Look at this for censorship, manipulation and oppression by YouTube.

Somehow my new video has more likes on Steemit than views on YouTube! Again.

Comments waiting for approval but YouTube will not allow me to approve them!

Google are not offended by corporate animal cruelty but they are offended by people exposing corporate animal cruelty!

Too much swearing to be advertiser friendly!

None of these videos are suitable for monetization, no reason given. Only one of these videos contained copy-written material.

The image below shows search referrals and that Google seem to be bringing perverts and weirdos to my website.

YouTube remove subscribers every time I upload something new.

YouTube are not the only video streaming service that hate the truth. LiveLeak allow sick, violent videos but not the truth.

If you are having problems reading the text just right click and open image in new tab.

LIVELEAK a website that shows much graphic, horrific and sick material removes my videos!!


Liveleak reject yet another WOLVOMAN80 video this time claiming/assuming I do not own the copyright to the video. They sent me this message.

From: System
Nov-29-2016 09:37:37
Item ‘HATER – WOLVOMAN80’ deleted!
One of our moderators has deleted item: HATER – WOLVOMAN80
Make sure to only upload files that you have rights to or received permission for. If content is not yours make sure to receive permission from the source prior to uploading. Alternatively you may EMBED directly from the source. If you wish to appeal this copyright infringement, use the contact link at the bottom of the page

Please review our Terms & Conditions for more information on why your item might have been deleted

It seems to me that Liveleak allow sick disgusting videos of horrific injuries and sometimes even death but censor political video and music. The Internet and Internet freedom is being destroyed in order to protect the establishment. Fuck the establishment save freedom and the people.
Video removed

Below is a list of other WOLVOMAN80 videos that LiveLeak have rejected. A couple of these were for legitimate reasons (I put a link to my site in description not allowed on liveleak) but most are either completely unexplained or false copyright claims.



I have only been on Steemit for about a week so this is a very quick first impression review. When I first signed up to Steemit after hearing positive and hopeful reviews online, I have to say I was a bit confused of what all the hype was about.

I posted a few blogs that I copy and pasted from my website, I thought for the very least it will open my website up to a new audience. I have signed up to many websites that claim to be anti censorship or have promised to make people rich.

Trutube, LiveLeak, Sellfy, Blip TV, Adsense, Blogger, Create Space and many others have sounded full of potential but ALL of them have been huge disappointments, in fact HUGE FUCKING RIP OFFS is a more accurate description.

My first impression of Steemit was not brilliant, but upon reading how it works it sounds pretty exciting. I am not saying that Steemit is going to make bloggers rich instantly or ever but some bloggers are happy just to be heard freely and fairly without censorship anytime we say anything slightly controversial, if we make money surely thats a bonus.

I hope Steemit stays true and censorship free if it does that I would love to see it destroy these corporate giants that have controlled, manipulated and extorted from our Internet for too long already.



Liveleak (a website that freely distributes horrific accidents, injuries and violence) has rejected my latest video, no explanation given however the terms and conditions “might” tell me why the video is rejected. The video is on YouTube but since uploading the video my view count has plummeted as it does EVERY time I upload a video.


WOLVOMAN80 on racism, racist media, Illuminati sacrifice, the Vigilant Christian, Prince, Robin Williams, Paul Walker, celebrity deaths, school, indoctrination, brainwashing, brainwashed masses and more.