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Britain is a nation created by Psychopath. Part 2. Winston Churchill and the Bengal Famine

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Britains Pizzagate? Part Five.

Other People involved?

James Stuart Hall worked as a TV presenter for the BBC he was appointed as Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2012 New Year Honours for services to broadcasting and charity, but the honour was formally annulled by the Queen in October 2013, due to his conviction for sex offences.

The Dame Janet Smith Review, released 25 February 2016, found that Hall had assaulted 21 female victims at the BBC, the youngest of whom was aged ten, between 1967 and 1991. The report found that some BBC staff members were aware he was bringing underage girls into his dressing room for sex, but his “untouchable” celebrity status stopped them from passing complaints to senior management.

Max Clifford a Publicist, Dave Lee Travis a Disk Jockey, Chris Denning a Former Radio One Disk jockey, Michael Salmon a Medical doctor at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where Savile allegedly abused some of his victims, and previously-convicted sex offender, Gary Glitter were convicted and at least 13 others were arrested but not charged.

There were no police officers arrested and no politicians arrested. Cliff Richard was arrested and his house raid broadcast live by the BBC but at the same time the BBC and all other British mainstream media seem to be turning a blind eye to the politicians.

The cover up.

There seems to be a huge cover up going on, from missing documents, calls from MI5 and special Branch and in Parliament itself to release suspects. The cover up has no evolved to Internet censorship, Social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube and others have been aggressively censoring this kind of material and subject for years effectively silencing victims.

But the cover up also involves mainstream media who chose to overlook many of the accusations and fail to report information on the Houses of Commons blocking an investigation.

Jill Dando

The friend and retired BBC worker said the late Crimewatch host was told DJs, celebrities and other staff were involved in organised abuse.

But the anonymous source says “no one wanted to know” when Miss Dando raised concerns about the alleged ring and other sexual abuse claims at the BBC.

She is said to have passed a file to senior management in the mid-1990s, but they never carried out an investigation.

The 37-year-old TV presenter was shot dead on April 26, 1999, on the doorstep of her home in west London. The crime remains unsolved.

The source said: “I don’t recall the names of all the stars now and don’t want to implicate anyone, but Jill said they were surprisingly big names.

“I think she was quite shocked when told about images of children and that information on how to join this horrible paedophile ring was freely available.

“Jill said others had complained to her about sexual matters and that some female workmates also claimed they had been groped or assaulted.

“Nothing had been done and there seemed to be a policy of turning a blind eye.”

The former colleague said female BBC staff confided in Jill, one of the best-known TV faces of the day after fronting primetime shows including Holiday and the Six O’Clock News as well as Crimewatch.

Miss Dando joined a campaign to help children spot paedophiles the year before she died.

She had received death threats, putting the BBC in lock-down, with armed guards patrolling Television Centre in London.

Her death sparked one of Britain’s biggest murder hunts. Barry George was found guilty in 2001, but his conviction was quashed in 2008.

Did Jill Dando die because of what she knew?

 The BBC tell us “parts of the media – particularly the online, alternative media – raced down that road, publishing wild stories without pausing to check if they were true. A lot of things have been published that should never have been.” BBC definitely is not part of that media because they have simply ignored it for years.



Films and TV shows that have used animal cruelty which has resulted in the death or harm of the animals which have been used!

Apocalypse now- Apocalypse now is an adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of darkness. It is a grim vision of the Vietnam War, in which you see Special Forces sent into the jungle to eliminate a rogue agent named Kurtz. After a brutal journey they murder Kurtz with a machete. This attack is scattered among footage of water buffalo being ceremonially slaughtered. 

These animals were reported to of then been killed by the local ifugao tribe. It was filmed in the Philippines and was not monitored by the American Humane Association and not surprisingly, it earned an ‘unacceptable’ 

The Grey- 2011’s the grey is a psychological thriller, which is about a leading group of oil drillers as they flee form killer wolves. Organisations such as PETA were angered by the portrayal of wolves- which have only just began to rebound off the endangered list in the US- where it was discovered that the production had brought in 4 wolf carcasses from a trapper. Two of these corpses were used as props in the film, with the other two actually being cooked and eaten by members of the cast. 

