Sexism is a weird thing some people argue sexism is just as bad as racism and maybe they are right but like racism sexism is everywhere in the modern world. Women often believe that they are the worse victims of sexism (typical women always got it worse than everybody else) and in some cases they are right. Women get paid less for doing the same job, sport exposes sexism why can’t women play in a national team? Is it because women are not good enough to play against men? Is what I just said sexist? If a female footballer was good enough to play for say the England football team (women probably wouldn’t do much worse) would she be allowed in the team? If not that is surely that is terribly sexist.

Sporting events that do involve women (though not usually against men) show that men are usually stronger and faster than their women counterparts. Are men better entertainers? Or better musicians? There are thousands of women in the music industry but how many of them can even play an instrument? In the modern day music industry women have been reduced to selling sex. Is this because their product wouldn’t sell without adding raunchy videos that are not really suitable for its young and impressionable audience that are in many cases young women. I am not arguing that women are less musically talented then men but if they are equally as talented or even more potentially talented then men are then the music industry does not allow them to show it most cases.

So there is a point women are victims of sexism and a sexist society but not everything works against women!

Wars obviously have usually been fought by men and not always willing men but sometimes men that terrified men that really didn’t want to fight. And women tend to get automatic rights when it comes to custody of children which is a unfair. The benefits system also exposes a lot of sexism according to claims “more than 65% percent of male claims get referred compared to less than 50% of women. In the end around 33% of all male claims get sanctioned compared to a little over 20% of female claims. More simply put by the Tussell Trust 71% of sanctions are aimed squarely at men.”

The prison system also exposes massive sexism in our societies. People can argue that men are much more likely to commit a crime but is that true? I see as many women drunk than as I do men, I see as many women doing drugs as men. According to the Office for National Statistics men are twice as likely to die from a drug other dose (including legal and illegal drugs) yet they seem to much more likely to be punished for possession of drugs with a prison sentence (I don’t believe anybody should be punished with a prison sentence for possession of drugs unless that person was attempting to force drugs on somebody.)

When women or men are moaning about sexism and the negative impact it can have on their lives maybe they should consider this; Sexism does not just impact one gender it impacts both in a very negative way but it will always exist. If women want real equality and men want to stop being treated as slaves to their jobs and money instead of their family than both women and men should recognize that sexism works both ways.

Is it OK to criticize the British Farming industry despite the fact I eat meat???

I have a soft spot for animals, I love animals I always have but I also love meat! Like most people in this country I was eating meat before I understood what it was or where it comes from. We have meat pushed on us by our parents who probably had it pushed on to them by their parents.

A few months ago (after watching a video exposing cruelty in a British Pig farm) I decided I was going to be a vegetarian, after six weeks of not eating meat I lost a stone (I have never been overweight losing a stone made me look very thin,) felt weak and tired and even angry and short tempered! It literally got to the stage where all I could think about was eating meat. Eventually I gave up and got myself a kebab, the feeling when I was eating meat was probably how an alcoholic feels after going months without drink only to fall of the wagon. It was a feeling of guilt but the craving for the meat was overruling my conscience and I eat it and decided that living where I live (the only shop close to me is the famously overpriced Co op) I could not carry on without eating meat occasionally. If I still lived at Wolverhampton I genuinely believe I could do it due to the large amount of vegetarian shops and options that Wolves offers. Wolves have a huge diversity of ethnic cultures Indians are one of these cultures and many Indians were brought up to be vegetarian so their are Indian vegetarian shops everywhere and I love Indian food, Co op sells disgusting Linda McCartney products made of disgusting Quorn and sell them for the same price of meat.

So I eat meat and their is no humane way of killing animals, there is however lots of cruel ways of killing and keeping animals and British farms and abattoirs use many of them! Growth hormones so that that animal grows abnormally fast to allow the farmer minimum effort and work being one them, poor living conditions is obviously another. Cruel people are also much more likely to manage to handle some bigger farm animals I mean what would you do if you wanted a Cow to move but the Cow refuses? Some people would feel no way in kicking the shit out of it until it decides it has to move.

Another thing is why are animals so frequently vaccinated? How do we even know that these vaccines do not cause illness in either the animal or in the consumers of the animal? In the case of the animal most would usually be killed before the negative side effect begin in the case of people we are the guinea pigs.

So is it OK to criticize the British Farming industry despite the fact I eat meat??? Of course it is in fact saying it is not is just another way of attempting to make people shut up and if we shut up the farming industry will just get more and more cruel, just because I eat meat does not mean that such animal cruelty is justifiable. We may want to eat meat but how many of us want to eat a cruelly treated, growth hormone and chemically filled, low quality excuse for meat?

I will attempt to cut out meat again and next time I will be better prepared and hopefully manage to cut it out for good.


Illuminati in The Music Industry EXPOSED by FARHAN KAHN. (Full length) [720p HD]


EXPOSING Eminem, Rihanna, Jay Z and more.  This video has not breached any copyright laws as it follows chapter 32 of the “Copyright, Designs and Patent Act of 1988” here is a link to the chapter 32 of this act:…

The music industry is a dark, dark place.

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The price of fur – the reality of Polish fur industry (GOOGLE THREATEN TO STOP ADSENSE PAYMENTS FOR SHARING THIS.

Support Open Cages:…

The first investigation on Polish fur farms (2011-2012)

Olivia Munn Exposes Never-Before-Seen Footage on Chinese Fur Farms

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Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages. Fur farmers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gassing, and poisoning. Join Olivia Munn in boycotting fur and fur trim.

The Truth Behind Angora Fur

A PETA Asia undercover investigation reveals the cruelty behind the angora rabbit fur industry:

Urge the Chinese government to ban the cruel live plucking of rabbits for angora fur:


Spanish version:
Chinese version:
German version:

The website the meat industry doesn’t want you to see:

How to go vegan:…

PETA Saves:





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