I have stopped reading “the news.”

I used to wake up in the morning make a cup of tea, smoke a cigarette or a spliff if I was lucky and read “the news.” Then I used to read it again in the afternoon and watch live news streams when I was eating nowadays I don’t bother. It’s not like it was a planned thing but I noticed that no matter how much you read or watch “the news” you’re still none the wiser!

What we are usually reading is opinions or propaganda. They tell us what they want us to know and believe and anything else is forbidden by the mainstream. Bloggers, Vloggers and truthers are dismissed as lunatics as if only corporate journalism is trustworthy yet they have consistently proven to be anything but trustworthy and in recent years have moved towards just being a government mouthpiece.

I don’t think that many of the journalists even realize what they do. I think they are just carefully selected and people that think differently are slowly filtered out through the education system which is repeat or fail.

“The news” is bullshit its merely selected stories from around the world usually designed to create a reaction or justification for something much bigger and much more sinister.

The real news is governments are failing and because of this people around the world are still starving and going short while other people live in obscene luxury. Why are the media ignoring this and attacking the benefits system instead? The media go in to uproar and express outrage at people claiming benefits but completely ignore corporate tax evasion, exploitation and the low wages that people get paid.

You can’t point at a family with non working parents living in a council house claiming a couple of hundred pound a week as the problem when there are families living in Castles with dozens of houses spread all over the world. The mainstream media can.


When we watch the “news” or read the “newspapers” most people accept what they read without any question. But when we watch and read the news what is it? Most of it is either opinions of the journalist or the corporation that own the company. The mainstream media also pass us the opinions of ex or current politicians, actors, musicians and any celebrity as long as what that person says is in line of what they want you to think.

For example how often do we read articles like; Tony Blair said so and so, Ed Miliband backs Owen Smith, Michael Caine said back the Tories, Miley Cyrus backs Clinton…Who gives a fuck what anybody said or who they support? Would it be the news if I reported Dave from the pub said Tony Blair’s a terrorist? Or Barry said Michael Caine is just a rich old man that has been reduced to constantly acting as a old smart arse in movies that sound like they are made for kids but they are actually watched by adults and he wants to keep his fortune.

These actors, politicians or whoever usually have their own personal interest at heart or even worse somebody else’s. The elite speak to us from every possible angle they can, they use their racist mainstream media to promote their wars and agendas as well as the puppets they own! They own actors, musicians, newspapers, journalists and almost anyone with real power or influence.

They use these puppets to control the way we think and influence our behavior, I believe that they are intentionally demoralizing us as well as dumbing dumb the masses.

If you simply ignore the bullshit they spew at us, sport, TV, celebrity gossip, racist propaganda, corporate media, fashion trends, mainstream everything and actually look at the world and take note and listen to the people (that are being highly censored and oppressed at the moment) and look how people are being treated you would have taken your first step in waking up.

Suddenly the things you thought were essential (work, money, fashion) become small and meaningless. I’m not saying I can live without money because we all need money just to eat and drink but how much do we need? How much we need usually depends on how much we have, (I’m broke) but if I had £30000 given to me today what would I do? I could put a deposit on a house but then I would need to keep up the payments of the mortgage. I would need another £70000 to finish paying for the house. (I don’t drive) But some people might buy a new car but like an house a car cost money to run and maintain.

New clothes, nights out, drugs, gambling, alcohol the system is all set up to make it as hard as possible to escape the rat race, the news is to tell you what they want you to know and think.

We live in a strange age, many people acknowledge that they do not trust the mainstream media but at the same time many people seem to have difficulties putting the lack of trust we have in our mainstream media in to practice. I don’t even trust a lot of the “alternative media” the way I see it is if the elite don’t want you to be heard you are going to struggle to be heard.

I believe their was a period (mostly thanks to YouTube and Facebook) that they lost control and what we are seeing now is the corporate media attacking Internet bloggers and the real alternative media in a desperate attempt to destroy…May they fail miserably.


