Jeremy Corbyn is a Communist spy with IRA connections that wants an asteroid to wipe out humanity.

The mainstream media is nothing but a celebrity gossip and hype machine. They spend most of their time printing either fake news or non-news. Sometimes however hidden among all the celebrity gossip and bullshit they do report politics. Unfortunately their methods of reporting politics is to defend the Conservative government and attack all opposition to the Conservative government (the vast majority of the people.)

Jeremy Corbyn is opposition and unlike Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn at least appears to be genuine opposition as opposed to being the same thing re-branded as Tony Blair was.  The list of accusations made against Jeremy Corbyn is beginning to get ridiculous and look very silly. He has been accused of antisemitism, aiding terrorists, spying for Communists and even crushing a rabbit with a pogo stick.

Its pathetic, politically motivated attacks and lies from the pro internet censorship mainstream media. They’re silencing conservative opposition on social media and spreading this kind of bullshit at the same time. They’re calling social media users extremists and racists when they are a Party of extremists, racist peadophiles.

Why don’t they dig dirt on Theresa May? Because Theresa is a puppet. Just imagine what they media would find on Theresa May if they were to bother looking for something on her.

Losing police files, aiding in the cover up of the MPs peadophile scandal, war mongering, murder, extortion, benefit sanction deaths are to name but a few.

This is not journalism its politically and financially motivated propaganda and lies mixed with hate racism and extremism. Its designed break up people that all essentially want the same thing. Better living standards, education, peace and freedom.

The corporate media are not interested in such things instead they are promote wars, bank bailouts and austerity. The misguided, stupid, uneducated and fast asleep still believe this kind of bullshit, its a bit disturbing really.

BREAKING NEWS Kim Kardisian post selfie on Instagram fully clothed!

Why are the media so quick to tell us when Kim Kardisian poses naked for Instagram? Realistically (apart from the people that are pathetic enough to be following her on Instagram in the first place) who gives a fuck?

Its not even like its a rare occurrence (even if it was it is still not news worthy) in fact Kim Kardisian poses naked ALL THE TIME. Its getting old, its getting boring and it is all she has got. She really is a one trick pony. This girl must have a very low opinion of herself because I have never seen a person crave attention so much. Its not even like she needs to do this, she is loaded, one of the highest paid whores in the whole world.

It must be a pain in the ass to possess an ass of that size and shape I should imagine. I often wonder and ask myself if Kayne West has ever woke up to the distance voice of Kim Kardisian shouting “Kayneeee, I’m fucking stuck on the toilet again, help.” Poor Kayne has to rush in and attempt to pull this freak of the toilet as the suction works against him.  Not a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

That would be not be news but it would be interesting and amusing to see that story reported in the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror or the Sun with a picture of Kayne West covered in the shit of Kim Kardisian and requesting a divorce.

The point I am trying to make (gone of topic a bit) is Kim Kardisian posing naked is NOT news so don’t put it in newspapers. The corporate media must be desperate to fill their pages with anything but news to scope this low.

The real news is: The government are extorting you, fighting wars, murdering people and ruining lives on a mass scale to fund the already obscenely rich and greedy. Kim Kardisian is a distraction, if this attention whore is your role model you are in trouble.

This is not real news and its not fake news its corporate news for the idiotic population.

Britain’s Pizzagate? Part Twelve.

Like Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith was perceived as a hero by the British public and this is again due to the fact that the mainstream media at the time presented him as a hero.

BBC reported his funeral

‘Wonderful man’

His friend Lord Alton said he received a letter from Sir Cyril after his death telling him he must read the poem Death Is Nothing At All.

“He was a brilliant political organiser,” he told the congregation, after reading the Canon Henry Scott Holland poem.

“He was a remarkable man, a wonderful man, a great friend and we shall all miss him greatly.”

Sir Cyril was famously outspoken and could be disdainful of Westminster, once branding Parliament as “the longest-running farce in the West End”.

According to Simon Hughes, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, the politician commanded huge affection within the party.

Speaking after the service, he said: “When I got elected as the youngest Liberal MP, he became an uncle figure offering advice, being there to say ‘that’s good lad’ or telling me off and putting me on the right lines.

