Kanye West tells the truth!!

He’s not mad he’s right! I didn’t think I would ever say this but respect to Kayne West… SAINT PABLO TOUR GOLDEN 1 CENTER, SACRAMENTO – 11/19/16 KANYE GOES ON A SHOW ENDING RANT / STARTS @1:02 [FULL] SUBTITLES AVAILABLE THANKS TO USER RYAN WALDE – TOLD ANDROID USERS THEY […]

Kim Kardashian ‘likes’ friend’s Instagram post about being ‘alive for a reason’ and ‘not giving up’ WTF DAILY MAIL, PATHETIC.

This is news according to the Daily Mail! Who buys this shit? Who reads it? Me actually! But from an observational perspective, I read it thinking what the fuck is this bullshit! Are they seriously that desperate to waste space and create ad filled Internet pages that this some how […]