Recently Tyson Fury shocked the boxing world by beating Wladimir Klitschko on points in Germany, usually the media would be jumping on the new British champion band wagon in Tyson Fury’s case they are not! In fact Tyson Fury is being attacked on a daily basis, Tyson Fury should remember he’s a role model when he opens his mouth demands Verbal sewage poured out of Fury’s big mouth claims Colin Hart of the worst sewage in Britain, the Sun. Attacks also come from the disgusting warmongering and racist Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror called him a heavyweight idiot. These attacks are as usual when it comes to mainstream media childish and disrespectful, the attacks are being aimed at Tyson Fury because of his religious and political views. As usual anybody that does not think the way that the media help to program us to think is a lunatic and an idiot.

I actually like Tyson Fury and FUCK the mainstream media, I’m not saying that I agree with everything he says but I do believe he is free to say whatever he wants, whether he is heavyweight champion or not! Does Alice Arnold from the Guardian demand that certain pop musicians should remember they are role models before sexing up and dumbing down their music? As always these misguided do gooders like Alice Arnold completely miss the point, Tyson Fury is a born fighter with gypsy blood, of coarse he ain’t going to be 100% politically correct to well off, middle class snobs like you! That don’t mean he is anymore hate filled than you, in fact in my experience the middle classes can be the most hate filled, closet racists out there.

The mainstream media is among the most hypercritical, judgmental, psychopathic, racist, hate spewed garbage in the country. They are highly hate filled and racist yet they spend much of their time accusing people of being hate filled and racist. Tyson Fury is a bully and a bigot who even lacks the courage of his convictions… there can be no excuses for his malicious views claims OLIVER HOLT FOR THE DAILY MAIL (Sunday Edition.)

The Daily Mail like all mainstream media in Britain hate and fear everything and everyone that is slightly different to them, they promote hate, racism and fear and they have the nerve to suggest Tyson Fury should remember he is a role model?



The Express and Star regularly exposes benefit fraudsters, they spy on local benefit claimants to make sure that these people are not lying to our government, if they catch them lying they expose them to the people in the West Midlands using by far the best selling newspaper in the West Midlands to do so!

I have a few questions for the Express and Star and it’s writers and editors, DO NOT NOT HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR TIME? Why don’t the Express and Star expose the corruption in our government, corporations and media? The Express and Star is the best selling newspaper in the West Midlands yet the Express and Star is blatantly just another propaganda machine for the government, city of London and the local police. The newspaper works against local people, it attacks local people, ridicules local people and profits from local people.

They write shit like  “A mother from Wolverhampton fraudulently claimed more than £14,000 in benefits over a three-year period.” The Express and Star are obviously outraged by these fraudsters ripping off the system and fair enough. But why are the Express and Star not outraged by corporate tax evasion or the greed of our MPs? Why does the Express and Star not attack the new Tesco superstore being built? Tesco provide dead end, work fair jobs they use child labour and they do not pay tax surely this outrages the writers at the Express and Star? No apparently it does not as the Express and Star have not spoke out about the planned Tesco superstore! Why? . The answer is simple, the Express and Star in another tool of the right winged elite.

Reading the bullshit and absolute one sided propaganda the scumbags at this so called newspaper prints offends and sickens me, I believe the time has come for the people in the West Midlands to boycott the Express and Star. The Express and Star should be speaking out about oppression, poverty and the huge lack of opportunity in the West Midlands, the newspapers should be questioning why police are arresting and harassing minor drug offenders not propagating the police’s agenda. The editors at the Express and Star should remember that we the local people of the West Midlands pay for them to do their jobs and the job of the Express and Star is to keep local people up to date with current affairs and events not to attack local people in order to benefit corporations, the government and the police.

It is a shame our corporate media and the masses do not scrutinize the tax evading, child labour using and propaganda printing corporations and mainstream media the same way as they scrutinize people claiming benefits after all corporate tax evasion costs the British tax payer more then all benefits combined.