“He was somebody who gave people tough love, he knew that sometimes if you were to benefit he had to give you a talking to, but he had really clear, high standards and principles.

“But above all he remembered he came from Rochdale and was in politics to help people from the bottom up, to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor and help make Britain a fairer place.”

Sir Cyril was knighted in 1988 and was awarded the MBE in 1966, when he also served as mayor of Rochdale.

He retired from Westminster in 1992.

Below is a report on his 80th birthday bash in which Nick Clegg “passes his best wishes” to the well known paedophile at the time.

He said: “You were a beacon for our party in the 70s and 80s and continue to be an inspiration for the people of Rochdale and many others.”

Local party officials have also set up a birthday tribute page on the social networking website, Facebook, for people to leave their best wishes the BBC also reported.

The Daily Mirror do mention the allegations in this article but I notice the article was updated in September 2012, I would not be surprised if the original article had no reference to the sexual abuse allegations.

The man who brought a wider dimension to the role of celebrity MP was being remembered as a rare political character last night.

Sir Cyril Smith, who died yesterday aged 82, was a larger-than-life figure often billed as the biggest thing to come out of Rochdale since Gracie Fields.

Born in the Lancashire town in 1928, he was its Liberal MP from 1972 until his retirement 20 years later.

He became one of the best known MPs as much for his huge 25 stone girth as his flamboyant personality – once describing Parliament as “the longestrunning farce in the West End”.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg paid a warm tribute last night but some will also recall Sir Cyril had a darker side.

He had faced calls to be stripped of his knighthood over his dealings with asbestos producer Turner & Newall.

The Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, who broke the story, said: “I’ll shed no crocodile tears. Cyril Smith was in the pocket of the asbestos industry.

“The fatal fibres were killing his constituents, the local Turner & Newall factory a death machine.

“Instead of standing up for them the Liberal MP asked the bosses to write his speeches in the House of Commons.

“Smith wasn’t just unrepentant when I confronted him with the evidence a couple of years ago. He was brazen.

“No wonder a dozen MPs later demanded he lose his knighthood.

“Then there are the sexual abuse allegations which swirled around Smith. I don’t know the truth and hesitate to repeat them when he’s just died.

“But I note Smith didn’t sue when they surfaced in print 31 years ago.

“Nice one, Cyril? No.”

Lib Dem leader Mr Clegg said: “Cyril Smith was one of the most recognisable and likeable politicians of his day.

“I am deeply saddened to hear the news of his death and offer my sincere condolences to his family and friends. Go to Daily Mirror to read more.

Apparently the Sun did not report the story or have removed it as their report on his funeral cannot be found.

Britain’s Pizzagate? Part Eleven.

Glorifying child rapists and murderers

It is quite obvious that there is a huge cover up going on involving the British media, government and police. I have tried to back everything up with mainstream media but the rumours online are disturbing and many of the old rumours online turned out to be true and are now confirmed as online bloggers and YouTubers were reporting people like Jimmy Savile and Leon Brittan years before mainstream media were. It appears that the mainstream media are pushing for the truth as they have reported many stories but judging by the online rumours that are circulating it appears they are potentially still covering up this scandal to this day. I’m not going to share these rumours because I cannot prove and don’t know how accurate they are.

What is provable is the fact that the mainstream media have glorified these people presented them as legends despite their crimes. Below is Jimmy Savile’s funeral, thousands of people celebrated the life of a man that destroyed lives.

The Daily Mail reports Jimmy Savile’s funeral.

  • In the homily it was said Sir Jimmy can face eternal life with confidence
  • Thousands of mourners line the streets as 700 people pack the cathedral
  • Broadcasting icon will be buried in the North Yorkshire seaside resort of Scarborough today
  • Porters at Leeds Royal Infirmary where Sir Jimmy worked as a volunteer show their respects on funeral procession

He had planned every detail of his funeral, made sure family and friends were all there and  left precise instructions for his extraordinary send-off.

So there was only one question that needed to be asked yesterday when they said farewell to Sir Jimmy Savile: ‘How’s about that then?’ (Jimmy Savile’s catchphrase.)

