What is the best faucets online??

Recently I have been looking for ways to make money online. Faucets is one of them ways and I have been through hundred of them. They all pay low and to make any real money from them you are going to need multiple faucets.

What I have learned from my experience so far is this;

Firstly you need faucets that do NOT slow down your computer (many of them do) and more importantly you need faucets that actually pay a fair rate. I have decided that if it does not pay at least 50 satoshis a click it is nowhere near worth doing.

So below is a list of faucets that I believe are not too bad, there are a few with ridiculously slow websites but I have only included them because of their higher than average payouts.



The first faucet is one of the most famous faucets freebitco.in 

This pays pretty decent compared to some and has a stable website and requires minimum work. It scores 8/10 pretty decent.


The second faucet pays in Ether and is similar to the first it also has a stable website and requires minimum work.


It also scores 8/10


The third faucet http://xtensatoshi.com

Is low paying but fast it scores 6/10


The forth faucet is https://claimwith.me ( UPDATE SHIT)

I HATE this website it is slow and irritating but this faucet pays better than most (though it does make it awkward to draw out your earnings)

It scores 7/10 good payouts irritatingly slow


The fifth one is https://claimfreecoins.com 

This one pays one dogecoin every 15 minutes so it is low paying (though higher than some) but it is a fast website that requires no work or waiting at all.

It scores 8/10 very good.


The sixth faucet is http://dailyfreebits.com/faucet

Very low paying but very easy and very fast 5/10


Seventh is https://autofaucet.io

130 satoshi every ten minutes, not bad for a pretty fast website that only crashes on rare occasions



The Eighth faucet is https://upbitcoin.com

Low paying but fast and regular 7/10


Ninth is https://freedoge.co.in

Fast and easy low paying faucet 8/10


Tenth is http://bitfun.co

Crashes sometimes but still pretty easy and fast and it builds up when you are not using it 7/10


Eleventh is http://satoshiheroes.com (UPDATE SCAM)

Fast and easy 7/10


Twelve is https://bonusbitcoin.co/faucet

Decent pay outs but crashes a lot 7/10


Thirteen is http://moonbit.co.in

Irritating crashes but gives good bonuses 6/10


Fourteen  http://moonliteco.in

Same as above but pays in litecoin 6/10


Fifteen http://moondoge.co.in

Same as the two above but pays in Dogecoin


Sixteen and last one for now (though I might update later) is https://adbtc.top

This one is not a faucet it pays you to view ads and it is THE BEST site I have been on for making crypto so far. It pays pretty good and its fast a hardly ever crashes 9/10.