John Cleese on Brexit, newspapers and why he’s leaving the UK – BBC Newsnight

Watch the full interview between John Cleese and Emily Maitlis where the Monty Python star explains why newspapers have driven him to the Caribbean. Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.  

The Conservatives acknowledge there is a problem and they are looking into it!

I was watching Theresa May being interviewed by Andrew Marr yesterday on BBC’s YouTube channel. Andrew Marr (in my opinion) is not a great interviewer I would rather let Jeremy Paxman (when on form) have a go at her myself. I think Andrew Marr and anybody that works for the […]

DENNIS SKINNER IS A LEGEND.. Its not often that Dennis gets to be on the BBC……. I do not own the content of this video, it is uploaded for educational Purposes, reference and for those of us who Love Denn. Come join us on facebook for regular Dennis updates.… found this footage […]


Alien Interview | Secrets of Universe Revealed | Project Blue Book Extraordinary Project Blue Book file film of Alien interviewed in 1964. Subject was named ‘EBE-3’ and was held captive for 5 days. Subject disappeared from Government records on date of this event. Alien Interview – Leaked Tape? Full Documentary […]


I love talking to these people, NOT but I do however love pissing them off. WOLVOMAN80 talking to Church Stretton school concerning invasion of privacy Mortgages plc Glasgow = Thieves By WOLVOMAN80. Interview with the JOBCENTRE. BY WOLVOMAN80 Wolvoman80 talking to Department for Work and Pensions

David Icke interviews Credo Mutwa

The Reptilian Agenda Fascinating interview.   Amazing confirmation that a reptilian extraterrestrial race has controlled the world for thousands of years. David Icke talks with the Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa. In this fantastic interview, Credo Mutwa reveals the story of the reptilian takeover of Planet Earth and how a shape-shifting […]