Stop calling them lefties.

When I watch the news especially the alternative media I can not help but notice the constant use of the word lefties or leftists when describing the Trump protesters or even certain sections of the mainstream media. The usage of this word bothers me some people are even describing Hillary […]

Who should we blame for the way the world is?

Left wingers blame right wingers, socialists blame capitalists, communists blame fascists and conservatives blame liberals. Catholics blame Muslims, Muslims blame Jews, Jews blame anti-Semites. America Blame China, black people blame white people, white people blame brown people in other words we all blame each other! I blame the establishment! The bankers, the […]


  Muslim vote could decide 25% of seats: Victory in a quarter of British constituencies will be decided by Islamic voters In 159 seats, the number of Muslims is greater than 2010 margin of victory  Henry Jackson Society said this applies to nearly half the 193 marginals There are also […]