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Looking at Strange stories of Royal Family Cannibalism, inbreeding, Demonic possession, Devil Worship, Fred and Rose West, Satanism, UFO, Mantis alien, Reptilians, Vampires, UFOs, the Occult and more…

YouTube SHUTTING MY CHANNEL DOWN to protect you from this lunacy go watch James Corden instead.

Strange stories of Satanism, Reptilians, Demonic possession and the Occult (PART 1) – WOLVOMAN80

Strange stories of Satanism, Reptilians, Demonic possession and the Occult (PART 1) – WOLVOMAN80

Looking at reality, Paganism, Reptilians, Demonic possession, Occultism, Human Sacrifice and Stories of Prince William and Justin Bieber Shape shifters.

YouTube stats and views counts are blatant lies!

Has anybody else noticed that YouTube do not count views properly? They under count views on videos that they do not wish you to watch. Google are completely untrustworthy and the Internet is desperate for a decent alternative to YouTube. I know this is true because I regularly share my videos using services like Mailchimp and Facebook’s buy and sell pages, Facebook also blatantly hide posts they do not agree with or do not like as well as close accounts for no apparent reason.

If I share my site using Mailchimp it will bring literally hundreds of people to my site yet if I share YouTube videos using Mailchimp the view count on YouTube stays still literally no views counted despite Mailchimps stats showing hundreds of clicks. Google and Facebook do seem to have a vendetta against the truth, they hate it. To be honest if I was Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin or Larry Page I would probably hate the truth as well because the truth is Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt are disgusting, inbreed prostitutes! They are whores to the establishment, CIA, FBI, MI5 and their corporate partners of course and they look as disgusting as they act.

Google do not completely delete these views of course because if they were to do that they would lose advertising revenue, they simply pass the video views to their corporate partners. How else do you think talentless shit puppets like Justin Bieber, Adele and that ginger freak Ed Sheeran and many other get billions of views? Fake view counts of course.

They take views from real people and pass them to their parasitic corporate partners like Vevo.



I was watching Adele pick up her Grammy award yesterday I don’t usually watch that sort of shit but it was reported by the “real news” as if its real news, as I sat there listening to her acceptance speech I could not help but think to myself how fake is Adele? Is it just me or does anybody else get seriously pissed off every time she opens her fat whiny fucking mouth? Also did you see the competition for album of the year? What a load of horrible commercialized shit, Drake, Bieber or Beyonce? Surely there is something better than these over paid meat puppets by now. And who the fuck is Sturgill Simpson? What the fuck was he doing there or who’s dick did he suck to get there? Man I got more YouTube subscribers than him (its true), not for long I bet. I thought its only fair that I listen to him before I judge him and after listening to a few tunes he clearly should have won.

How the fuck does James Corden end up presenting it? Another overweight Brit Americans seem to love, James Corden is not funny and never has been funny. The best thing he has ever done is probably the Gruffalo and the only time I could see myself laughing at him is if he were to crash that fucking car and smash is fat, talentless face against the still filming camera, no offense! I believe James Corden exposes how stupid people really are, what I used to love about YouTube was getting away from dumb mainstream TV, the last few years YouTube has become more corporate and I notice James Corden is one of the more successful corporate dumbed down YouTube channels, he has nearly 10 million subscribers FFS! When I seen how popular he had become I had to watch a couple of his videos, most of them he is literally just sitting in a car singing with other mainstream corporate puppets and people watch the shit, lots of people apparently. But who gives a fuck about the Grammy’s anyway?

When I watch these celebrities crying and getting so emotional about their awards I cannot help but think get over yourself. These celebrities seem to think they are so important and what they do is important but they’re not, they’re just over paid meat puppets.


Millions of girls all over the country love Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and what ever the fuck the other three are called, more commonly known as One Direction. Zayn Malik has had a very successful first year as a solo artist as I am sure Harry Styles soon will, not because Harry Styles is talented because he the talent of a real life, mindless meat puppet but because of clever very marketing and very stupid people! One Direction have become a giant cash cow and the fact that most of the internet acknowledges that One Direction are shit and their fans are easily manipulated, mentally enslaved, zombies some people still actually like them!

