebook need people, people do not need Facebook.
Facebook need people, people do not need Facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg.


Nigel Farage tells voters that UKIP are not insane!
Nigel Farage tells voters that UKIP are not insane!


YouTube still refusing to pay WOLVOMAN80 what they owe.
YouTube still refusing to pay WOLVOMAN80 what they owe.






There IS a difference between Ed Miliband and David Cameron!
Are all UK political parties the same?
Theresa May on Human right laws.


If the Daily Mail was honest.
Nigel Farage: I have never taken drugs but they should be legal.

The Ukip leader says he has never taken drugs himself but that he believes the ‘time has come’ for legalizing ‘certain drugs’

He also said the war on drugs was lost years ago. For once I actually agree with him, making criminals out of drug addicts or experimenters is not the right thing to do, its lazy, judgmental and it doesn’t work, society proves it.






If UKIP remove immigrants there will be more jobs for our own boys!


If UKIP remove immigrants the NHS will not be so busy!


Removing immigrants would allow teachers to spend more time with important British children.


Less scrounging immigrants will give Great Britain a better economy.


Throwing unemployed immigrants back where they come from would save us having to pay their benefits.


Less immigrants less pollution.


UKIP will continue allowing bankers and corporations exploit people, especially unemployed immigrants!


We all know that immigrants are usually criminals.


A future without immigrants.

nigel 1

British government = Corrupt, Liars, Hypocrites and Idiots!



 Is this the man to save Britain?


ed miliband


 Who put shit in the sandwich’s?




“You mean that we are not actually Conservatives?”


“VOTE FOR ME, Or i will flick this snot at you”


Are you sick of seeing foreigners roaming our British Streets? Are you sick of Muslims, Africans and Europeans coming over to our country taking our work and even our benefits? Do you think that the government should began turning people away? Do you think our government should the government stop immigrants claiming benefits to ensure that these foreigners do not think that Britain is “an easy way out or a soft touch.” Do you think that immigrants coming over to Britain is causing a decline in the lifestyles of the average Brit? If this is in line with what you think then not only are you wrong you are probably a ignorant idiot.

Instead of reading the hate spreading, fear mongering, racist and biased mainstream media or listening to hate spreading, fear mongering, racist and biased politicians read a history book. Read about the fact that our cozy lives that we live in Britain are built on the exploitation of Africa or try reading about the fact that Britain’s thirst for natural resources that exist within these countries and the middle east is the cause of much of the pain, suffering and poor living standards in Africa and the middle east. Read about the fact that Britain and USA were built on the slave trade and they continue to this day to exploit African people for their natural resources.

How can people in Britain claim that we British people should have the right to live here but not foreigners? As for immigrants that are out of work not being paid benefits I find it offensive that any government could even consider it, they are still human beings, they could have kids and still have to eat and drink, no benefits could turn them to crime or exploitation.

Like I said in an earlier post Nigel Farage claims as much on his expenses (not counting wages and other business incomes he may have) just his expenses cost two million pound in one year, that means that Nigel Farage cost the British taxpayer more on his expenses then fifty “benefit scrounging” families would get. Nigel Farage is just one man, the monarchy are handed out huge amounts of tax payers money, their security alone cost over 3 billion pound per year according to some reports.

How can the British people claim immigrants are having a negative affect on our lifestyles when hereditary hierarchies, bankers, corporations and aristocrats are running the country? I have got news for the average British simpleton that seems to struggle to spot the real enemy, gangsters don’t work themselves to the ground seven days a week for less than minimum wage and live in council houses nor do they claim benefits. Gangsters live in castles, palaces, mansions and obscene luxury, they use fear tactics and drugs to control and manipulate people, they extort, threaten and thieve, sound familiar?







