WARNING Bitcoin gambling is too much fun.

In my youth I was a gambler. Casinos, betting offices, machines, football, boxing and all sorts. I always considered myself to be lucky with gambling and I enjoyed the buzz you get from gambling. The thing is about gambling is when you are winning you seem to keep winning and that can make it feel like easy money and not even real. You don’t respect the money that you win from gambling as much as you respect the money when you have worked all week for it. So after a few bad experiences I decided gambling (as fun as it is) is not for me. I hate losing even more than I love winning I suppose.

Recently however while I was looking for ways to make money online I came across a gambling site (gambling is not a good way to make a living even if it is fun.) I played a free game and won! I was rewarded a small amount of Satoshis it was not really worth claiming so I began to play.

To my absolute amazement, I was doing pretty well and found myself with about twenty USD worth of Bitcoin. I could have drawn it out but 20 USD was not good enough, greed got the best of me and I ended up losing it. As if that was not stupid enough I than decided to invest twenty USD of my own Bitcoin in to it and lost that as well. Lucky enough for me I am to tight too carry on losing money at that rate so I stopped playing. I found it dangerously fun and addictive until I lost.

I was going to share the link with you because they actually pay for referrals but I don’t want to encourage you to gamble, its a mugs game (until you win.)