These people are of course usually teenage girls or sometimes even younger, One Direction have over 20 million YouTube Subscribers and billions of views as well as huge record sales and sell out tours and concerts, how? Let’s be honest anybody that knows anything about music or loves real music knows that they are shit, this type of boy band have been round for a long time now. Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Monkees were the beginning  over the years the music has got worse but the marketing has improved nowadays we are left with shit like One direction, Justin Bieber and the whole load of other pop shit that fills the modern day charts. Alternative music and real music struggles to even enter the top 40, music is so blatantly controlled, censored and dumbed down. Who is controlling the music industry?


The same people that control everything of course; multinational corporations that do not really care for music at all. But they do care for the money and they can make a lot of money from music. Sony owns over 80 record labels alone it’s another huge farce and as usual with corporate influence, it leads to poor quality products and an illusion of choice. One Direction fans need to understand people do not hate One Direction because they are jealous, haters or trolls. People do not even hate them due to the fact their music is corny, fake and lame! Not even because they are a bunch of fake corny, fake and lame pretty boys but because they are meat puppets!

They just do what they are told! Stand here, say this, sing this, promote that, smile. They sell and promote sex to children as well as a negative attitude towards relationships. There music is dumb, unimaginative and mind numbing shit. Corny love song after corny love song yet the only thing these people seem to truly love is themselves and money.


One Direction happily promoted David Cameron to there young easily influenced fan bases, there music like all modern pop music has no political relevance whatsoever its just cheap, fake, nasty, dumb shit. And you are what you like.

My advice is keep your kids away from this shit as much as you can but beware to not like this kind of shit can isolate children, its the “popular” thing to follow and most children (like adults) will follow the crowd happily and without question. Even if the crowd are following talent-less, corny little meat puppets like One Direction and Justin Bieber.













What am I doing right now?

The answer is listening to Adele!

Why would I be listening to Adele?

I am trying to understand what this huge obsession is that so many people seem to have about Adele, “Hello” has recently hit half a billion hits on YouTube. I know modern day music is shit and Adele is undoubtedly less shit than most but I don’t think she is anything special! In fact I think she is overrated and her being so overrated is mainly due to the poor quality of corporate music, after listening to shit like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj anything that is not corporate pop shit, sounds amazing even if it is just corporate middle of the road shit.

I have never rated Adele, I’m not saying she is shit I’m just saying she ain’t as good as everyone seems to think she is. I find her music boring, soft, whiny, depressing and full of self pity, I much prefer to listen to something a little more motivational. I admit she is better than the bad bunch we have at the moment but she ain’t brilliant. All I see is a miserable fat girl singing average, middle of the road songs about being a miserable fat girl!

Call me old fashioned if like but give me Guns n Roses, Johnny Cash, Rage against the machine or the Prodigy any day and turn this self pitying shit off.




Recently David Cameron was exposed and shown up for Photoshopping a poppy on to a picture that was used for David Cameron’s Facebook profile picture.


He later made up for it by buying every poppy in London!


Unfortunately we now live in a fake world, with a fake government, fake democracy, fake money, fake food, fake education and fake celebrities. It is disgraceful and lazy that David Cameron cannot even be bothered to show proper respect for the millions that lost died in World War 1 but it is pretty typical of David Cameron, I mean this is nothing when we think back to the Lord Ashcroft book of a few weeks ago, it is also typical of the modern world!

 The Pictures below show that David Cameron is not the only one using Photoshop in fact manipulating images to improve the appearance of models and celebrities is ridiculously common in the entertainment industry. These pictures usually end up in magazines aimed at young women, these images usually show  incredible young looking 40, 50, 60 or even 70 year old’s or perfect looking models with perfect legs, perfect skin and perfect hair. This is often criticized for causing low self esteem among women old and young but how accurate are these images?

poppy-6Why not just use a skinny model in the first place?

poppy4Madonna before and after airbrushing. 


poppy5Despite his young fan base Calvin Klein advertisers still feel they should add a little to Justin Bieber’s bulge!


