Today I moved in to my new house, what a nightmare of an experience. I’m broke and was pretty close to being made homeless, this is due to HMRC refusing to pay me working tax credits despite the fact they forced me on working tax credits after I informed them I was making a small amount of money on YouTube while signed on, they insist “you cannot upload to YouTube and be paid when signed on” now they insist I “can’t claim Working Tax Credits because YouTube don’t pay you enough” WTF???

This obviously means I either have to start making some brilliant money from YouTube, hard to do with harsh censorship and strict advertising policies a lot of what I do is NOT advertiser friendly and even when it is YouTube don’t put ads on them, I should probably consider doing nursery rhymes and fairy tales because that stuff is ALWAYS advertiser friendly I am not.

Due to me having no money and having to find the cheapest place I can find, my new place is “not the Ritz” as described by my letting agent but it is cheap and pretty big. Despite the low cost the PAPERWORK and procedures were ridiculous. They wanted and forced me to get a guarantor, I.D, Bank Statements, fill in tons of paperwork and pay one thousand pounds (£300 deposit the rest were for credit checks, first months rent £300 and whatever they charge you for.)

Me and my guarantor were forced to sign tons of documents and forms and the guarantor was also forced to hand in copious I.D, bank statements and all the rest of it (they even had her birth certificate.) The company (who I’m not going to name for now due to the fact I have only just moved in and do not want to be evicted in my first week) seemed very official and done everything above board and by the book but did not even bother to quickly clean up the place or the hallways of the flats (because that is not required) they don’t work to protect us they work to protect themselves.

The hassle, paperwork and effort required to move house is ridiculous, it’s no wonder people end up homeless. I believe this problem runs through nearly all British society. We have become a nation obsessed with paperwork and procedure, they literally want to know everything at the same time they spend so much time covering themselves and passing responsibility on to the customer but can’t even be bothered to clean up the property. If they spent one quarter of the time helping people that they spend legally protecting and covering themselves we would surely all be better off.

Britain has a housing crises, anybody that lives in a City or a large town will tell you the amount of homeless people has skyrocketed in recent years. Landlords are making money out of peoples situations while the tenants are paying for their houses for them, its another British scam that is overlooked and ignored by the government and the media but something should be done and the housing system, it needs to be altered.