Homeless Britain and Benefit sanctions

A High Cost to Pay, a report published in 2013 by the umbrella body Homeless Link, indicates that individuals who have experienced homelessness are being disproportionately affected by benefit sanctions.

The report shown

  • 31% of homeless people on Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) have been sanctioned, compared to just 3% of typical claimants
  • Nearly a third of services report homeless people being sanctioned while facing poor mental health, learning difficulties or substance misuse problems
  • The majority report clients being pushed into debt, food poverty and survival crime
  • Services report clients’ existing problems getting worse as a result of sanctions, with only a minority being motivated by sanctions to find employment 
  • The report calls for changes to the sanctions regime to take into account the issues homeless people are trying to overcome

Since this report was published in 2013 the problem of both homelessness and benefit sanctions has risen. As a customer of the Jobcentre I can honestly say the behavior of some of the staff is manipulative, forceful and sometimes just not called for. Some people have called me arrogant when I posted a video of a interview I recorded with a member of the Jobcentre’s staff. These people fail to understand the Jobcentre are only there to trick you out of your benefits and cause a sanction.

That’s why they keep updating the claimant commitment, that’s why you do not have a set time or day of the week anymore, they pick and choose making much more likely that people forget their appointments. That’s why they want to access your universal job-match accounts and that’s why they keep sending people to meaningless courses, appointments and the ultra useless jobfare’s they offer.

It seems to me the only jobs going is caring or low paid corporate slave work such as Amazon, McDonalds, Tesco and so on.

There are three reasons poverty and homelessness has risen and workers wages have not. 1. The benefit system 2. The tax evasion of the establishment and rich 3. The ridiculous high cost of living. All these things are caused by bad governing and government.

Sing Petition @ https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/benefit-sanctions-must-be-stopped-without-exceptions-in-uk


A couple of inches of FUCKING snow and the whole of Britain comes to a stand still!

No schools, no post, public transport fucked it makes you wonder what would happen if Britain faced a real crises. My council tax bill is over £400 per year (for a bedsit) with four apartments (each one has the same council tax rate.) Despite this HIGH council tax I have seen NOT ONE single gritter meaning that the roads are lethal especially the lesser used roads. What the fuck are we paying it for? They empty our bins (every fortnight) and provide street lights and thats about it.

Also take a minute to think about the homeless in this cold weather, they are still receiving no help, no support and now they have freezing temperatures to contend with as well. How many will freeze to death alone this Christmas? What the fuck is the point of the government? Who the fuck are they helping? Where the fuck are the taxes they thieve going? What the fuck are they doing?

The British government collect HUGE amounts of taxes weekly. VAT, Council tax, Income Tax, Tax on alcohol, fuel and tobacco but the money that they collect does not benefit anybody other than the government and the corporations (who pay not even close to a fair rate themselves.) If they did collect taxes from multinational corporations maybe they would have enough funding to sort out some of these problems.

The truth is the reason they do not grit the roads or help the homeless is simple they are too busy and spending too much money on allowing corporations (like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Tesco and so on) to avoid paying tax.

As far as the government are concerned corporations and the super rich are the only people worth helping the rest of us are just an inconvenience. So they will carry on helping the corporations and moving the homeless out of the consumers sight.


Why are the homeless and poor not being helped?

A conversation on the subject of homeless people with the average Brit and me usually leads to an argument. I find most peoples ignorance offensive when it comes this subject. Comments and ideas like “even if they had money they would just buy drugs” or “its usually their own fault they’re homeless” are pretty ridiculous and ignorant comments. I believe people that live on the streets are sometimes (not always) attracted to drugs especially strong and dangerous drugs because of the situation that they have found themselves in.

Drugs tend to numb pain and even feelings so people in both physical and emotional pain attract towards them. I have never been that experimental with drugs, I have always approached with caution. I lived in a town where it was almost fashionable to inhale gas, inject heroin, smoke weed and snort cocaine. I never touched heroin in my life and I tried gas but never liked or even understood why people would ever do that shit more than once. The only drugs I have ever taken with any consistency is Cannabis and Cocaine nothing else ever really appealed to me. I feared many drugs and I managed to stay away from serous addiction. The only drugs I am really addicted to is Tobacco and tea! I smoke weed but I can go without when I need to, I really struggle to go without tobacco and I drink obscene amounts of tea.

Many of my friends however did take much stronger drugs and many of them are still living with the constituencies of it to this day. When I actually think about it I can honestly say I can’t think of a single person that I know that does not do drugs. So how does drug addiction lead to being made homeless? NOBODY is selling their house to buy drugs the system is creating homeless numbers to increase not drug addiction or anything else.

