Britain’s Pizzagate? Part One.

What the newspapers fail to point out about Jimmy Savile, the British government and the Monarchs.

Everybody that studies politics or watches or read the news will know that paedophilia and the UK government have always at least rumored to be connected. The first time I ever remember hear anybody mention this connection to me was when I was about ten years old (about 1990/1991!) I was at my friends house, his dad was watching the news or clips from a House of Commons debate, he was moaning at the television, he then said “you’re just a bunch of fucking paedo’s” I didn’t really think much of it at the time but the memory has always stayed with me.

Not long after that I was told that David Icke was insane or having a nervous breakdown or something so years later when I was listening to David Icke talk of such things I did not take much notice.

Since than the Internet has made a lot of information available that was not available in the past and their seems to be an undeniable link between paedophilia sometimes even Satanic Ritual and our government.

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile was blantant and police, politicians, media (all media not just the BBC) and victims knew exactly what he was doing, so why did they not report him or arrest him? I have looked in to this for years and the reason is obvious when it comes to the victims, fear. But what about the police? At least one policeman did want to arrest Jimmy Savile but was told to “stay away” by senior figures in the police force, when he asked why he was told “Jimmy Savile as friends in high places.”

Who are these friends in high places obviously protecting Jimmy Savile? Well lets look who could be Jimmy Savile’s highest placed friend?

Cardinal Keith O’Brien? Not even close!
Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher?
Former Prime Minister and rumored to be heavily involved himself Edward Heath? Or maybe Prince Charles? He has also been photographed with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and many others. 

Or maybe Prince Charles?

Jimmy Savile very generously began an appeal that generously donated millions to this hospital in Stoke, unfortunately not all charitable donations are as they seem as Jimmy Savile was allowed full access to this hospital and other intuitions.

The reason that Jimmy Savile was not arrested is according to some researchers simple, he was a collector of children for establishment figures. People like Leon Brittan, Sir Cyril Smith and many other senior politicians, lords, monarchs and members of the aristocracy? Sounds unbelievable? Does it sound as unbelievable as the fact he was allowed to act this way for at least four decades without being exposed or arrested? As well as children and disabled people Jimmy Savile also is known to have committed Necrophilia. He was obviously a very disturbed individual and Bill Oddie tells us “everybody knew about Jimmy Savile at the BBC” which could be true because he was banned from Children in Need and nearly exposed by John Lydon of the Sex Pistols in the 80s, who claims he was ordered to shut up and exposed at by the funny as fuck Chris Morris in the 90s as well as David Icke. Louis Theroux asked in a documentary made in 2000 about the rumours which Jimmy Savile denied at the time.

Jimmy Savile dressed in ritualistic robes.

The media seem to be presenting the information as if Jimmy Savile was working alone but the fact is if he were working alone he would have been caught and prosecuted much earlier a cover up of this scale would have involved thousands of people in media, hospitals, police and even government.

To be Continued……..


Last month I claimed that the general election is boring and meaningless, I believe now the politicians I have STFU and its the peoples turn to talk it may get interesting. Pro Conservative newspapers are throwing last ditch and desperate propaganda at us, they believe we are stupid enough to swallow their shit and some of us are, but what this election has blatantly shown is people are desperate for real change. The rise of UKIP and the Scottish National Party are signs that a growing amount of people in Britain feel let down by previous governments, there is a genuine huge lack of trust in politics and politicians. This lack of trust is a problem bought on by the politicians actions, the MPs expenses scandal exposed, the greed and the high life many of our MPs live and they live it on taxpayers money but they still have the nerve to point fingers at “benefit scroungers and broken Britain”. The cash for access scandal and the Leveson inquiry exposed embarrassing information including a pact between News Corporation (owners of BSKYB, The Sun, The Times, Fox and way too many more media outlets.) The Leveson inquiry may have exposed secret deals between the media and the government but this election has clearly shown the Leveson inquiry has not prevented it from happening again because guess what? Its happening again!

The propaganda being used is low and sometimes petty, it is also desperate, the Conservatives look worried and even shocked by what is happening and they are desperately resorting to the media to help them out. Ed Miliband was attacked by a lot of media for talking to Russell Brand on his YouTube channel, David Cameron called Russell Brand “comic with a beard who thinks terrorism is funny” well if Russell Brand “thinks terrorism is funny” he must think David Cameron is hilarious!

David Cameron is not so quick to mention is hero and political mother Margaret Thatcher associated with Jimmy Savile, how would David Cameron describe him? “comic with gold chains and friends in high places that fucks corpses?”

I believe the Green Party are the only party real alternative but anything that wipes that smug smile of David Cameron smug face would be great. Also there were lots of rumours of vote rigging in the Scottish Independence vote, key constituencies should be monitored closely, I would not put anything past these lot.

David Cameron is to busy hanging out with One Direction to hang out with Russell Brand!

Cameron and One Direction for Comic Relief


Not all celebrity deaths emotionally touch people no matter how hard the media try.
Not all celebrity deaths emotionally touch people no matter how hard the media try, as these unsold copies of the Daily Mail shows.

Celebrity lives is big news but celebrity death is even bigger news, that’s why when certain A list celebrities die the media will run stories around the death for months and months following, the media show us pictures of emotional families that most the time probably want to be left alone, they present the death of some celebrities as sad emotional stories and for the friends and families of these people it no doubt is, I understand their grief and I sympathize with these people, I even understand the grief of the reader as reading about people that have families getting killed and leaving a gap is always sad. The media however is  most of the time just after a story to shift a few copies and take a bit of space!

Our media should spend less time reporting celebrity deaths and less time showing us the grieving families and focus their attention on the premature deaths of African children, our mainstream media seem keen to avoid this subject, they obviously believe that the deaths of millionaire celebrities is much more tragic and upsetting than the deaths of African people.

The worst thing is people in Britain seem to fall for it, to the average Brit the death of a millionaire celebrity is much more of a tragedy than the death of a million African people.

24 page tribute! The owner of the Ritz is Devastated!  



Some 805 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth.

The vast majority of the world’s hungry people live in developing countries, where 13.5 percent of the population is undernourished.

Asia is the continent with the most hungry people – two thirds of the total. The percentage in southern Asia has fallen in recent years but in western Asia it has increased slightly.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest prevalence (percentage of population) of hunger. One person in four there is undernourished.

Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five – 3.1 million children each year.

One out of six children — roughly 100 million — in developing countries is underweight.

One in four of the world’s children are stunted. In developing countries the proportion can rise to one in three.

If women farmers had the same access to resources as men, the number of hungry in the world could be reduced by up to 150 million.

66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone.

WFP calculates that US$3.2 billion is needed per year to reach all 66 million hungry school-age children.


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