First YouTube employ censorship and remove many of my videos and mute others, they even remove views FFS. Than Facebook stop allowing me to post to their buy and sell websites to help sell my DVDs. Than YouTube decide that many of my videos are not “advertiser friendly and remove ads, even videos that are monetized are not showing ads therefore leading to no payment leaving me with no money. Now HMRC (Her Majesties Revenue and Customs) have been refusing to pay me working Tax Credit for months, leaving me with no money for even food and heating (I borrowed some from family members and spent all the money my website and YouTube channel has made this year and I have literally not enough money to eat!)

To me this feels personal but after reading loads of complaints online about the DWP I am beginning to think this is simply how they operate. Our MPs have been known and exposed of claiming £80 for a breakfasts, thousands for a Duck house and gardeners as well as second homes, traveling and even chartable donations and events!

But what happens when we attempt to make a claim for Job Seekers Allowance, Housing benefits, Working Tax Credit and Child Tax credit? We are presented with hoards of mind numbing paper work (45 page document just for housing benefits!,) we are subjected to attending their meetings and obeying their demands. They make the procedure time consuming, awkward (they don’t even allow emails for documents,) irritating and degrading.

People give advice the advice I hate the most is “go to the Citizens Advice Bureau” in my experience of the Citizens Advice Bureau, they’re useless. They will help fill in forms for people that struggle to read and write and that is about it. When I had a bank charging me £300 per week in Bank Charges a few years ago the advised me to be more careful with my money!! Thanks for the advice but its hard to “be more careful with my money when my just bank is costing me £300 per week.”

The truth is when they are messing about with peoples money like this they are in some cases ruining lives. They hide behind smiles, jokes, insults and propaganda but our government are fascists! They are war mongering, thieving, exploitative terrorists.

I have a plan on how to deal with them! I believe my blogs and then featured blog looking into Britain’s paedophile MPs has started this attack on me (as well as my blogs on the HMRC) blogs can be read @CLICK HERE TO READ  maybe I can use my blogs to make them repay me…

I am now going to continue my research and blogs on Britain’s paedophile elite!! I stopped it and had no intention of going back to it until I seen how much they hate it. I am going to aim to get a new blog out every other day going deeper and deeper in to it until I receive a payment and a back dated payment from the HMRC! If I run out of information (probably could do another 20 short blogs on it) I will make a documentary about it for my YouTube channel. Starting tomorrow. I would also like to thank all my donaters (all one them) and ask for you to consider a donation to help fund future blogs and videos..



Looking at the polls to the general election amazes and shocks me, despite the Conservatives doing such of a terrible job on “governing the country” over the last five years there is still a chance they could win the election! In the last five years Britain has seen rioting, the rise of food bank, zero hour contracts, a war in Libya that led to Libya migrants being washed up at coastlines in Italy and Libya, internet censorship and MPs claiming £40 pound for breakfast and then telling us they could live on £53 per week (the amount of money a single person gets on Job Seekers Allowance.) Deals between media and the government that served the interest of both but not the people and unregulated bailed out banks continuing to pay huge bonuses. The Conservatives have lowered expectations of politicians and politics, there greed is shocking and disgusting and it matches their hypocrisy, double standards and ignorance almost perfectly. The newspapers claim they are speaking for “the people” but like the government the newspapers are biased, they like their tax breaks, they don’t want to lose them to some “left wing” government, when they say “Save Britain” they mean “Save us, from paying tax again.”

As pointed out by a member of the audience on the TV debate David Cameron tried so hard to avoid, the only thing the Conservative government seem to care about is “money, economic growth, profit” they have no humanity whatsoever, they care very little for the poor and weak and people that can not help but claim benefits are made feel like scroungers and lowlifes whereas well paid politicians live in obscene luxury pointing their fingers.

I am not saying “vote Labour” or “the Red Tories” as the Scottish correctly call them, I am just saying; How do a political party that represent 1% of the nation end up with over 30% of the vote? Propaganda as usual, the mainstream media is the voice of the corporations, the elite and the government.

But so far considering that cutting Britain’s deficit was the “main priority” of the Conservative party and fixing the economy was so essential it involved our government having to make “hard decisions” like cutting disability allowance, benefits and public services yet the economy is still far from fixed despite these drastic actions. Not every decision was a “hard decision” like the decision to cut the top rate of tax, the decision not to regulate banks and of course the easy decisions to not condemn Israel and to allow corporations to contribute almost no tax.