How to spot a YouTube shill.

There are so many “truthers” and “activists” on YouTube the choice is massive. How many of these are genuine and how do we know who they are? Here are a few things to look for and ways to make sure that you are not necessarily getting the truth because who knows the truth? But at least listening to honest people that are not just puppets, shills and professional liars.


I have been on YouTube for seven years in that time my channel has risen and then been oppressed. Views removed and falling view counts has been a huge problem for me and many others. Some however have not suffered from the same attacks from YouTube, why not? Why are some people experiencing unfair censorship from even their own subscribers while others like Mark Dice, Info Wars, Russell Brand, the Next News Network not? Maybe because YouTube are alright with certain “truthers” because YouTube/Google know that certain “truthers” are actually manipulating or not mentioning very important sections of the truth. If these “truthers” are really telling the truth why are they still seeing millions of views?


YouTube/Google HATE the truth, it puts off corporate advertisers and therefore costs them money. I watch many truthers, some I watch and will not have anything else from them recommended by YouTube others are always on my first page even after watching just one video of theirs.


There is NO such thing as bad publicity so when the Mainstream media are “attacking” certain “truthers” they are indeed just helping their viewing figures. Real truthers are very unlikely to be mentioned by the mainstream media. Some of these “truthers have even appeared on the BBC, Fox News, CNN and other corporate networks for debates and discussions, the real will not be invited to such events.


They attack people and label them as stupid, this is OK and sometimes undeniable true but they do not attack or even mention the REAL establishment.


911 was the cause and the beginning of the war on terror, so why are these “truthers” now backing Donald Trump and his war on terror? Why have so many forgot or ignore the fact that 911 was not an Islamic attack on our freedom? Maybe because they know that mentioning that at this moment in time is not going to help their cause.


The Young Turks ridiculed Pizzagate, Info Wars and many others have either full dismissed it or at least dismissed very large, important parts of it? Why? How do they know and instead of being dismissive why can’t they show us proof that Pizzagate is false?  


In 2007 when YouTube was young and Charlie bit my finger was new there was a massive influx of conspiracy theory videos on YouTube, at the time much of these were based on the 911 attacks claiming an inside job and lets be honest some of the facts pointed out were interesting to say the least. America funded Al-Qaeda like they funded ISIS, we create the terrorists and then invade nations to fight them, making a good profit as we do it. As the years went by conspiracy theory videos evolved, by 201o/2011 many conspiracy videos were now focusing on the elite, hierarchies or the “Illuminati.” It was an interesting time, the “truth movement” was moving fast and the establishment were terrified. Fast Forward a few years to 2016 and the truth movement has slowed drastically in my opinion, its not that there is no information on YouTube its just that most of the information is questionable, pointless, manipulated and sometimes just blatant lies.

    What is worse is they mix the truth in with these lies and due to this the lies sound believable, I sometimes have a listen to truthers like; The Vigilant Christian, Mark Dice and Alex Jones and much of what they say is right and I agree with 100% but sometimes its what they don’t tell us that gives them away. Mark Dice for example, I liked him and watched him regularly at one time and even now he exposes some real issues and peoples stupidity and ignorance very well, but he completely fails to point out the stupidity of the corporate media. He blames the people and he is within his right to blame the people, people are stupid, ignorant and easily manipulated, but he fails to point out that they are made stupid, ignorant and manipulated by the corporate media that promotes Mark Dice.

I also liked the Vigilant Christian at one stage, I liked his respectful way of telling people his information and ideas, but the more I listen to him and learn about him the less seriously I can take him. He claims YouTube are attacking him, censoring him and all sorts yet he admits he has made good money from YouTube (I have made nothing at all from YouTube.) I am not attacking TheVigilantChristian or Mario for being a success and I am not saying that everything he says is BULLSHIT but I believe he is either a very misguided individual or a very dangerous meat puppet. For example Mario claims that the Sinners Prayer is a Satanic Deception! Obviously the prayer is not biblical and simply saying a prayer and expecting forgiveness will NOT work, but sometimes just saying the prayer is repenting if you mean it, and Jesus tells us to repent so I very much doubt it is Satanic.



Our media are constantly telling about the dangers of Islam. Islam has been connected to extremism, radicalism and terrorism by our media and most people buy it. But how dangerous is Islam? For the completely uneducated, Islam is very similar to Christianity and even Judaism! In fact many Islamic stories are almost identical to stories from the Holy Bible, even the story of Satan who is known as Iblīs is almost the same. Like Christianity and Judaism many sections of Islam are believed to be corrupted by Paganism, like the Bible, the Quran tells us their is only one God and warns against Pagan practices such as Human Sacrifice and like the Bible, the Quran tells us that Pagan Gods are false Gods.

