I have noticed many times in recent years that certain individuals seem to get offended with what I say or think. Even close friends, family and people I love and loved for many years have expressed huge disapproval of my opinions and beliefs. I have been told I talk paranoid bullshit and advised to shut my mouth more than once in fact numerous people have reacted in a similar fashion. This used to annoy and offend me I used to find people offensive for finding me offensive and this would usually lead to me arguing with stupid people, ignorant people and the trouble with arguing with stupid people is they bring you down to their level.

Recently I was accused of lunacy for quoting what I thought was a Martin Luther quote “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict” turns out it could have actually been a Dante Alighieri quote but that is irrelevant! Does believing that we have a moral responsibility to stand up for the oppressed and poor make me a lunatic? Or is it the fact that I believe in Heaven, Hell, Jesus and God that makes me mad? Ask yourself what YOU believe.

You believe we should just look the other way and ignore terrorism until it happens in France than you “stand united against terrorism” what’s wrong? Is it because its a bit to close to home or because it’s middle class white people that upsets you? Because lets be honest terrorism and war crimes committed by our elected government paid for by your taxes has caused more terror around the world than any Islamic state and most people do not batter an eye lid at that.

You believe in working your hands to the bone but you still own the same as most own (including me) NOTHING. You believe in the education system yet you are uneducated and unknowledgeable because of the education system combined with social programming through the entertainment industry. You would willingly work your whole life for a lame wage for a business that makes billions, exploits people all other the world and pays no tax but you cannot acknowledge or even look at the affect that we and our lifestyles have on the rest of the world. To me that is lunacy! I believe that if people take more notice of what is really happening look past the propaganda of the mainstream media just look at the clear FACTS, not the “reasons” for the mass murders and war crimes our government have committed or the “excuses” just the facts you will see the truth.

So will I apologize to those my beliefs have offended? WILL I FUCK! Will I shut up? Yes I will, when I am dead, until than I would advise you not to read my blogs, watch my videos, talk to me or message me with threats because it will probably end up with you feeling even more offended than you already are!





Many in Great Britain claim to stand against the oppressive actions of our government and their corporate masters, we claim to care about children, we claim and ignorantly, genuinely believe that we as a people have moved on from the days of racism, oppression and slavery, unfortunately we have not moved on from any of those things we have just simply stopped noticing due to the fact the oppression and slavery is no longer on our doorsteps, the tunnel vision of the average British person leads failure to notice anything that the mainstream media does not point out to them.

There is much ignorance but also I’m alright Jack seems to be the attitude of the average Brit, the average, ignorant Brit assumes that because they do not witness poverty in their middle class rural neighbourhoods Britain does not have a poverty problem. I have a idea for people that think like this, try actually stepping foot out of your posh Tory constituencies and in to the cities and the outskirts of the cities. Homelessness, depression and desperation is what you would witness, and yet the poorest families and people in Britain are being hit with benefit cuts, even low earning families are now facing the prospect of losing benefits at a time that Facebook have been exposed to have paid less than £5000 tax in the UK!

How does this happen? The average British male is more interested in football, fashion and television than politics and current affairs, they moan about immigration yet they spend their money on watching football teams with English names that are full of over paid foreigner players and are owned by rich foreign business men! They are programmed by the media to be intolerant, subliminally racist and violent as the weak performing education system ensures that we are ignorant, misguided and sometimes plain fucking stupid.

A huge number of British women are just as insane and pathetic! Most are obsessed with the fashion industry, shit boy bands, pop music and of coarse themselves. They would also do anything to stay thin and sexy, they take dangerous or untested drugs and supplements, they will try no carb diets and anything instead of stop scoffing there fat fuckin faces! They are programmed to be vein, ignorant, self obsessed, shallow and dumb and that is what most are. “No we are not” they insist as their phone is full of selfies and their Facebook pages full of self absorbed posts and shit boy bands and pop acts.

Most people in Britain seem to hate to think and therefore they just think whatever they are told to think. When I look around all I see is zombies walking around aimlessly and in a trance, consuming everything insight and destroying everything they touch. Meanwhile the rest of the world pays the high price for us to live our lifestyles. Approximately 27000 Children are said to die of malnutrition related illnesses everyday as we in Great Britain obsess with celebrity gossip, fashion and sport. Israel commit war crimes but we do not notice because X-factor is on the tele, our corporations exploit some of the poorest children in the world but at least we get cheap shoes and tracksuits!

The Great British ignorance combined with the inability to critically question authority is a weapon of mass destruction, in fact combined with the same problem in many powerful nations the ignorance of the masses is probably among the most destructive, cruelest and deadliest weapons in the history of mankind.

The people that claim the system works fine are usually the people that can run back to mummy and daddy with their hands out waiting for them to be filled or the people that and for them people the system does work fine in fact it is brilliant for them, unfortunately for the rest of us the system is just one giant, expensive, parasitic, confusing load of bullshit.


Conservatives seem to think that love for Britain is love for the hierarchy, the monarchy and our silly dated traditions. Conservatives seem to think that not loving these things makes you unpatriotic, an extremist and sometimes even a potential terrorist! If that is true I am an unpatriotic extremist! I believe in equality and I believe that traditions like aristocracy, hierarchy, monarchy and bullshit the class systems that we British value so highly, work against equality. The average simple minded Brit seems to think that love for our German Royal family somehow makes you patriotic, how does that work? What makes me feel patriotic is not our monarchy, our stupid dated traditions or the greedy hierarchy. It is not even watching the over-paid, under-performing football team in fact lately I support who ever they are against! What makes me proud to be British is the beautiful countryside and wildlife. I also love our history it is full of insane rulers, greed and corruption. Although our lame education system seems to forget to mention it to our youth Britain has fascinating mythology full of stories of Goblins, Fairies, man eating Giants and many more strange creatures and interesting stories. I love the choice of food that immigration has bought with it. Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Turkish, Jamaican and Mexican foods are all huge favorites of mine and all these foods can be bought from most cities in Britain. I even love the English weather especially the rain.

Hierarchies, aristocracies, monarchies and the greed, social conditioning and snobbishness that comes with them is not something that British people  should be proud of! In fact Britain and the British people should be ashamed. I believe in people, freedom and equality if that makes me an extremist or a hater of Britain than I guess that is what I am.

I do not believe in over privileged, rich boy, conservative snobs that look down on anyone that has less than them or anyone that is different to them, they are so arrogant they have the nerve to point fingers and call people extremists, radicals and terrorists just for having opinions that are not the same as their opinions (even though most politicians opinions and policies are actually decided by money, lobbyist decide what a politician stands for and believes in.)  I do not believe in narrow minded, hypocritical, right winged, non thinking racists that use the mainstream media that they own to stir up race hate and attack people that claim benefits.

Not believing in these things is considered extreme and radical by many conservative minded people, the strange thing is their own beliefs and traditions are the strangest, most racist, ignorant, extreme and most dangerous set of beliefs I have been had to listened to, they believe in oppression.