CANNABIS REVIEW; LSD also known as Lemon Sour Diesel

Sometimes simply called Lemon diesel. When i received this I did not except much as its THC was only about 14% and CBD of 0.23%. This weed taught me something that I was not aware of and that is THC is not everything because despite its low THC (low compared to some that I have tried recently) LSD is not weak. It smells strong and tastes strong, its earthy and obviously lemony in taste and the smoke is thick and a little harsh but a nice taste nevertheless.

The effects include relaxation, happiness, hunger and tiredness. I like this strain and would definitely buy it again as it can be picked up cheaper than other strains. It seems to effect the body as well as the mind and literally caused a tingly effect in my legs and arms. My guess is this would be a good pain killer and help people that struggle to sleep or eat.

Lemon Sour Diesel Scores 8.2


G13 HAZE 9.4

Super Silver Haze 9.1


Lemon Sour Diesel 8.2

The Ultimate 8.2

Moroccan Pollen Hash 8.1

Amnesia Haze 7.9

White Widow 7.7

Jack Herer  7.5

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