Google have a problem advertising on almost anything I make.

My latest video is looking at the life of psychopathic war criminal Winston Churchill. I really didn’t expect any issues with advertising for this video because the video contains no swearing, no nudity, sex and its factual. I was wrong! Like my last feature length video (Britain’s Paedophile elite) Google have confirmed by manual review that the video is NOT suitable for advertisers. They have also not informed my subscribers and all the usual bullshit.

I have to be honest this used to piss me off! I have kids and try to make something for them not for myself but I am constantly being attacked by Google and their corporate and government advertisers.

Anybody that has read some of my older blogs will know the frustration and anger that this used to cause me. I’m glad to say I’m past the stage of giving a fuck! In fact I’m honoured. Forced suppression and oppression is an admission of guilt and fear!

The “almighty powerful” are powerless! Yeah they can refuse payment, leech from small YouTube channels but they can’t stop us doing this shit and they can’t stop people watching this shit. Plus they (as well as me along with other small channels that have the nerve to make videos that look controversial subjects) are the ones losing out.

The reason I have Bruce Lee quotes all over the blog is because he nails it. I don’t need their money, I’m still here, still fighting them and they can’t do shit about it. Other than “we are not paying you for that” thats cool pissing off these people is rewarding enough.

The Conservatives are managing the countries finances much the same way a drug addict manages their families finances.

How did we end up with a government that are so disconnected from real people and real life? The answer is surprisingly simple we were distracting. We were watching TV, following our local (foreign owned and foreign filled) football team, working, raising families and dealing with real life. The system assures that we work for only our own interest and the interest of the government as opposed to working for the interest of each other. I honestly see NO POINT whatsoever in a government if we have to rely on foodbank charities and donations from people. Surely this should be a sign to the masses that the system is failing people, the system takes from and extorts the poor to feed the rich.

The government supposed to be paid and exist to help solve problems yet they’re causing problems, the people are the ones at least trying to solves the problems with donations and charity but I believe the people are fighting a losing battle.

The government don’t even attempt to solve problems they attempt to enslave us, get a job pay us tax problem solved. We in the UK are extorted the Conservatives are tight, money obsessed parasitic, thieves. Why? Much the same reason a heroin addict can be a tight, money obsessed thief, they have expensive habits to pay for.

Their breakfasts cost as much as our weekly shops, their cars costs as much as our houses, a bottle of their wine costs as much as a pallet of our wine. Their Caviar munching, champagne sipping lifestyles are expensive somebody has to pay for it. We pay for it!

How can the rich afford to pay tax when the maintenance bill historic properties is so high? Just getting their places warm must take as much energy as five streets.

If the system was not set up the way that it is these people would run out of money. The system has been designed to assure that does not happen, we fund them.


BRAND NEW BITCOIN FAUCET… Up to 300 Satoshi every hour


What is the best faucets online??

Recently I have been looking for ways to make money online. Faucets is one of them ways and I have been through hundred of them. They all pay low and to make any real money from them you are going to need multiple faucets.

What I have learned from my experience so far is this;

Firstly you need faucets that do NOT slow down your computer (many of them do) and more importantly you need faucets that actually pay a fair rate. I have decided that if it does not pay at least 50 satoshis a click it is nowhere near worth doing.

So below is a list of faucets that I believe are not too bad, there are a few with ridiculously slow websites but I have only included them because of their higher than average payouts.



The first faucet is one of the most famous faucets 

This pays pretty decent compared to some and has a stable website and requires minimum work. It scores 8/10 pretty decent.


The second faucet pays in Ether and is similar to the first it also has a stable website and requires minimum work.

It also scores 8/10


The third faucet

Is low paying but fast it scores 6/10


The forth faucet is ( UPDATE SHIT)

I HATE this website it is slow and irritating but this faucet pays better than most (though it does make it awkward to draw out your earnings)

It scores 7/10 good payouts irritatingly slow


The fifth one is 

This one pays one dogecoin every 15 minutes so it is low paying (though higher than some) but it is a fast website that requires no work or waiting at all.

It scores 8/10 very good.


The sixth faucet is

Very low paying but very easy and very fast 5/10


Seventh is

130 satoshi every ten minutes, not bad for a pretty fast website that only crashes on rare occasions



The Eighth faucet is

Low paying but fast and regular 7/10


Ninth is

Fast and easy low paying faucet 8/10


Tenth is

Crashes sometimes but still pretty easy and fast and it builds up when you are not using it 7/10


Eleventh is (UPDATE SCAM)

Fast and easy 7/10


Twelve is

Decent pay outs but crashes a lot 7/10


Thirteen is

Irritating crashes but gives good bonuses 6/10



Same as above but pays in litecoin 6/10



Same as the two above but pays in Dogecoin


Sixteen and last one for now (though I might update later) is

This one is not a faucet it pays you to view ads and it is THE BEST site I have been on for making crypto so far. It pays pretty good and its fast a hardly ever crashes 9/10.