Kate Moss and Fergie are made to look 20 years younger!poppy-8

These images must destroy not only the self esteem of the young readers that do not see themselves as “perfect” but also the models and celebrities involved,  they are being told that they are so ugly that to show their real faces with their real not perfect skin and even waistline is not acceptable for public consumption. This must cause a huge complex with the celebrities involved.


How bad is new music? Is it because I am getting old or is new music horrible? I love all music from every era but now! I like Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Robert Johnson, Dean Martin, Johnny Cash (all time fave), Pink Floyd, the Beatles, the Eagles, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley,  the Prodigy, Nirvana, Guns N Roses (all time fave), Michael Jackson, Green Day, Iron Maiden, Eminem (all time fave), Immortal Technique, Tupac and loads more, but modern day POP music is honestly lame. It is not because I am getting old, is it?

Nicki Minaj? Justin Bieber? Beyonce? Jesse J? Katy Perry? One Direction? Olly Murs? I know lame music has always existed but surely this mainstream shit is the worst music that has been in the recorded history of music. I also know that somewhere among all the mass produced mainstream, corporate shit, like a diamond in the sewage, there must be something good, until I find it I will have to carry on listening to music from better times.

If the music industry is going to destroy your soul, corrupt your child and make a fortune from us all at the same time they should at least use talented people and good music to do so,  instead of this bunch of soulless, talent-less shit we have all over the charts, radio and YouTube today.

Who is watching and buying this shit? Have seen the view counts on YouTube? Gangnam Style has over two billion views, how the fuck and why have over two billion people watched that shit? No disrespect to the writers but Gangnam style is horrible, irritating and shit but also genius. I must be making the wrong kind of videos, why make political and mythological documentaries when I can just talk shit over a repetitive beat and have a load of pretty fake looking girls dancing around me? I do not blame PSY for making Gangnam style and I bet PSY are as stunned as anyone of the success and riches that Gangnam style has bought.

Gangnam style is just another example of the masses following ridiculous trends, I wish I thought of it.




Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are NOT ILLUMINATI.

Jay Z, Lady Gaga, Drake, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber are NOT ILLUMINATI! And Jay Z, Drake, 50 cent and nearly all other mainstream rappers do not represent black people, in fact they represent the elite to their young fan bases, black, white or brown. They teach them how to act, they pass political and social opinions to their young fan bases through their music. Nothing wrong with that at all, if the political and social opinions are their own, the problem is they are not. The messages in their music are messages they are ordered to pass on to their young fan bases by huge multi national corporations like Sony.

These musicians are merely puppets of the elite, even worse is the fact Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Drake are role models and hero’s for millions of young black people around the world, they claim to represent black people, but they do not represent black people! In fact Jay Z, Drake, Lil Wayne suck rich white mans dicks, metaphorically speaking and literally (probably). They oppress and corrupt their young fans, instead of being positive role models with positive messages they promote gang violence and drugs, whats the reason for this? Because gang violence and drugs oppresses, it keeps the next generation shooting at each other in BULLSHIT so called gang wars instead of having a successful, prosperous life or having the sense to spot the real enemy. The real enemy is the establishment, its bad governing of the country that creates ghettos.

Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Drake are not gangsters, they are puppets, they do not “keep it real” they keep it full of BULLSHIT, if Jay Z were to “keep it real” he would be rapping about living a huge mansion paid for by acting like a pussy puppet and being a sex slave to his mannish looking dog of a wife, no offence meant to the so called O.G Jay Z, well maybe a bit.

Flattering these pricks by saying they are Illuminati is silly, it makes these self obsessed greedy people feel important and they are not, there are millions more from where they come from. They are puppets of the Illuminati that is very different to “being Illuminati.” Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, 50 cent, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Drake are bitches for the elite, they are the Illuminati’s whores, Jay Z is big whoring and earning Gs not big pimping.

Surely its time to get rid of this mass produced mainstream shit that has saturated the music industry for a long time now, stop buying this shit, stop listening to it and stop making these sell out whores believe that they are something special when they are not.