Anybody that walks around any city or decent size town will know there are much more homeless people now then ten or twenty years ago. And the problem is even worse than it appears as many of the homeless are removed from public view by being offered tents in more secluded, unseen areas. The reason that many reject or do not like to stay in these tents because by sleeping in shop windows in busy city centers they are more likely to get a bit of money.

The British government are at the moment shamefully and disgracefully failing and even victimizing these people. There are literally people freezing to death in the streets they are being given no home, no support and not even a glimmer of hope no wonder they turn to drugs. Even worse is because of a lack of money they turn to cheap much more dangerous drugs. The reason that many turn to stronger drugs has nothing to do them wanting to get more fucked and more to do with them wanting to get fucked for cheaper.

A system that allowed drugs to be distributed more freely (especially cannabis) could lead to drugs being much more affordable which I believe would actually help the homeless massively.

But what they really need is to be re-homed as quickly as possible but they’re not, they’re just left homeless and desperate sitting in shop windows hoping somebody throws them a pound.

The point I am trying to make is we don’t know what could have lead to people ending up in the situations that they end up in, we have have not lived their lives yet some are so quick to judge and place themselves as superior. But these people are somebodies child and one day it could be you or even worse your child so they should be prioritized, supported and re-homed.


Boris Johnson has defended bullfighting, he is reported to have said the partial ban of bullfighting in Spain is ‘political correctness gone mad.’ What I find strange about his remarks is WHAT THE FUCK HAS IT GOT TO DO WITH HIM? Britain has a growing poverty problem, a benefits system that is causing homelessness and poverty in cities all over the UK, single mothers being found at home dead, in a hat a scarf after having their benefits sanctioned and Boris Johnson decides now is the time defend an unbelievably cruel “sport” that has been banned (at least a partial ban whatever that means) in a foreign country! How out of touch with real people is this rambling prick?

I have noticed something about Conservative politicians, they seem to love killing animals! Boris Johnson is also a hardened supporter of fox hunting and many Conservative politicians are supporters of  ideas like badger culling and fox hunting. I believe they would have dog fighting fully legal if it were not for public outrage. More to the point I believe it is not Boris Johnson’s place to comment or get involved in issues that have NO relevance to him.

I believe we should begin a cull of Conservative politicians after all they are much more of a pest than badgers, pigeons and foxes and think of the positive impact it would have on the environment. They’re all driving huge cars in huge mansions wasting obscene amounts valuable energy. Individual politicians are polluting the planet more than the average street with their traveling alone and for what? To defend a barbaric sport that (in my opinion at least) should have been banned decades ago.

Boris Johnson seriously needs to consider things that are happening closer to home, the poverty problem that he and his government have created is worsening. People are being made homeless and Boris Johnson is concentrating and outraged by a ban on bull fighting.

I have always thought that Boris Johnson is either an evil genius that has discovered that acting like the Honey Monster’s retarded brother allows him to get away with incompetence and political wickedness or he really is the Honey Monster’s retarded brother.

Final message to Boris Johnson; A ban on bull fighting is NOT political correctness gone mad! Political correctness gone mad is websites being taken down and YouTube channels being shut down for simply pointing out the incompetence and lunacy of people like you. Do you understand? You big, stupid, rambling, rich simpleton prick.

“Please do not give your money to the homeless, give it us” charities ask.

“Most British beggars are not asking for money because they are homeless – they’re spending the money on heroin and crack cocaine, a charity has said. Giving money to street beggars can kill them, Thames Reach warns  – and says that around 80% of beggars on the street don’t need money for accommodation. Mike Nicholas of homelessness charity Thames Reach says: ‘We want to educate the public – the main reason people are begging on the street is heroin and crack.”

The Metro (that shit propaganda filled newspaper that nobody would ever buy so they give people that use public transport.)

In the United Kingdom homeless people have faced numerous attacks of late, spikes put in shop windows and favourite sleeping spots, police harassment, no payment of benefits because people that do not have a fixed address (or need it the most) can not claim benefits and now we are being told to ignore them! Don’t give your money to them give your money to this business and this business will invest your money in to advertisements, paying wages, office space and whats left they’ll give to the homeless! How decent of them.

They speak as if EVERY homeless person is addicted to heroin or crack, how many people are blowing their wages on alcohol and coke? But they’ve earned the right to take their drugs?