You work, work, work and work but you still cannot afford to buy a house?

How many people spend more of their conscious lives at work than they do at home? How many people that spend most of their lives at work away from their families and loved ones can actually afford to buy their own house? How many people are working their lives away just to pay their rich landlords/housing associations mortgages? In my opinion if you are dedicating half of your conscious life to work the very least you would or should expect from that is to be able to afford to buy and own your own place at the end of it. If not than what is the point in working?

I love it when people that own their nice houses demand people should get a job it really is a shame they do not put the same kind of passion and dedicate the same kind of thought process when it comes to fighting for the right of a fair wage.

Britain seems to have moved away from rewarding hard work with financial freedom and towards simply ridiculing and outcasting people that don’t work. I am not racist at all and I feel NO resentment to any foreign person that wishes to settle and work here but the huge influx of foreign workers not only lead to a drop in value of British workers but also made find building work much harder as many of the foreign workers were builders. I don’t see these foreign workers as the enemy, how can I? How can somebody that works his ass off and lives in ridiculously overcrowded accommodation barely suitable for a dog to save costs in most cases all support his family that he only sees once or twice a year be my enemy?

These foreign workers have only been allowed in to the country to benefit businesses with lower wages and less workers rights. People in the UK are so quick to blame the desperate and exploited but the desperate and exploited do not make the rules.

Work should be optional and its rewards should be the force that tempts people in to work not simply ridicule, financial hardship and blame.


I am a big fan of Steemit and I genuinely hope it becomes a big success. I have written blogs in the past pointing out possible censorship on Steemit but for now I remain open minded and hopeful of the possibility that Steemit really is a of free flowing information. I believe that Steemit brings so much potential to the future of the Internet and information if censorship is not implemented and the idea destroyed (excluding the flagging system obviously.) Steemit has helped promote my website, videos, blogs and paid me more than YouTube. Despite my 18 million YouTube views, 26620 subscribers and their corporate ads.

So I am very thankful for that.

But the best thing Steemit has done for me is pushed me on to cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. I fucking love Bitcoin and like Steemit could completely alter the Internet Bitcoin could potentially alter the whole monetary system and the world. It could take all power away from the banks and allow people to manage their own finances with being extorted from out side influences such as banks and governments.

Bitcoin could lead to poor nations and people from poverty stricken areas to sell the products that they create or mine themselves directly to the consumer cutting out the expensive corporate middle men. This could potentially led to things getting cheaper to buy and the creators of the product getting better money. The value of materials and natural products could rise in he country it is taken from and drop in the country it is supplied to making everybody a winner. If we are really lucky it could even be the beginning of the end of the corporation.  

The lists of possibilities and potential that comes with Bitcoin is in my opinion MASSIVE.     

If you are good at something and you like it do it!!!

We get a choice in life follow orders or dreams/heart and in this country (the UK) we have opportunities and freedoms that other people do not have. We tend to waste these freedoms on drugs, women, work and all kinds of bullshit that does not help us and we are free to do that, it is the easiest thing to do but like most easy options its not the right thing to do. Despite this freedom that the world has naturally given to us somehow we end up as slaves, drones, robots and empty shells, living to work instead of working to live. How does this happen? I believe it comes from a lack of imagination or even education and ideas of how to use the freedom we are presented with when we are young to ensure we do not lose it when we get older…

My advice for somebody that is young is simple if you are good at something and if you enjoy doing something do it. I wasted my youth on plastering houses for rich people to live in and corporations to make money on. And I did it because I listened to advice from people that cared for me but did not understand that by leaving school at 15 and getting straight in to a job that I was in until I reached my 30s was NOT a positive thing to do…

Yeah, I had money but I was stupid and irresponsible with it. I learned a trade and that is the ONLY benefit that I gained from it…

I believe that 16 to 25 is a vital time and will/might/usually does determined how you are going to live the rest of your life and therefore instead of rushing in to a shit full time job at Tesco or something and joining the rat race the youth of our nation should be given the opportunity to at least attempt to excel in more creative activities with freedom…

Our youth have the freedom to do this but they don’t have the knowledge to know and understand that they have that freedom…

If you are good at and enjoy art, music, singing, writing, sport whatever it is, do it when you are young and pursue it and always remember that you have NOT failed until you quit. Equally as important is if you do not like doing something don’t do it! If you hate your job quit when you are young and free and instead of chasing money chase your dreams…

Its strange because the day we stop dreaming is the day we fall asleep and turn in it just another part of the huge corporate machine that controls too many lives destinies…

“Please do not give your money to the homeless, give it us” charities ask.

