Why I respond to insults and aggression with insults and aggression.

When you do what I do and say some of the stuff I say there will always be people that do not appreciate it. Some will turn off my video and walk away never to come back, some will take the time to press the dislike button, others will leave insults in the comments section or even personal emails. I have received death threats and all sorts from some very angry people. I do not ignore these messages and these messages do NOT scare at all, I simply respond to the messages in the same tone and with the same level of respect in which I was spoken to.

The reason I respond is because I believe that many people perceive me (and people like me) as some kind of stoned, weakling, hippy smoking weed, claiming benefits and talking shit. They think their aggression worries me, I like to show them it does not.

They type as if they are this;

When they are actually this.



Below is a list of derogatory insults and ideas promoted and implanted in our minds by the media and the education system, these insults are designed to keep us in line and quite.

If you do not believe what the “education” system tells you to believe you’re wrong and will probably fail.

If you do not believe the media are not telling us the truth you’re paranoid.

If you believe in peace you’re a terrorist sympathizer.

If you claim benefits you’re a scrounger.

If you’re poor or council housed you’re a chav (Council housed and violent.)

If you stand against the monarchy you’re unpatriotic.

If you protest you’re a criminal.

If you do not trust the government you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.

If you feel racially discriminated against you’re playing the race card.

If you criticize the hierarchy, aristocracy and the business elite you’re jealous of their wealth.

If you do not dress like everyone else you’re unfashionable and therefore unpopular.

If you’re ill, you’re a strain on the NHS.

If you criticize or stand against the exploitation of the third world you’re a hypocrite, after all we all contribute towards the exploitation of the third world, in Britain it is almost impossible not to fund it in some shape or form. Chocolate, Clothes, Tobacco, Tesco, Walmart, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Sony are just a few ways that come to mind.