Last year my girlfriend bought me a PlayStation 4! I have been a keen gamer since I was a child and although I had gone a couple of years without playing computer games we still used the PlayStation 3 to watch Netflix. I was excited about the PlayStation 4 but it did not take long for me to realize that despite the PlayStation 4 having amazing power and graphics it lacks a decent game. I went months wasting the PlayStation 4’s power on watching T.V shows on Netflix, I looked regularly for games that may interest me and found very little and the games that did interest me were so expensive it put me of purchasing them. Everything on PlayStation 4 is expensive, when we purchase the expensive movies we can no longer download the movie on to the PlayStation we are forced to watch it through a Netflix like stream which means if you have no internet you can watch nothing even if you have already paid for the movie, to be honest I had been disappointed with the PlayStation 4.

Months later and I had almost given up finding something worth while on the PlayStation and then Grand Theft Auto 5 was released. I have always been a big fan of Grand Theft Auto so when it came out on PlayStation 4 my generous girlfriend bought it for me.

It had been at least seven years since I last played Grand Theft Auto and three years since I last played any games regularly but it taken me only a few minutes to realize that Grand Theft Auto 5 is special! After a couple of more weeks of playing and I can honestly say that Grand Theft Auto 5 is the BEST GAME I have ever played! Critics of the game claim that the game promotes and glorifies violence and the games is often attacked and blamed for the actions of irresponsible parents that allow young children to play this games despite the huge 18 certificate on the cover.

Finally my PlayStation 4 has a use other than Netflix, so far before Grand Theft Auto I was completely unimpressed and even annoyed at the PS4, I thought it was expensive and weak. Since than I have kidnapped a Simon Cowell types of Prick and filmed him dancing in his underwear, I blown a Mark Zuckerberg type of pricks head off and loads more fun. Other than GTA 5 (which is out on every machine) so far I can honestly say the PS4 is a waste of time and money and a massive let down so far in some ways the PlayStation 3 is actually better than the PS4.