The adventures of Milo and Otis- This is a children’s film in Japan which features a kitten and a pug puppy. It was released in 1986 becoming that year’s biggest hit in the country. An Australian animal rights organisation, which had received horrifying reports from the set, urged a boycott on the film. They claimed that dozens of kittens were killed during the shoot and that the producer actually broke a kitten’s paw to make appear as clumsy. 

The charge of the light brigade- This is a film from 1963. It details a real-life disastrous cavalry charge during the Crimean war. To make it look as if the horses were toppling after being shot after they rigged the battlefield with wire traps. At least a dozen horses were killed outright or had to be euthanized shortly afterwards, due to their legs being hopelessly splintered. A stuntman also dies during this film; the congress intervened and several laws were put in place, with an explicit ban on wire traps. 

Life of Pi- The life of Pi an adventure drama film which revolves around an Indian boy named Pi; he is stranded aboard on a lifeboat adrift in the Pacific Ocean. He is trapped on the boat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, who belonged to Pi’s family zoo. Most of the films effects were created using CGI, including many of the scenes with Richard Parker, but some were shot with a real tiger named King. While shooting a scene which involved King swimming in a water tank something went horribly wrong, and the tiger nearly died before his handler was able to pull him to safety. The water tank scene was shot in Taiwan, and was watched over by an American Humane Association representative named Gina Johnson. Despite the Tiger nearly dying Johnson reported that all went well at the set of Life of Pi. A leaked email that she had sent to colleague had this to say about the incident: “This one take with him just went really bad and he got lost trying to swim to the side. Damn near drowned. I think this goes without saying but DON’T MENTION THIS TO ANYONE, ESPECIALLY THE OFFICE! Have downplayed the fuck out of it.” Worse still, Johnson was revealed to have romantic ties with the production executive for the movie. When this became public in November 2013, Johnson resigned from her job with the AHA.

Snow Buddies- Snow buddies is a movie about a band of Golden Retrievers who are stranded in Alaska and becoming sled dogs. As puppies tend to grow incredibly fast, the production studio of Disney acquired any to fill the necessary roles. Unfortunately it appears that several puppies were brought on to the set before growing old enough to be separated from their mothers- at approximately 6 weeks of age instead of the compulsory 8 weeks of age. Many of the involved dogs became sick, over a dozen requiring veterinary treatment. Five puppies eventually dying. 

Manderlay- Manderlay is the grim tale of slavery in the 20th century in America. As the film takes place on plantation it naturally features animals One scene was suppose to feature a Donkey being butchered. When attempts to use a fake donkey went wrong, the director Lars Von Trier obtained a Donkey that was already scheduled to be slaughtered was given a lethal injection so that its corpse could be used in the movie.

In response to this, actor John C. Reilly quit his role in the film. Von Trier then eventually. Cut the Donkey scene from the movie; concerned that the scandal would destroy his project, but then went on to claim the animals fate would have been far worse if he hadn’t of purchased it.

Speed racer- this is one of the few films that the AHA refused to endorse calling it “unacceptable”. This rating had stemmed from an incident where one of the chimpanzees playing the character of “Chim-Chim” bit an actor without provocation and was allegedly beaten in response. 

Later on in this production, a Chimp was struck out of frustration by a trainer while rehearsing. This had occurred in front of an AHA monitor and was labelled as a clear violation of AHA guidelines, which forbids physically punishing animals in favour of positive reinforcement methods. The monitor then stopped the training session and immediately reported the incident to producers. Fortunately the Chimp was uninjured.

Ben-Hur- this 1925’s film is a tale of the enslaved Jewish prince and his quest for revenge during roman times. Despite the film featuring Jesus Christ, the film set the standard for animal cruelty in a film. Over 100 Horses apparently gave their lives to complete the chariot race scene, which dragged on for many weeks under the hot sun of California. Injured animals were reportedly shown little mercy. According to Francis X Bushman, an actor in Ben-Hur “if it limped, they shot it”

Heaven’s Gate- A drama centred on the conflict between land barons and immigrants in the old west.

