Millions of girls all over the country love Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and what ever the fuck the other three are called, more commonly known as One Direction. Zayn Malik has had a very successful first year as a solo artist as I am sure Harry Styles soon will, not because Harry Styles is talented because he the talent of a real life, mindless meat puppet but because of clever very marketing and very stupid people! One Direction have become a giant cash cow and the fact that most of the internet acknowledges that One Direction are shit and their fans are easily manipulated, mentally enslaved, zombies some people still actually like them!

These people are of course usually teenage girls or sometimes even younger, One Direction have over 20 million YouTube Subscribers and billions of views as well as huge record sales and sell out tours and concerts, how? Let’s be honest anybody that knows anything about music or loves real music knows that they are shit, this type of boy band have been round for a long time now. Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Monkees were the beginning  over the years the music has got worse but the marketing has improved nowadays we are left with shit like One direction, Justin Bieber and the whole load of other pop shit that fills the modern day charts. Alternative music and real music struggles to even enter the top 40, music is so blatantly controlled, censored and dumbed down. Who is controlling the music industry?


The same people that control everything of course; multinational corporations that do not really care for music at all. But they do care for the money and they can make a lot of money from music. Sony owns over 80 record labels alone it’s another huge farce and as usual with corporate influence, it leads to poor quality products and an illusion of choice. One Direction fans need to understand people do not hate One Direction because they are jealous, haters or trolls. People do not even hate them due to the fact their music is corny, fake and lame! Not even because they are a bunch of fake corny, fake and lame pretty boys but because they are meat puppets!

They just do what they are told! Stand here, say this, sing this, promote that, smile. They sell and promote sex to children as well as a negative attitude towards relationships. There music is dumb, unimaginative and mind numbing shit. Corny love song after corny love song yet the only thing these people seem to truly love is themselves and money.


One Direction happily promoted David Cameron to there young easily influenced fan bases, there music like all modern pop music has no political relevance whatsoever its just cheap, fake, nasty, dumb shit. And you are what you like.

My advice is keep your kids away from this shit as much as you can but beware to not like this kind of shit can isolate children, its the “popular” thing to follow and most children (like adults) will follow the crowd happily and without question. Even if the crowd are following talent-less, corny little meat puppets like One Direction and Justin Bieber.


STUPID HEADLINES BY BRITAIN’S STUPID MEDIA. Featuring the Daily Star and the Daily Mail.


British boy aged 14 arrested over terrorist plot to attack a war ceremony

POLICE have arrested a teenage boy over an alleged plot to attack a war memorial ceremony.

Published 20th April 2015

He nearly killed dead people!

Baby foreskin facial: Are you brave enough to try the latest anti-ageing fad?

THIS is probably the weirdest beauty treatment we have ever come across.

By Sarah Barns /

They should replace the word brave with stupid.

‘Delusional, jealous and paranoid’ Sam Faiers launches scathing attack on Joey Essex

SAM FAIERS has branded ex-boyfriend Joey Essex “delusional” in a vicious put-down of their relationship.

Who the fuck reads this shit?

By Emma Kelly /

The return of Racy Casey: Batchelor rocks kinky lingerie after declaring sex ban

CASEY Batchelor may be preaching the benefits of celibacy, but that doesn’t mean she can’t titillate her fans while she’s at it.

By Emma Kelly /

Styles’ new girl? Harry teases Directioners with bikini-clad blonde

PLENTY of die-hard Directioners would go to unfathomable lengths to become Harry Styles’ new girl – but has the position already been filled?


Slimline Sturgeon’s radical transformation: How SNP leader ditched boxy jackets and severe suits for sophisticated new look

  • SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon looked glamorous as she arrived at BBC yesterday
  • Nationalist wore fuchsia dress that flattered her slimmed-down physique
  • Miss Sturgeon has left her boxy jackets and severe suits in the past
  • She is rumoured to have hired a personal shopper and a stylist in 2007

Women who want to succeed at work should shut up – while men who want the same should keep talking, research says

Chrissy Teigen turns heads in VERY daring denim hotpants and unbuttoned sheer blouse as she steps out with John Legend

Ellie Goulding shows off her incredible abs in a crop top at Coachella… before slipping into a teeny bikini to catch poolside rays

Yes, the West has fought the Muslim world for centuries. But Islam must accept much of the blame for today’s bloody chaos

Has fear of the mansion tax driven Sol to sell up already? Former footballer puts £6.75m flat up for sale months after selling £20m townhouse

  • Sol Campbell has put his flat in Chelsea on the market for £6.75million
  • He bought the property in 2011 and it has been renovated by his wife Fiona 
  • Former England footballer is an outspoken critic of Labour’s mansion tax
  • Campbell, 40, sold his £20million London townhouse earlier this year
  • Application for a controversial Muslim cemetery submitted for third time 
  • New plans are for 3,000 graves on a greenbelt site in Solihull  
  • Application has sparked anger in village of Catherine-de-Barnes

The changing face of Britain: A child in Birmingham is now more likely to be a Muslim than Christian

  • Statistics from 2011 Census show more Muslim children than Christian growing up in Birmingham 
  • Of 278,623 youngsters, 97,099 were registered as Muslim compared with 93,828 as Christian  
  • A similar trend has emerged in the cities of Bradford and Leicester
  • Experts said more must be done to ensure that society does not become polarised along religious lines 

British city responds to Fox News security expert’s claim that it is a Muslim-only town with string of hilarious memes

  • Pundit Steven Emerson told Fox News that Birmingham is ‘Muslim-only’
  • David Cameron called him an ‘idiot’ as Twitter users mocked the bizarre claim with #foxnewsfacts hashtag
  • They posted photos of bearded sportsmen, Mecca bingo and the Queen wearing a headscarf – as well as a host of puns
  • Emerson has now donated £500 to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital 

Daily Mail mocking Fox News despite similar claims from the Daily Mail in the past.



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