“Most British beggars are not asking for money because they are homeless – they’re spending the money on heroin and crack cocaine, a charity has said. Giving money to street beggars can kill them, Thames Reach warns  – and says that around 80% of beggars on the street don’t need money for accommodation. Mike Nicholas of homelessness charity Thames Reach says: ‘We want to educate the public – the main reason people are begging on the street is heroin and crack.”

The Metro (that shit propaganda filled newspaper that nobody would ever buy so they give people that use public transport.)

In the United Kingdom homeless people have faced numerous attacks of late, spikes put in shop windows and favourite sleeping spots, police harassment, no payment of benefits because people that do not have a fixed address (or need it the most) can not claim benefits and now we are being told to ignore them! Don’t give your money to them give your money to this business and this business will invest your money in to advertisements, paying wages, office space and whats left they’ll give to the homeless! How decent of them.

They speak as if EVERY homeless person is addicted to heroin or crack, how many people are blowing their wages on alcohol and coke? But they’ve earned the right to take their drugs?

Being homeless must be a stressful situation to find yourself in so is it any wonder that homeless people turn to alcohol, heroin and crack? The media have no concept of reality. “They’re all junkies” is the complete wrong attitude to have even if some are. Criminals that are defied as criminals based purely on their drug habits is a form of discrimination, these “charities” categorizing beggars as drug addicts does not only show a true lack of understanding of the situation these people have found themselves in, it also exposes their lack of compassion.

A homeless man spending the two pound I gave him on crack is not bad as as the executive of a homeless “charity” spending it on his car and lifestyle.


What is money?

What is money? and where does money come from? the answer is amazing.. The government lend money from the banks and then pay interest on it, where do the banks get money from? They simply print it! Money allows people to pay for food and pay for their homes but it also prevents people from being able to afford to buy for food and pay for their homes. Money is responsible for the high living standards of millions of people around the world but it is also responsible for low living standards of millions of people around the world. Money is enslaves and controls us but its not even real. There is only one important difference between real money and monopoly and that difference is our belief that one is worth nothing and the other worth something!

People do not need money to live they need, food, water and shelter. Governments intentionally overcomplicate things, its what they are there to do. They are there to make us feel free and make it appear we had a voice and they are working for us but most are not. They are working for money and who controls money? The Banks!

Britain’s and the world nationals debts could be cleared instantly if the government were to nationalize the banks! In Gaddafi’s Libya banks would borrow money interest free and even hand out money so that people can buy their first home! The reason Libya could afford to do this was simple, Libya had no national debt because the banks were state owned unlike the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.

On the Bank of England’s website they explain;

Who owns the Bank of England today?

Today, we are wholly-owned by the UK government. The entire capital of the Bank, around £14.6 million, is held by the Treasury Solicitor on behalf of HM Treasury. A forthcoming guide will set out how we are funded. There are some misconceptions on the internet about the Bank of England today being owned by private families, the Royal Family or run as a private corporation. However, these stories are untrue.

Crucially, though, while we are owned by HM Treasury, we carry out our responsibilities free from day-to-day political influence. The links below and our main website explain more about how we are governed.

Yet Wikipedia tells us….

In 1977, the Bank set up a wholly owned subsidiary called Bank of England Nominees Limited, (BOEN), a private limited company, with 2 of its 100 £1 shares issued. According to its Memorandum & Articles of Association, its objectives are:- “To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them….” Bank of England Nominees Limited was granted an exemption by Edmund Dell, Secretary of State for Trade, from the disclosure requirements under Section 27(9) of the Companies Act 1976 , because, “it was considered undesirable that the disclosure requirements should apply to certain categories of shareholders.” The Bank of England is also protected by its Royal Charter status, and the Official Secrets Act.

Money is a false GOD.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Theresa May, Tony Blair, David Cameron they are all liars, they are all war mongers, they are all corrupt, they are all obedient to Israel and they are all controlled by money so why have people waited until know to protest? Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims is disgraceful they answer, really?

What about George Bush’s and Tony Blair’s oil wars in Iraq? Some reports are claiming over one million Iraqis died because of that conflict. Or David Cameron”s and Barrack Obama’s invasion of Syria and funding and founding of ISIS? If Donald Trump’s sexist comments offend you wait till you hear the rest of whats been going on!

Women that have never shown any interest in politics are suddenly deeply outraged by Donald Trump’s political beliefs and controversial comments towards women. Madonna said she had even considered blowing up the White House as she and a huge list of celebrities claim Donald Trump has no respect towards women. It might be true but women like Madonna are not the most respectable women, they have made a career from being disrespectful whores yet when they are treated with disrespect they scream sexism?

