#FREETOMMYROBINSON but fuck these ignorant fools.

Aamir Akmel Munir is a Muslim on Facebook that has been critical of Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson for the record I believe should be freed but I do not believe that the government are attempting to protect exclusively Muslims paedophile rapists. Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Leon Brittan, Enoch Powell, Lord Mountbatten along with tons of over lords and high ranking members of the aristocracy and the Monarchy and Church  have been accused and protected. This is not about religion, they protect paedophile rapists of all religions. It likes their alright with that but you fail to pay your council tax and prison for you. The system does not protect you it was not built to protect victims its built to protect elitist psychopaths.

As long as we are all fighting each other and accusing each other of being the problem, the problem (which is the government and system for allowing these people to go unpunished) is safe.

These people are shameful. I believe in freedom of speech and I am very anti censorship (thats why I hate Facebook, Reddit and Google) I have always believed the best thing to do with stupidity is amplify it. Show people how stupid people can be.

Too all of these idiots I say this. The problem is not Muslim people most of whom live in the shit parts of the UK BTW, the problem is your government. And the reason your government is such of a problem is your ignorance.

So still #FREETOMMYROBINSON but fuck these ignorant fools. I’m ashamed to be English ATM. Lets just hope Tunisia beat them in the World Cup that would upset the fuck out of these small minded fools.

For the record and in response to the comment at the top of the page, you need to learn your history or stop talking. The British have been exploiting and thieving from the middle east and the rest of the world for hundreds of years.

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On the 8th June 2017 the British people will have a chance to express themselves, we will have a chance to rid our nation of the Conservative parasites that have bought us austerity, poverty and oppression. The problem is many so called political experts are predicting a Conservative landslide victory! Why and how? There is only one reason ignorance. So the real question should be why is our nation so ignorant that they would willingly vote for a political party that not only does not represent the interests of the British people but in fact works against and even attacks British people with spending cuts and tax rises? A political party that are slowly privatizing and selling off the NHS, a political party that overwhelmingly voted in favour of silencing whistle blowers and victims of a suspected paedophile ring?

I would like to blame the British media, it is undeniable that the British media are merely arms of the British government while online bloggers are censored, financially starved and effectively silenced. But to pass all the blame to the media is too easy, the real blame and responsibility has to be passed to the British people! When the NHS has gone and your child needs an operation that you can not afford don’t blame the government, when you or a family member lose your job and are forced to rely on the benefits system that hands you about sixty pound per week to feed yourself and pay your bills and still keeps you waiting for months for a payment meanwhile your debt is growing don’t blame the media, blame the people! After all this is what they vote for.

There seems to be a dangerous and ignorant mentality in Great Britain many people that are fortunate enough to be financially comfortable believe that they deserve or have earned the right to be financially comfortable, in most cases they do not and have not. I am not denying that they may have worked hard but hard work gets you nowhere without a bit of luck. Being born in the right area to the right parents in the right part of the right country is a massive advantage. Some of the hardest working people I know have nothing or very little especially when we look at it on a world wide scale, people in China, India and even USA and the UK are subjected to long hours and very small rates of pay when in those same nations others are being paid a fortune for hardly anything.

“My daddy worked hard for this” does not justify taking from somebody else that is working equally as hard for a lot less money. Britain has a choice to make in June and that choice is attempt to change what is happening or to just allow this corrupt, money driven government to carry on extorting the vast majority of our nations population in order to fund corporate tax evasion, nuclear weapon programs, more war (when these wars are fought they will look to the poor to fight for them and “our freedom”) and financial fascism.

In my opinion; if the so called experts are right and the Conservatives do win by a landslide that will expose the stupidity, short sightedness and ignorance of the average Brit and probably lead to Britain losing their NHS, cutting education cost and funding more nuclear weapons and wars. Dark days could be coming.




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FUCK David Cameron, media, education system, government, war on terror, Propaganda, lies, Racists, Racism, Bullingdon Club, Theresa May, Adele, Conformists, Conformism, the police, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Ignorance, stupidity, Illuminati, Corporations, Corporate tax evasion, Monarchies, hierarchies, Zionism, the Daily Mail, aristocracy, New World Order and much more. 2016 Documentary BY WOLVOMAN80.




I have noticed over the years that many people hate the things I say, these people hate criticism of the system, why? I believe these people are cowardly. The system would not work or be maintainable if it did not offer security, the establishment know that for the system to work some people must feel safe and protected by the system. These people that are so full of fear and empty on imagination they cannot imagine life without being told what to do by authority, we are mind controlled at school with one sided propaganda we are forced to repeat over and over and then regurgitate on exams they force children to respect and obey authority via humiliation, most people seem to struggle to get out of the mindset of propaganda, lies and false security that school has passed to them.

To be fair to the highly criticized education system it must be doing a very good job, why? So many people in the United Kingdom do not want to listen to criticism of the system, the criticism offends them and in most cases scares them, some people are so deluded by the system they actually get not only defensive but sometimes aggressive when they are confronted with criticism of the system. When facts (like exploitation and oil wars) and stats (like poverty stats) are shown to them they usually simply shrug their shoulders or roll their eyes.

The thing is about “the system” is, it is basically and literally a giant pyramid scam, the people that so passionately defend this system are usually nowhere near the bottom of the pyramid. The top layers of the pyramid are the bank owners, corporate owners, monarchies, hierarchies, aristocrats, religious organizations, etc,  the next layers are the “well off” middle classes, these people must be programmed to be ignorant and conservative in nature they are usually subliminally racist, ignorant of the facts and snobbish.