That is how I felt when I watched Russell Brand vs Nigel Farage on immigration. Nigel Farage in my opinion is a disgrace, how can a man that claimed 2 million pound in one year on his expenses have the nerve to suggest that immigrants are responsible for falling living standards in Britain? The “angry” man with the stick turned out to be the brother of a UKIP politician and did you hear Nigel Farage when the woman at the back began shouting at Nigel Farage? “do you see the kind of people you are fighting for” I believe he said or words to that effect, proving he is nothing more than a posh poncey snob as if we didn’t already know.

What was and is disturbing to me is the amount of people in Britain that are jumping on the “blame the immigrants” bandwagon. They come to this country for opportunity and a better life for themselves and their families in most cases, some immigrants are not allowed to claim benefits under new laws by our government, they work for LESS than minimum wage in some cases and although in Britain they live in poverty and are treated as an underclass, that “we” are superior too.

Immigrants seem to get a lot more blame then they deserve, when disgustingly rich, money controlled parasite’s like Nigel Farage get no blame at all, despite claiming more on his expenses in one year then what fifty immigrant families on benefits would get per year!

Amazingly facts like that don’t seem to bother some people as they obviously believe that puppets like Nigel Farage are worth more to these country and contributing more to this country then 50 immigrant families.

Nigel Farage should remember that he himself would not exist if it were not for immigration as one of his great Grand father’s was in fact German he migrated to London in the 19th century!

The fact that controlled immigration in the 19th century could have prevented this country of a worrying cancer called Nigel in the present day should not be dwelled on too much because immigration has its positive effects too. Immigrants tend to be hard workers and sometimes they are exploited by the system and their bosses, immigrants are less lightly to sue a company for thousands of pounds because they “fell over” at work or they are being bullied.

Pointing the finger at probably the hardest working people in Britain that are paid the least in Britain simply because they are not English is delusional. Nigel Farage is a dangerous man and I can not believe a man that takes as much as he takes from the system could possibly have the nerve and audacity to blame immigrants for Briatin’s poor living standards and proclaim himself so high and mighty above certain members of the audience as Nigel Farage did, slimy as they come.


First Published 13/12/2014



Many celebrities and political activists call for a revolution, a complete change of politics. Russell Brand, Matt Damon, Alex Jones and many others insist that mankind needs a revolution to save ourselves and they are right, the truth is mankind do need to change. But people also have to be careful, it is alright for rich people like Alex Jones and Russell Brand to shout for change, a revolution and a new way of politics because if things go wrong they would probably be in their nice cozy mansions while the masses struggle to feed themselves. What could go wrong?

You do not have to be a history buff to know that revolutions usually bring war, poverty and chaos and in too many cases the leaders of the “revolution” are controlled by their own opposition. Before Britain starts demanding a revolution people need to begin to actually learn how politics work, people also need to learn to look beyond the propaganda or the propaganda will control the revolution.

Has capitalism really failed? In my opinion it has not! Capitalism has been exploited. Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, it does not matter which one we choose, they are all doomed to fail when the lower classes are expected to fund the system alone. In my opinion a fair version of capitalism seems to be workable. Fix up all tax loop holes that are funded by lobbying, ban lobbying, tax the rich, the corporations, the banks and make a political parties manifesto mean something by holding the government to the manifesto, make it a contract the elected government are legally obliged to follow.

I recognize the world needs to change and you can call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist if you like but I do not trust some of the “political activists and celebrities” that are calling for change, if the masses follow the wrong leader during a “revolution” we could end up with a system that makes our present system look good.

In my experience people have the ability to recognize that multinational corporations are bad and mainstream media is full of BS but people do not seem to have the ability to stop the media subliminally controlling the way they think and this is especially true when it comes to politics. Politics is almost deliberately boring, long winded, slow, dull and full of professional liars, puppets and ridiculously rich public school boys. These people do not care about the NHS because they can afford insurance and treatment, they do not care about welfare benefits because they and their children will never have to claim benefits. If people want change all they have to do is change themselves, stop buying mainstream media and spend at least some of your day looking at alternative media, stop shopping at Tesco, Amazon, Asda, M and S, Aldi, Primark, Next and all other greedy, tax evading, child labour using corporate brands. Stop paying a fortune to watch lame Walt Disney or Hollywood movies and lame TV shows. Educate your children about politics, modern day slavery, exploitation, imperialism, hierarchies and most important and what some people would find the hardest thing to do, stop allowing mainstream media to control the way that you think.