Donald Trump (who I don’t trust one bit but I don’t trust Hillary Clinton either) said “women will let you grab them by the pussy (if you are rich)” and you are outraged? I think whats sad is in our there is definitely truth to what Donald Trump said, look at what Madonna, Hollywood Stars and other Musicians do for money, look at what we all do for money, money is God and thats the problem.

I believe society degrades both genders, it puts pressure on the male to out work and earn for his family at the same time high earning skilled jobs are hard to find leaving the vast majority in dead end jobs that nobody wants earning just enough to survive and be broke at the end of every holiday.

Women have it even worse, “find a rich man with a nice house” is advice women hear too much, it literally creates a prostitute mentality.

We also suffer from a narcissistic society of people that are willingly ignorant of facts. Ignorance is a choice unfortunately it’s a choice that too many people accept. Ignorance is now the norm as is narcissism, self obsession and the love of money. Its important to remember that money is only valuable or worth anything to us because we believe it to be valuable, money is the biggest illusion in the world yet our whole world is controlled by it!



CONGRATULATIONS ON HAVING MORE MONEY THAN I HAVE……….. But do not assume that having money makes you a better parent or a better anything.

This might seem like a random thing to say so let me explain. Today I was accused of not caring or contributing anything towards my children due to my financial situation (in other words, I’M BROKE AS A JOKE.) I am on working tax credits and child tax credit but (due to Google refusing to pay me the nearly 20000 USD they owe me or even acknowledge my existence) my business which consists of me selling DVDs online, YouTube and this website is financial struggling, I get the views but not the money.

Despite Google’s unwillingness to pay me what they owe me, I refuse to give up on this shit and go back to the dead, lame paid, back breaking building trade (other than blogging it’s all I have ever done.) I know this means that I don’t have as much money as I would if I was working but I have more time! Time I can spend with my children so you carry on spending your money when I spend my time.

Another point is I was a Plasterer for 15 years, Plastering is a physically hard job that pays well and it make me strong but when I looked at older plasterers they were nearly always injured from the job. Bad backs, shoulders and arms like I said it is a physically hard job.

Looking after children is not physically hard but it is mentally exhausting, I have said it from day one parenting is much harder than any job I have ever had. I am not saying I am good at it because I wish I was better but despite the fact I am as broke as a joke I do love my kids. How many do gooders go to work just to get away from the kids or the wife? Quite a few that I have worked with. I like what I do and I know some people fail to see it but there is more to life than money so I am not rushing back to a boring plastering job until I have at least tried to build on this, you don’t like it? You don’t have to like it but don’t bring my kids in to it.



They’re all JEREMY HUNT’S they only care about Bugs Bunny! (FREE DOWNLOAD SHARE ANYWHERE)



Political video. THE TRUTH spoken in Cockney Rhyming Slang (THE TRUTH IS FUNNIER THAN FICTION.)

David Cameron and Theresa May new Prime minister are just Jeremy Hunt’s!



After nearly six years of uploading videos on to YouTube (first videos were pretty pointless) my channel has gained nearly 25000 subscribers, 17 million views and has been watch for over 70 million hours worldwide since September 2012! Does this make my YouTube channel a success? Yes, in terms of views and overall reception but financially, I have not had so much success. 197 USD YouTube reckon I have earned over the six year period, WTF is that? Google/YouTube can take their $197 and shove it up their tight, greedy, corrupt corporate asses.

Their own stats once acknowledged they owed me 13000 USD only for the $13000 to suddenly disappear. I have written letters, sent emails to every Google contact address I can find including YouTube “help” which is about as helpful as a lump on your balls! YouTube have always placed ads on my work and I know that advertising on YouTube is expensive so YouTube/Google are making a killing on my work, when I am relying on working tax credits.

I believe this exposes the greed and parasitic behavior that people have come to hate about these leeches and when I say leeches I mean corporations in general. As well as not paying me for my videos, Google have also removed videos under false claims, all of my videos removed have since been put back on to YouTube because in the vast majority of cases I have won appeals based on the grounds that the claims were false! I believe that in some cases these claims on YouTube videos are attempts of political censorship but most of the time they are just greedy businesses wanting to make money from other peoples work, these businesses usually back down if you appeal as in most cases they have no legal right to the videos they claim they own. Despite this they can still put your channel in bad standing and this can remove features from your channel.

The choice of music in my videos has cost me dearly as background music is often used by YouTube as an excuse to not pay one penny to the video-maker. But I believe what has cost me the most is the wrong videos, with the wrong messages and the greed of the parasite corporations that are sucking the internet dry.

yt-new yt-new-1


These videos and others were uploaded on to sub channels due to YouTube preventing me from uploading any material over 15 minutes on to my main channel for two years! YouTube are also refusing to pay me what they owe me for adverts placed on my videos, not counting videos properly and even removing videos based on false claims made by other corporations like BBC, News Corp, Hearst and many others.