Why do governments hate Cannabis?

It’s 2017 and prisons in Britain still contain weed smokers, drug addicts and sellers of usually natural substances that have been deemed unhealthy and dangerous by our government. What I want to know is who are these substances unhealthy and dangerous to? The consumer? Or the government and multi national pharmaceutical corporations?

The government and mainstream media seem so desperate to rid the world of any drug that is not made by a pharmaceutical corporation. Our “free” nation has decided that you are not free to take anything that does not come with a corporate middleman and if you do you will be punished accordingly/harshly.

We as a people keep waiting for the government to adjust the law to remove victimization and make sure that only people that have done something that merits prison end up in prison. We are still waiting and we will be waiting until the sea dries up if our government have anything to do with the matter. Surely it is time for people to wake up and fight one day it could be your child being locked up for such minor offenses.

I was reading Boris Johnson’s thoughts on Cannabis and he said “it is much stronger now than what it was in the sixties!” BULLSHIT JUSTIFICATION from a man that hates freedom and wears his ignorance like a designer garment. From a man that once admitted taking Cocaine before quickly changing his mind and claiming it might have been flour. Cannabis has existed for probably millions of years and if the right strain is grown in the right conditions than it will be as good as anything we have today.

I don’t believe the British government will ever legalize or even decriminalize Cannabis. Why? Because they hate the way it makes people think.

Have you ever worked your testicles off all day and then got back home and smoked a joint? I have many times. What happens is you begin to look at yourself and ask questions like; What the fuck was all that about? Why the fuck do I do this shit? A thirst for money becomes a thirst for knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.

People (as a group) seem strange, lost and desperate when I am stoned and society and the system is just weird and unnecessary. You think a little deeper and you self reflect in way that is not even possible without Cannabis.

And thats why they hate weed, the government are probably still having nightmares about the sixties they don’t want them days to come back. Students protesting on a huge scale recognizing the importance of peace and freedom instead of the importance of themselves and money.


I love weed! It’s my favourite “drug” in the world, I don’t even see it as a drug and I believe it has health benefits. Cannabis is a hangover free miracle drug as for as I am concerned but despite cannabis being loved and used daily by many people it is also hated and viewed as dangerous by many others. Many people have a strange perceptive of Cannabis but where does this perception come from? I believe cannabis could be too good for its own good better and safer than anything a pharmaceutical business can conjure up so they fear the competition it brings. A pharmaceutical corporation is still a corporation their primary goal is to make money by creating profitable products if a corporation does want to oppress certain drugs that could be threat to their profit lobbying gives them a chance of doing it.

I am quite surprised Britain has not legalized cannabis yet because the potential for them to tax it and make huge amounts of money from it is undoubtedly there. You could argue that everybody would simply grow but growing takes huge amounts of time and effort plus a large electric bill so their will always be a good demand for Cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.

There has been calls for the legalisation of the cultivation, sale and use of cannabis in recent years but the government have ignored demands and smokers, growers, buyers and sellers are still victimized by the police and face unfair treatment as well as a potential prison sentence.

In 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy backed by Richard Branson and Judi Dench called for a review. The Home Office response on behalf of the Prime Minister was: “We have no intention of liberalising our drugs laws. Drugs (sic) are illegal because they are harmful — they destroy lives and cause untold misery to families and communities.”

In 2012, a panel of MPs, as well as deputy prime-minister Nick Clegg, recommended that drug policy be reformed, as the current policy does not adequately deal with the problem. David Cameron rejected the idea, conflicting with comments he made in 2005 while competing for Conservative Party Leadership.

In 2015, James Richard Owen, an economics student at Aberystwyth University, started a petition on the UK Government’s official petitions website calling for the legalisation of the cultivation, sale and use of cannabis; As of 28 September 2015 it had gathered 218,995 signatures, far in excess of the 100,000 needed for it to be considered for debate in Parliament. Parliament debated this petition on the 12th October 2015.

In March 2016, the Liberal Democrats became the first major political party in the UK to support the legalisation of cannabis.

This is about freedom of choice in my opinion a government should have no right in being involved in such trivia bullshit and people should definitely not be in prison for ANY offense that involves Cannabis or any other drug unless people are forcing the drugs on to other people or selling to kids.

When the government say “they (drugs) destroy lives and cause untold misery to families and communities” they are right but in most cases the government make it that way. How fathers have ended up in prison over a petty drug crime? Drug addicts should be helped not punished if punishing people that take drugs “to protect people from drugs” worked there would be no drug addicts.

By punishing drug users and therefore addicts the government are not only not helping people that need help but they are attacking people that in some cases need help.

But as usual instead of solving the problem or working around it (because not all drug use is a problem) the government decide to create a larger problem and the media create misconceptions and too many people fall for the false information they tell us. These people than somehow in their mind justify imposing their will on to everybody with a “my addiction is better than your addiction”mentality