It is not that I do not want a revolution, all that I am saying is; with more regulation, higher taxation to billionaire businesses and the super rich, a complete ban on lobbying, equal air time for all political parties and corrupt politicians, greedy bankers, exploiting corporations should be treated the same way that all criminals are treated imprisoned or heavily fined. Changes like this would not only raise enough money to pay more towards the NHS and welfare, changes like this would raise more money in taxes to invest in other issues the world has at the moment and instead of corporations being a parasite like burden to mankind, corporations would be actually be helping us. I am seriously beginning to believe that the want us to riot, call for a revolution and accept their solution as the revolution.




Who will save mankind?


With so much corruption and greed in the world who will mankind turn to? Russell Brand? Telling us he hates materialism while broadcasting from his mansion in the mega materialistic Hollywood. Alex Jones? Ranting away like a possessed nutter. Mark Dice? A man that claims to hate pop music and the pop culture yet he never stops talking about pop musicians and pop culture, a man that ridicules anyone that does not believe the exact same thing as himself. UKIP and Nigel Farage? As Tory than Margret Thatcher, as racist as the BNP and as corrupt as the rest of them.

Many people put their faith in to these people and that is up to them, I do not put faith in to anyone of them, who said, everybody has their price and the more honest the man the higher the price? If that is not already a famous quote I am claiming it! The only man/person/thing that I put any faith in to is Jesus Christ, some people like to ridicule people believing or putting faith in to Jesus, to them people I say this; If you think Nigel Farage, Russell Brand, Alex Jones, Mark Dice have any answers or are even honest and straight enough to trust then lets be honest you might as well believe in Santa. If you believe that David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg or Nigel Farage care one bit about you, you might as well believe in the Easter Bunny.

My point is, if you believe that you are to intelligent to believe in Jesus Christ but you believe that Russell Brand, Alex Jones and others are fighting for you and your rights then please do not ridicule anybody else’s beliefs, because to me your beliefs are as silly as anyone’s beliefs.

The belief in Jesus Christ and/or God is not scientifically plausible believers in science point out, true to what our limited understanding in science seems to show but how scientifically plausible is it to believe in science when the science is so primitive? Believing in science is good, the trouble is we have quite a limited understanding on science and in science one small bit of information can completely change everything. Also science is now talking of String theory and M theory and these theories if true make some pretty crazy thing plausible.

Trust in God or trust no one at all.



Released 5th November 2014, to collaborate with Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot.

EPISODES 6 to 9.

Fuck Boris Johnson, Ed Miliband, Nigel Farage, Zionism, Nick Clegg, War on Terror, Palestine, Israel, Shit jobs, MPs expenses, Tesco, Supermarkets, corporate superstores, Google, Facebook, Sergio Brin, Larry Page, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Drake, Hip Hop. FUCK Internet censorship, Michael Gove, the education system, Animal testing, The IVORY TRADE, the FUR trade, rip off Britain. Judges, the Justice system, police, Prison, Piracy laws, Vaccinations, Vaccines, Ebola, Human Kidney cells, Human Diploid Tissue, Pepsi, Kraft, Campbells Soup, Cadbury’s, Propaganda, TV, zombie elite and much more!



Cameron Newspapers


Watching BBC report the Paris terrorist attack was shocking to me, I know that the attack was terrible, terrorism is always terrible, no matter who causes it and no matter where it is. Terrorism is terrible in France, terrible in Palestine, terrible in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Barrack Obama claimed the attack was cowardly, was it as cowardly as sending drones?

David Cameron claimed that he stands for freedom of speech, freedom of expression and democracy, really? Because last time I checked David Cameron was fighting for Internet censorship and actually attacking our freedom of speech, he used his speech at the United Nations to attack political activism, political activism that he claims can cause terrorism, he accuses political activists, journalists and anybody that disagrees with him of being an extremist. Last time I checked David Cameron fought for lobbyists, he used corporate propaganda and lies to win an election and still did not win out right.