It didn’t really need a response.

So many people turned out to line the streets and celebrate his life, it quickly became obvious what the answer was.

With cheers and applause, the veteran DJ and ceaseless charity fundraiser was seen off the premises, as he once phrased it, with a remarkable show of affection.

Part of the city centre in his beloved Leeds was brought to a standstill as he did a final lap of his past – the modest house where he grew up, his mother’s home, and hospitals where countless ordinary folk benefited from his various good deeds.

Then the hearse that took him on the extended farewell tour brought him under police escort to St Anne’s cathedral for solemn prayers, fond memories and laughter.

The Daily Mail and the rest mainstream media presented Jimmy Savile’s funeral as if he was a national treasure and they would claim that this was a mistake that was made due to them not knowing what Jimmy Savile was doing, but can that be true? Of course they knew or at least heard the rumours they’re journalists FFS and they still decided to glorify him and the event, it was probably the final insult for many of his victims.

Apparently the Sun were ready to expose Jimmy Savile before he died so it is undeniable that certain people at the Sun knew.

The Sun have also removed this article about his funeral from their website!

How the media are presenting Pizzagate.

The Independent ask’s what is Pizzagate?

What is Pizzagate? The Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory that led to a man opening fire in a restaurant.

Its a “conspiracy theory that led to a man opening fire in a restaurant? Really?

It goes on

 The man claimed that he was going to ‘self-investigate’ the reports, police said. But those reports had already been proven to be entirely baseless and conjured up on the internet

Who proved that? Show us the proof because I can’t find it online.

It carries on.

 A Washington pizzeria is the home of a child sex abuse ring that includes people including Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief John Podesta, reports claim. Those reports are entirely baseless and there is no actual evidence that the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant is anything but a popular pizza place, but that doesn’t matter.

At least the fact that it is entirely untrue doesn’t matter to the thousands of online conspiracy theorists and trolls who have promoted the false rumour. And nor did it matter to the man who walked into the restaurant late at night reportedly brandishing a firearm, hoping to “self-investigate” the reports.

Edgar Maddison Welch, 28 of Salisbury, North Carolina, walked into the front door of Comet Ping Pong and pointed a firearm in the direction of a restaurant employee, T​he Washington Post reported.

The BBC (the ones that employed and protected Jimmy Savile) tell us

The saga of ‘Pizzagate’: The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread

No victim has come forward. There’s no investigation. And physical evidence? That doesn’t exist either.

But thousands of people are convinced that a paedophilia ring involving people at the highest levels of the Democratic Party is operating out of a Washington pizza restaurant.

The story riveted fringes of Twitter – nearly a million messages were sent last month using the term “pizzagate”.

One man even travelled hundreds of miles to the restaurant with a gun and opened fire, claiming he was there to “self investigate” the claims.

There is at least one witness and that is Cathy O’Brien she was claiming she was a victim of Hilary Clinton in the 1990s!

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is shockingly biased, people should grow the fuck up according to Stephen Colbert!

The media keep telling us its a lie and fake news but not really offering real evidence to why they believe that is the case. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert claims that Comet pizza does not even have a cellar (I don’t know if thats true) but that does not explain the strange shit this people share on social media, it does not explain all these strange references to pizza and hot dogs and shit and it does not explain why these kind of rumours keep popping up.

You should research the facts yourself and the government should be forced to fully and openly investigate these claims, banning all alternative media from social media will just expose themselves even more as will the kind of biased dismissive method they have of reporting this story…

It’s a class thing!

I have spoke to many people in many walks of life about politics, I end up arguing everywhere I go and some people are offended by my views, but not all! What I find really interesting is the type of people that get offended the most are the middle classes or sometimes even working classes. They get defensive and sometimes they even take my opinions as a personal attack on them! Why? I believe they know whats happening and they subliminally choose willing ignorance mainly due to the fact the system feeds, it makes them fat and greedy, it turns them in to ignorant pigs.

They side with the oppressors because they believe the oppressors are stronger, which they are financially they own everything! But people power beats money and the poor outnumber the rich massively if the poor choose to play up the rich would soon realize that their money means nothing. The poor have to recognize who the real enemy is; it is not Islam, communism or even extremism it’s the establishment.