The AHA was actually barred from the set of this film, and for good reason as the cruelty directed at the animals was unimaginable. Rumours from the set indicated that the cows were cut to provide not so “fake” blood for the actors. During one battle scene, four Horses were apparently killed, including one which was blown up with dynamite. They staged real cockfights, and gutted cattle to use their entrails as props. A lawsuit by one of the owners of a horse abused on the set settled for an undisclosed amount out of court. 

Many films still use animal cruelty in movies; even films in the 21st century, even with CGI. Animal cruelty is not needed in the film industry and should be banned and anyone who uses this cruelty should be behind bars!



The Illuminati Vol. 3 Murdered By The Monarchy (Full Documentary)

The Illuminati Vol. 3 Murdered By The Monarchy (Full Documentary)

Illuminati volume 3.
Murdered by the Monarchy.

I have been looking for this documentary for a while to share on my site, I watched it years ago it exposes the true “Jack the Ripper.” Without doubt one of my favourites, I wonder how long before Google remove it from YouTube? ENIGMA TV DOCUMENTARY.


Below is a list of the 66 warmongering Labour MPs that have voted against public opinion and in favour of David Cameron’s proposed attacks on Syria. Whatever follows is down to these people!






I am shocked that a son of Tony Benn would vote in favour of the war.













Shark finning refers to the removal of shark fins, while the remains of the shark is discarded back into the ocean; while often still alive,  because it has no fin the Shark can not swim effectively so it will either sink to the bottom of the ocean and die of suffocation or eaten by predators. Shark finning at sea enables fishing vessels to increase profit and can increase the numbers of sharks that are harvested for their fins, as they only have to transport the fin, which is the most profitable part of the shark; but this means that they kill more sharks, because their vessels can then transport more because they don’t have the full weight of a Shark to carry. Some countries have banned this and require that the whole shark should be transported and be brought back to a port before being de-finned. But the fact that this is allowed is a disgrace; for most species of shark are endangered or vulnerable according to their conservation statuses.


Shark finning has increased since 1997 largely due to the increasing demand for Shark fins for things such as shark fin soup and traditional cures.The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s shark specialist group has said that shark finning is one of the most serious threats to shark populations. The estimates of shark fin trading businesses are between US$540 million to US$1.2 billion (2007). In the US Shark finning is prohibited, some regard the whale shark and basking shark as trophy species and are $10,000 to $20,000 for a fin.

Shark specialists have estimated that 100 million sharks die annually for their fins, so that those who like to collect parts of animals can say they own a shark fin that cost a shark its life, for know good reason.


RSPCA stands for Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, they claim to be an animal loving and saving charity, in their own words; “More and more animals are being bred for sale in horrific conditions. Puppies born into squalor, torn from their mothers and sold for profit. We urgently need to rescue these animals from cruel puppy traders.” The RSPCA tell us that small donations made to them can help prevent thousands of animals from cruelty every year.

Doesn’t that sound nice charitable and very Christian of them? The trouble is the RSPCA’s methods of preventing these animals from being victims of cruelty are questionable to say the least. The RSPCA rehouse tens of thousands of animals every year, the trouble the RSPCA seem to have is that they rescue so many animals that they can not rehouse them all. It is a problem but the RSPCA have the answers, animals that cannot be rehoused due to lack of demand or just bad luck are very expensive to look after and feed, if the RSPCA spend all the donation money on feeding animals how can they make a profit and be a successful business?

To make sure that the RSPCA continues to flourish as a financial powerhouse and is allowed to continue doing its work of “protecting animals from cruelty” drastic measures are taken, for example in 2012 alone the RSPCA killed 53000 animals! And at least 3400 of those animals were perfectly healthy.

Strange logic the RSPCA have, they murder animals to protect animals from cruelty. Despite facts like these millions of idiotic people will continue to ignore the facts and donate and work for this disgusting, greedy murdering business that like most businesses put profit before service.  The brave whistle-blower that helped release this information was later found hanged, her name was Dawn Aubrey-Ward she was later found hanged in an apparent suicide, she should be remembered as a true animal lover that fought for animal rights and compassion, a real (if slightly troubled hero) and the RSPCA should hang their heads in shame.