Being homeless must be a stressful situation to find yourself in so is it any wonder that homeless people turn to alcohol, heroin and crack? The media have no concept of reality. “They’re all junkies” is the complete wrong attitude to have even if some are. Criminals that are defied as criminals based purely on their drug habits is a form of discrimination, these “charities” categorizing beggars as drug addicts does not only show a true lack of understanding of the situation these people have found themselves in, it also exposes their lack of compassion.

A homeless man spending the two pound I gave him on crack is not bad as as the executive of a homeless “charity” spending it on his car and lifestyle.



Anybody that walks around city centers in Britain must have noticed the amount of homeless people seems to be increasing. Shop windows in cities and towns everywhere are full of homeless people on this cold snowy night. These people live in conditions that are not suitable for animals in some cases and I have even witnessed these people being harassed and ridiculed by certain police officers! Homelessness effects mainly the young and its a trap that can be hard to get out of, thats because without a fixed address claiming benefits, starting bank accounts, looking for work and many other things can be awkward, sometimes impossible.

As usual the British governments plan of how to deal with such a problem is short sighted, uncaring, cheap and ridiculous. Police harassment has always been a favourite but the homeless people stay anyway, you would think they haven’t they got a home to go to.

When police harassment fails the only thing left is spikes! Shop windows and other favourite spots for homeless people in London and Manchester now have steel spikes sticking out of the ground to prevent homeless people sleeping in them.


With this mentality our government have, what other solutions for problems could our government find?

They could lace city walls with a chemical that becomes deadly when in contact with chemicals in spray paint and marker pens to prevent graffiti and then fire out metal spikes in to the faces of the artists.

They could put bombs in T.Vs that detonate and throw metal spikes out of your TV if you turn on the TV when you have not paid your TV license.

Corporate tax evasion could be completely avoided if we simply use spikes and dagger them in to the heart of all corporate tax evaders. 

Corrupt politicians could also be sorted out with the use of spikes. Every time we find out they lied, over claimed, rip us off just stab them with a metal spike! They would be shit scared to ever tell a lie again.


Theresa May is a woman that has spent years offending anyone with any sense of compassion and now she is our unelected Prime Minister. I don’t know about you but I would vote to have each one of my limbs removed one by one before I ever vote this psychotic, human right hating, corporate puppet. Obviously Theresa May’s rich friends in the media will not push for an early general election but will instead continue with their immature attacks of the elected by Labour members Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn is fighting elitist Conservatives that have over the years infiltrated and controlled the Labour Party as well as the elitist Conservative mainstream media when puppets like Theresa May has spent here last few years attacking anyone that is Islamic, Homeless, Poor or Sick. She has also fought against Human Rights and Freedom of speech and expression.

I never understand Conservatives hate of Freedom of speech, conservatives say the most fucked up things I have ever heard and if you don’t like freedom of speech just do us all a favour and stop speaking! Theresa May does not hate the corporate media exercising their rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression like all conservatives its the poor that they want to silence.

Theresa May will step up internet censorship and anything that exposes the truth, I find it quite terrifying that such a cold-hearted corporate whore has such power despite the fact that NOBODY actually voted for her. I believe Theresa May is a disaster waiting to happen she describes herself as a liberal Conservative but upon reviewing her policies and actions she seems more like your typical, traditional “we are better than the rest” conservative.

The ironic thing is Theresa May might tempt women in Britain to vote her based on the fact she is a woman like Obama with black people, but like Obama does not represent your average black American at all, Theresa May does not represent the average British woman at all. If you are a woman and a millionaire vote Theresa May she represents you perfectly, she will fight for your tax breaks and keep system as it is, rich get richer poor get poorer. However if you are a woman that is not a millionaire and not as financially stable as some vote Jeremy Corbyn, do not think that Theresa May represent women because Theresa May represents her greedy lobby masters and nobody else.




Changing perceptions is a series of short documentary style videos that aim to change your perceptions of certain social issues and problems.

The first episode “No place to call home” captures the stories of five homeless people living in Wolverhampton. I decided to create this after speaking to a homeless individual, hearing their story and realising just how bad that it was.

If you would like to support local food banks, homeless shelters or local homeless people check out the following information for links and sites of organisations in Wolverhampton:



I doubt they will ever read this but thank you to those who were interviewed, as without them this would not be possible!

Filmed & Edited by Luke Wilson
Music by:
Interviews by: Alex Mckenzie – check out his channel for inspirational & motivational videos (link soon).

Apex Visuals: www.apexvisuals.wix.com/contactus

Short film about homelessness, filmed around Wolverhampton city centre. Produced, filmed and edited by Luke Colley. Music: Na Trì Peathraichean – Jennifer Margaret Barker, Butterfly – Sean Houston. Contains some strong language.