The establishment and their puppets in the media and government are the real terrorists, extremists and lunatics.


I have also spoke about politics to many poor people, real people, people that don’t have shit. These people recognize the real political problems that Britain faces. Why is that? Obviously it’s because these people have nothing and the corruption and unfairness of the system has an impact on their lives, in my experience homeless people are actually more politically knowledgeable than the middle classes in most cases!

The establishment and the poorer classes should consider this fact, a war that kills the establishment is actually more profitable and cheaper than any war we could fight in the middle east or anywhere else! We could take their mansions, estates and open them as huge homeless shelters and take there money are redistribute among the poor we would all be rich! The number of people that would have to be murdered is tiny compared to our governments plan of acting like puppets to these people and fighting wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and where ever else they decide.

She may be a higher class than most but fucking hell she is ugly, inside and outside.




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The Truth is Funnier than Fiction. FUNNY SHIT BY WOLVOMAN80

Wolvoman80 on David Cameron, Theresa May, Tablets, Smartphones, Positive thinkers, positive thinking, Stupidity, Mainstream media, Kim Kardashian, Facebook, Google, Social Media, Football, Schools, the News, Opening Kinder Eggs, Following Orders, Sheep, Prank, Idiot Planet, Brits, Donald Trump, Women, Cannabis laws, Police state, Britain, America, Stupidity, Politics, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Global Elite, ILLUMINATI.



The Truth is funnier than fiction. Firing David Cameron, Smartphones and Tablets

The Truth is Funnier than Fiction. Firing David Cameron, Smartphones and Tablets.

Wolvoman80 on David Cameron, Theresa May, Tablets, Smartphones, Positive thinkers, positive thinking, Stupidity, Mainstream media, Kim Kardashian and more, funny, piss take.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH The Truth is Funnier than Fiction. Idiot Planet and the News.



Jeremy Corbyn is a man that is attacked regularly by the corporate owned media mainstream media and the Conservative government, they claim his anti war, anti oppression, pro human rights views are a danger to the security of Britain. Jeremy Corbyn is a man with strong and controversial (to some people) beliefs, he stands against the super rich monarchies, the corporate takeover of Britain, banker greed and the old fashioned, warmongering British mentality. What I have noticed about some of the reporting on Jeremy Corbyn is; as always the mainstream media are very predictable they present Jeremy Corbyn as unpatriotic for daring to have an opinion, instead of them asking questions like; Is Jeremy Corbyn right about the monarchy? Is it dated, old fashioned, silly and oppressive? Does it discourage equity and breed greed? The mainstream media are asking; Should he kneel before the queen? Should he sing the National anthem more passionately?


For me so far Jeremy Corbyn is a legend! He might not win an election but he will offer a real alternative, the mainstream media use of propaganda will go down to the lowest depths to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from getting in! He fights oppression, greed, aristocracy and unjust wars at the same time he is battling against an extremely biased and political motivated corporate owned media and fake Labour Blairites and Brownites that are Conservative minded, sometimes refereed to as blue Labour. He fights the police state, the corrupt system and the most powerful enemy of all Great British ignorance. The corporate media ignore much of what he does instead of reporting his policies and ideas they keep moaning and complaining about silly things like his potential refusal to bow down to a tradition he does not believe in. I believe a real leader must be strong and not a puppet, pissing off a few billionaire hierarchies is a much better investment in our governments time than fighting wars in the Middle East that kill innocent people. They claim he is a ridiculous leftie that hates Britain and they base much of this claim on the fact he has personal beliefs that are not the same as what we are programmed to believe.

Jeremy Corbyn does not appear to be a liar unlike Obama, he does not appear to be a purely financially motivated, elitist puppet unlike David Cameron, he appears to offer Great Britain a real alternative and choice unlike Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. He does not appear to be a likable but an incompetent buffoon unlike George Bush and Boris Johnson and surely that is a good thing. As much as I love watching world leaders make complete laughing stocks of themselves I think I would rather watch world leaders fight against injustice, oppression and war.

Labour in meltdown or media in panic mode?