Zionism is not as old as Christianity, Judaism or Islam, in fact Zionism is only 119 years old. Theodor Herzl is considered the founder of the Zionist movement. In his 1896 book Der Judenstaat, he envisioned the founding of a future independent Jewish state during the 20th century. Despite Zionism being so young it is actually based on ideas much older, Zionism is said to have taken a lot from old Jewish mysticism which is sometimes especially later versions of Jewish mysticism very similar to Paganism, in fact some researchers say its exactly the same, a Zionist can also be atheist because Zionism is a political movement as well as a “spiritual” one.

Theodor Herzl Born Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl May 2, 1860 Budapest, Kingdom of Hungary Died July 3, 1904 (aged 44) Edlach, Austria-Hungary

Zionism is often criticized as being a form of racism due to the Zionist nationalist like beliefs. If Zionism is not racism than the British National Party are not racist! What about the Scottish National Party? Racist? Of course they are (the Scots hate the English) but there is a difference! Scotland is governed in England (although not really anymore due to the SNP winning nearly every seat in Scotland) a nationalist party in a country that is governed like Scotland can be seen as an attempt of independence more than racist. In Israel however Palestinians are not allowed to vote, how far can nationalism go before it turns in to racism, oppression and hate?

What I find disturbing about Zionism is the power that they have, many people in Great Britain talk about the Islamization of the UK, I believe these people are reading Newspapers instead of looking at the facts. Many of the worlds corporations are owned by Jewish people, Facebook, Tesco, Walmart, Google, News Corporation and a endless list more. Obviously not all Jewish people are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jewish but many of the worlds elite are said to support the Zionist political agenda which seems to be to destroy Palestine. Many “conspiracy theorists” claim that the New World Order is a Zionist movement, though the mainstream “conspiracy theorists” usually dismiss and ignore this (I am talking about Mark Dice and Alex Jones being the shills they are.)

 Zionists or at least Zionist sympathizers are also said to own the vast majority of the mainstream media, he own the media owns the mind! Zionism and Zionists are financially more powerful than Islam and Despite only a small amount of Zionists that live in the UK many of our politicians are Zionists. Facts like these convince me that Zionism is much more dangerous than Islam.



Many celebrities and political activists call for a revolution, a complete change of politics. Russell Brand, Matt Damon, Alex Jones and many others insist that mankind needs a revolution to save ourselves and they are right, the truth is mankind do need to change. But people also have to be careful, it is alright for rich people like Alex Jones and Russell Brand to shout for change, a revolution and a new way of politics because if things go wrong they would probably be in their nice cozy mansions while the masses struggle to feed themselves. What could go wrong?

You do not have to be a history buff to know that revolutions usually bring war, poverty and chaos and in too many cases the leaders of the “revolution” are controlled by their own opposition. Before Britain starts demanding a revolution people need to begin to actually learn how politics work, people also need to learn to look beyond the propaganda or the propaganda will control the revolution.

Has capitalism really failed? In my opinion it has not! Capitalism has been exploited. Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, it does not matter which one we choose, they are all doomed to fail when the lower classes are expected to fund the system alone. In my opinion a fair version of capitalism seems to be workable. Fix up all tax loop holes that are funded by lobbying, ban lobbying, tax the rich, the corporations, the banks and make a political parties manifesto mean something by holding the government to the manifesto, make it a contract the elected government are legally obliged to follow.

I recognize the world needs to change and you can call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist if you like but I do not trust some of the “political activists and celebrities” that are calling for change, if the masses follow the wrong leader during a “revolution” we could end up with a system that makes our present system look good.

In my experience people have the ability to recognize that multinational corporations are bad and mainstream media is full of BS but people do not seem to have the ability to stop the media subliminally controlling the way they think and this is especially true when it comes to politics. Politics is almost deliberately boring, long winded, slow, dull and full of professional liars, puppets and ridiculously rich public school boys. These people do not care about the NHS because they can afford insurance and treatment, they do not care about welfare benefits because they and their children will never have to claim benefits. If people want change all they have to do is change themselves, stop buying mainstream media and spend at least some of your day looking at alternative media, stop shopping at Tesco, Amazon, Asda, M and S, Aldi, Primark, Next and all other greedy, tax evading, child labour using corporate brands. Stop paying a fortune to watch lame Walt Disney or Hollywood movies and lame TV shows. Educate your children about politics, modern day slavery, exploitation, imperialism, hierarchies and most important and what some people would find the hardest thing to do, stop allowing mainstream media to control the way that you think.