I am not supporting ISIS (who are by the way funded for and armed by the US, John McCain told me) I am simply pointing out the fact that Obama and David Cameron have caused more war and terror then ISIS. 12 people died in France and BBC news reported it was “probably the worst terrorist attack ever committed in France!” Where as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan suffer attacks that kill hundreds on a much more regular basis. David Cameron and Barrack Obama who both claim to be against terrorism have not only supported terrorism in Palestine but have also committed terrorism acts in Libya, like Blair and Bush committed terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cameron and Obama are suddenly talking like they are freedom fighters again, fighting a war for our freedom against these evil terrorists that have no respect for Human Rights, despite the fact that they also have no respect for human rights.

Our government will use this attack as an excuse for more power to the police, heightened security and more control. It taken Nigel Farage less than 24 hours to blame the immigrants and immigration policy of France for the attack and people will be outraged by Nigel Farage using this as a way to popularize himself and it is disgraceful, but lets be honest we know that every high ranking politician from the big four political parties are going to attempt to use this attack as either a way for them to push new legislation and laws or another way to pass blame on to immigrants and Muslim people, because that what politics is, politics is a battle for control, money and interference.



First Published 8/1/2015


David Cameron laughing 2


I used to be an atheist, I went to a Catholic school and was bought up with “Christian beliefs” and therefore as a child I believed in God and although I knew very little of him I also believed in Jesus Christ, I also believed in the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas. As the years go by we grow up, we find out Santa and almost everything we once believed is a lie, it seems only natural that God, Jesus, the devil is also a lie, they are illogical and if they are illogical they must be false.

As a young man I did not believe in silly stories like the stories told in the bible, to me religion was boarder lining insanity and Christians were strict, obsessed, misguided idiots, the same way as T.V portrays them to be. To me the belief in Heaven and God were desperate attempts for people to make themselves feel better. I believed that religion was a tool used purely to control people, if God is real why does he allow such cruelty and suffering? Why not intervene, help people or give us a sign, I believe in science, life and the news, religion is total nonsense and I believed this for many years.

Then I got the internet! As a child I was honestly not interested in learning at all, computer games and playing football were way more interesting than school, school bored the shit out of me, I found it tedious and repetitive, I did not care for learning until I left school, having left school I became interested in politics, the news, political satire, science and I began to love to learn, either watching documentaries researching material for making videos or reading. As all young people do, I assumed I knew the world, it taken me a while to learn and except that I knew nothing, the internet opened me up to brand new information, information that I first believed was ridiculous, paranoid and funny. However the more I read the more convinced I was that there was actually more truth on the internet written by so called “conspiracy theorists” then all the mainstream media combined times one billion.

When we look at the state of the planet, people living in poverty and pain, it is hard to believe in God, but looking at the state of the planet and recognizing some of the evil that takes place on this planet made me consider the possibility of “the devil” and if the devil is real God is real.

When we look at this planet and see the poverty, pain and suffering and say “this proves that God is not real” maybe it doesn’t, maybe it proves that the devil is real! “Why would God allow this suffering” atheists scream, but God does not allow this suffering people do. There is more than enough of everything including food to go around, greed, waste and a lack of interest bought on by lack of financial potential in supplying the world with food causes poverty and poverty causes disease. As the great Tony Benn once said “if we have the money to kill people, we have the money to help people” or something like that. As I got older I began to understand that I don’t know anything, this planet has existed for over 5 billion years I have been on it for 34 years, for me to assume “I know God is not real or Jesus is not savoir” based on what I am told would be stupid and the more I look at society the more convinced I am that we need saving and we need forgiveness. We had better hope and prey that Jesus stays true to his word and we are saved because if not, then what? Who will save us? Russell Brand? Mark Dice? Alex Jones?  Hahahahaha, you might as well wait for Batman.