Time to boycott the Express and Star?

The Express & Star is the biggest-selling regional evening newspaper in Great Britain. Founded in 1889, it is based in my hometown Wolverhampton, England, and it covers the West Midlands and Staffordshire, including the Black Country. The Express & Star is one of the few independent newspapers still operating in the UK, having been under the continuous ownership of the Graham family almost since its inception. It is owned by the Midland News Association (MNA), which also owns the Shropshire Star newspaper and many other newspapers in and around the West Midlands.

The Express and Star is a newspaper I can not stand to read, its full of propaganda like all mainstream media the Express and Star does a very good job in telling people what to think and a poor job of keeping people informed on local current events. In January 2012 the newspaper reported, Bailiffs recovered more than £30 million after councils sent them into homes and businesses in the West Midlands – visiting 100 people daily, it can be revealed, what the newspaper does not mention is the cruel intimidation tactics that these bailiffs use, where did they collect that money from? families, elderly people, and some of the poorest people in Great Britain.


Another example of the propaganda used by the Express and Star can be found on a Google search, if you search “benefit fraud Express and Star” Google shows 1,460,000 results, if you search “MPs expenses Express and Star” the Google search shows 124,000 results, over ten times as many reports on benefit fraud as on MPs expenses, despite the fact the cost of a case of benefit fraud could cost the tax payer hundreds a week and very rarely more than £10000 per year, where as the average cost of a single MP claiming tens of thousands per year for things like second homes, travelling costs, home maintenance, food, gardening and duck ponds on top of their £63000 per year salary is not reported as nowhere near as much .In 2007 – the last year for which figures are available – claims ranged from the lowest of £44,551 to the highest of £185,421. On average, each MP claimed £135,600.

Like all mainstream media the Express and Star also propagated the royal wedding, showing street celebrations and going on like the day and the royal family are important, I live in the West Midlands and most people I know did not and do not care one bit about the royal wedding, the royal baby or the royal family. I have not yet seen the Express and Star fight the NHS cuts and they report that Home Secretary Theresa May tells terrorists:You will not win, the wicked witch of Westminster wants our human rights, she uses terrorism as an excuse for this and the Express and Star propagate her agenda.

Surely the job of a local newspaper is to sometimes speak up for local people not to propagate government agendas and attack local people that are claiming benefits.





sky news]

Recently I have noticed that Sky News now has a live stream on YouTube, I do not have a live T.V service as I use only Netflix, Prime and YouTube to watch TV but I was happy to see a live news channel I can watch through a PlayStation as there has never been one before. I started watching Sky News and I was impressed with the HD quality picture for a free live stream the quality of the stream is brilliant, not far from the quality of a Netflix stream.

Despite the high quality HD picture, it did not take me long to get sick of listening to Sky News or Sky Propaganda as it should be called, after a weeks of watching Sky news I have heard hardly one single mention of third world poverty, corporate greed, corruption and tax evasion or anything important. Because instead of reporting news stories worthy of reporting Sky News spends most of its recent time talking about “extremism and radicalization.”

A News Corporation owned media outlet are going to talk about extremism and radicalization? News Corporation push and propagate wars around the world that kill thousands of innocent people and they use racism to do it, they are a disgusting, parasitic, greedy Tory backing and propagating scum, they pay almost no tax in the UK on their ridiculously huge profit and have paid almost no tax in the UK since 1996.

News Corporations media is full of hate, fear mongering, shit designed to separate people and spread hate. News Corporation taken part in the cover up of Jimmy Saville, they lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they used their media outlets to celebrate the deaths of Osama Bin Laden, Gaddafi and other leaders in the middle east.

News Corporation can blame immigrants, extremism and radicalization for state of Britain today but I blame greedy businesses like News Corporation, because businesses like News corporation fail to pay their fair share of tax and as if that is not bad enough they systemically lie to the British public on a mass scale and a daily basis.

Watch video below for more live information, propaganda and general boring bullshit. For the proper news go somewhere else.






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