Except the RSPCA have no shame or compassion, just lots of money donated to them by blind fools. HELLO you are donating and working for a business that profits from murdering animals.



Hunters of wild animals stagger me, we live in what some scientists are now calling the sixth mass extinction yet some people feel the need to speed up the process by killing animals that are already low in numbers. Lion numbers are down to their thousands, some breeds of Tiger are down to the last few hundred as are certain species of Elephant and Rhinos yet all of these amazing animals are at risk of being randomly killed and bought even closer to extinction by hunters for numerous reasons, their coat, teeth, horn, tusk or just to pass time any excuse to kill, kill, kill.


These disgusting people have their photographs taken with them standing next to the dead animal with disturbing grins on their faces as if they genuinely believe that they have done something amazing, well they have not! If a man was to kill a Lion, Tiger, Bear (Kuala bear excluded), Elephant or a Rhino with nothing but his hands I would be amazed and forced to admit that “the kill” was an achievement worthy of being proud of, but the fact that these “hunters” use guns against an animal that has no idea what the “hunters” are planning and an animal that may be used to seeing people around and therefore they may be not overly fearful of people making them easier to hunt.

It would be like me stalking Wladimir Klitschko, shooting him and posing with his remains, would that mean I beat Klitschko? I bravely outsmarted him by pulling a trigger as he was about to take a nap? Would I deserve credit? I can not comprehend the “hunters” logic.

hunters 2





As reported numerous times on my website Facebook are attacking non conformism, free speech, freedom of thought, freedom of expression and all criticism of the Zionist, Billionaire, Tyrant, inbred, greedy establishment (so greedy they have children with other rich family members to keep themselves rich.)

In the last 24 hours Facebook have removed over 200 people from my likes! Why? I believe this is mainly due to some of my criticism of his masters in Israel, the Rothchild family and their puppets, puppets like David Cameron, Nigel Farge, Ed Miliband, Barrack Obama, John Kerry and the rest of the real axis of evil!

After using Facebook for years being censored and hidden away and even had people removed from following my page by Facebook, I thought Fuck Facebook, it is not worth it, I am closing my page due to the unfair and currently illegal censorship of my page.




What qualification’s does some one need to become a judge? They must understand the law and the British legal and justice system, which I am pretty sure nobody in the world does understand, and that’s it! Judging by some of the sentences given by British courts, judges do not need to be compassionate, understanding people. They feel no way in locking people up not thinking about their families, these highly paid judges must think they are something special. High Court judges take home a salary of about £172,000 with a generous pension too, how can these judges, judge people that in most cases have nothing, throw them in prison, rip apart families when these highly paid, comfortable living judges have no idea about life for people that live in these oppressed areas.

We claim alcohol addiction is an illness and we treat them, same with any addiction food, chocolate and even gambling yet when drug addicts are caught with drugs we lock them up, and not just for a few months but for years!

I have seen cases in what someone has been sentenced for a soft two years for a stabbing yet I have seen drug addicts sentenced for over 4 years for possession, where is the sense and fairness in that? These judges should also consider that in many cases these people are from poor backgrounds and they sometimes have children, locking them up does not help anybody, these people would not commit these crimes if they were on a quarter of a yearly judges wage, surely that fact alone makes judges unfit and unable to judge.

It seems to me our governments so called “war on drugs” is just another excuse to harass people, that most of the time do not deserve the harassment.

These judges lock people up and break up families yet they never address the real problem, our government claim that not enough dads are there for their children, well they can’t be there for children if they are in prison.

Why do these judges never address issues like poverty, desperation and other issues, for example if the government stop a mans benefits they are surely pushing that man towards crime, its illegal to work for cash in hand with out declaring what you have earned, so no matter what he does he will be breaking the law, unless he is fortunate enough to find a real job that would just about break even with his benefits.

I am not anti prison, rapists, murders and anyone that goes out to hurt some one should be punished, but possession of drugs? David Cameron, Boris Johnson and George Osborne have all used Cocaine.

Only God can judge us.