As we get closer to the bottom of the pyramid we come to the masses, these people contribute more than anyone else, yet their opinions are usually ignored this is  the working classes and poorer classes, the working and poorer classes are in most cases are also victims of subliminal racism and ignorance. These people are programmed to be violent, racist, ignorant, they are also programmed to be followers of fashion, music, football and whatever else keeps their minds occupied from reality. The programming of these people is tricky, in most cases these people are oppressed and extorted with high tax rates and a poor education system that works well for the rich and not so well for the poor, despite this oppression and extortion in most cases these people still believe the system is fair or at least most of them stay quiet enough most of the time, they are the silent majority of wealthy countries .

Bottom of the pyramid  is the truly and extremely oppressed, they are forced to make our clothes in cruel sweatshops, collect our diamonds and precious metals and produce our technology for just enough to survive they are the slaves of the corporate masters and the system, they exist to allow us to live. Our dependence on this corrupt, unfair system along with our ignorance enslaves these people yet our lifestyles depend on them, they are literally holding up the pyramid from the bottom.




Many in Great Britain claim to stand against the oppressive actions of our government and their corporate masters, we claim to care about children, we claim and ignorantly, genuinely believe that we as a people have moved on from the days of racism, oppression and slavery, unfortunately we have not moved on from any of those things we have just simply stopped noticing due to the fact the oppression and slavery is no longer on our doorsteps, the tunnel vision of the average British person leads failure to notice anything that the mainstream media does not point out to them.

There is much ignorance but also I’m alright Jack seems to be the attitude of the average Brit, the average, ignorant Brit assumes that because they do not witness poverty in their middle class rural neighbourhoods Britain does not have a poverty problem. I have a idea for people that think like this, try actually stepping foot out of your posh Tory constituencies and in to the cities and the outskirts of the cities. Homelessness, depression and desperation is what you would witness, and yet the poorest families and people in Britain are being hit with benefit cuts, even low earning families are now facing the prospect of losing benefits at a time that Facebook have been exposed to have paid less than £5000 tax in the UK!

How does this happen? The average British male is more interested in football, fashion and television than politics and current affairs, they moan about immigration yet they spend their money on watching football teams with English names that are full of over paid foreigner players and are owned by rich foreign business men! They are programmed by the media to be intolerant, subliminally racist and violent as the weak performing education system ensures that we are ignorant, misguided and sometimes plain fucking stupid.

A huge number of British women are just as insane and pathetic! Most are obsessed with the fashion industry, shit boy bands, pop music and of coarse themselves. They would also do anything to stay thin and sexy, they take dangerous or untested drugs and supplements, they will try no carb diets and anything instead of stop scoffing there fat fuckin faces! They are programmed to be vein, ignorant, self obsessed, shallow and dumb and that is what most are. “No we are not” they insist as their phone is full of selfies and their Facebook pages full of self absorbed posts and shit boy bands and pop acts.

Most people in Britain seem to hate to think and therefore they just think whatever they are told to think. When I look around all I see is zombies walking around aimlessly and in a trance, consuming everything insight and destroying everything they touch. Meanwhile the rest of the world pays the high price for us to live our lifestyles. Approximately 27000 Children are said to die of malnutrition related illnesses everyday as we in Great Britain obsess with celebrity gossip, fashion and sport. Israel commit war crimes but we do not notice because X-factor is on the tele, our corporations exploit some of the poorest children in the world but at least we get cheap shoes and tracksuits!

The Great British ignorance combined with the inability to critically question authority is a weapon of mass destruction, in fact combined with the same problem in many powerful nations the ignorance of the masses is probably among the most destructive, cruelest and deadliest weapons in the history of mankind.

The people that claim the system works fine are usually the people that can run back to mummy and daddy with their hands out waiting for them to be filled or the people that and for them people the system does work fine in fact it is brilliant for them, unfortunately for the rest of us the system is just one giant, expensive, parasitic, confusing load of bullshit.


The Great British public never fail to amaze me with their ignorance and hypocrisy, we live in a strange nation, the people are so easily led and controlled. We criticize foreign nations for war crimes when we and our allies are consistently fighting wars all over the world. The British public and the average British citizen annoy me, they are in most cases completely ignorant to the facts and when facts are stated they either dismiss them as “conspiracy theories” or even worse they attempt to justify our own governments war crimes. The British public overlook oil wars, the exploitation of the third world, the greed of exploitative corporations and the negative impact that our lifestyles have on many people in many poor nations.

The sad truth is the British people are not interested in politics, it is much less complicated to believe the liars and the lies than actually seek whats true and the average British person is preoccupied, they are busy raising children, working and their favorite pass time of all watching TV! Newspapers give them “the news” which usually consists of who is fucking who in the sick world of celebrities and TV gives them their entertainment and a slightly more serous version of the news, still propaganda filled rubbish but sensible propaganda filled rubbish. The average British simpleton laps this shit up and anyone that thinks otherwise is wrong! Somewhere between watching the soaps and listening to Sam Smith, Olly Murs and the other shit that we in Britain call music, the average British citizen seem to think they have been given the power of knowledge through their TV, education system (repeating what you are told and being obedient) and media, I believe they are being fed a huge load of bullshit and distractions and they are lapping it up.

The British public turn on individuals, religions and nations based on a mix of lies, the truth (when it suits them) and propaganda. The British people seem to like things simple “bad” vs “good”, its usually more like bad vs even worse. The British people should consider a few facts.

Fact One, The governments of Britain and USA and Europe are responsible for much more wars, greed, corruption and murder in the last 100 years then any government from the Middle East or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Fact Two. Its our lifestyles that have a negative impact on poor nations not the other way round.

Fact Three. You, the British public are usually lame brained, ignorant, TV and celebrity obsessed, idiots.

No offence.