It is not that I do not want a revolution, all that I am saying is; with more regulation, higher taxation to billionaire businesses and the super rich, a complete ban on lobbying, equal air time for all political parties and corrupt politicians, greedy bankers, exploiting corporations should be treated the same way that all criminals are treated imprisoned or heavily fined. Changes like this would not only raise enough money to pay more towards the NHS and welfare, changes like this would raise more money in taxes to invest in other issues the world has at the moment and instead of corporations being a parasite like burden to mankind, corporations would be actually be helping us. I am seriously beginning to believe that the want us to riot, call for a revolution and accept their solution as the revolution.




Who will save mankind?


With so much corruption and greed in the world who will mankind turn to? Russell Brand? Telling us he hates materialism while broadcasting from his mansion in the mega materialistic Hollywood. Alex Jones? Ranting away like a possessed nutter. Mark Dice? A man that claims to hate pop music and the pop culture yet he never stops talking about pop musicians and pop culture, a man that ridicules anyone that does not believe the exact same thing as himself. UKIP and Nigel Farage? As Tory than Margret Thatcher, as racist as the BNP and as corrupt as the rest of them.

Many people put their faith in to these people and that is up to them, I do not put faith in to anyone of them, who said, everybody has their price and the more honest the man the higher the price? If that is not already a famous quote I am claiming it! The only man/person/thing that I put any faith in to is Jesus Christ, some people like to ridicule people believing or putting faith in to Jesus, to them people I say this; If you think Nigel Farage, Russell Brand, Alex Jones, Mark Dice have any answers or are even honest and straight enough to trust then lets be honest you might as well believe in Santa. If you believe that David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg or Nigel Farage care one bit about you, you might as well believe in the Easter Bunny.

My point is, if you believe that you are to intelligent to believe in Jesus Christ but you believe that Russell Brand, Alex Jones and others are fighting for you and your rights then please do not ridicule anybody else’s beliefs, because to me your beliefs are as silly as anyone’s beliefs.

The belief in Jesus Christ and/or God is not scientifically plausible believers in science point out, true to what our limited understanding in science seems to show but how scientifically plausible is it to believe in science when the science is so primitive? Believing in science is good, the trouble is we have quite a limited understanding on science and in science one small bit of information can completely change everything. Also science is now talking of String theory and M theory and these theories if true make some pretty crazy thing plausible.

Trust in God or trust no one at all.


I used to be an atheist, I went to a Catholic school and was bought up with “Christian beliefs” and therefore as a child I believed in God and although I knew very little of him I also believed in Jesus Christ, I also believed in the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas. As the years go by we grow up, we find out Santa and almost everything we once believed is a lie, it seems only natural that God, Jesus, the devil is also a lie, they are illogical and if they are illogical they must be false.

As a young man I did not believe in silly stories like the stories told in the bible, to me religion was boarder lining insanity and Christians were strict, obsessed, misguided idiots, the same way as T.V portrays them to be. To me the belief in Heaven and God were desperate attempts for people to make themselves feel better. I believed that religion was a tool used purely to control people, if God is real why does he allow such cruelty and suffering? Why not intervene, help people or give us a sign, I believe in science, life and the news, religion is total nonsense and I believed this for many years.

Then I got the internet! As a child I was honestly not interested in learning at all, computer games and playing football were way more interesting than school, school bored the shit out of me, I found it tedious and repetitive, I did not care for learning until I left school, having left school I became interested in politics, the news, political satire, science and I began to love to learn, either watching documentaries researching material for making videos or reading. As all young people do, I assumed I knew the world, it taken me a while to learn and except that I knew nothing, the internet opened me up to brand new information, information that I first believed was ridiculous, paranoid and funny. However the more I read the more convinced I was that there was actually more truth on the internet written by so called “conspiracy theorists” then all the mainstream media combined times one billion.

When we look at the state of the planet, people living in poverty and pain, it is hard to believe in God, but looking at the state of the planet and recognizing some of the evil that takes place on this planet made me consider the possibility of “the devil” and if the devil is real God is real.

When we look at this planet and see the poverty, pain and suffering and say “this proves that God is not real” maybe it doesn’t, maybe it proves that the devil is real! “Why would God allow this suffering” atheists scream, but God does not allow this suffering people do. There is more than enough of everything including food to go around, greed, waste and a lack of interest bought on by lack of financial potential in supplying the world with food causes poverty and poverty causes disease. As the great Tony Benn once said “if we have the money to kill people, we have the money to help people” or something like that. As I got older I began to understand that I don’t know anything, this planet has existed for over 5 billion years I have been on it for 34 years, for me to assume “I know God is not real or Jesus is not savoir” based on what I am told would be stupid and the more I look at society the more convinced I am that we need saving and we need forgiveness. We had better hope and prey that Jesus stays true to his word and we are saved because if not, then what? Who will save us? Russell Brand? Mark Dice? Alex Jones?  Hahahahaha, you might as well wait for Batman.