We in Britain claim that we are democratic, we have the right to vote and freedom of choice or so they say! Our government criticize nations like North Korea for not giving people freedom of choice. They tell us that the North Korean government or corrupt, a dictatorship and they claim the North Korean government control all media, TV and employ strict Internet censorship and maybe they do, I don’t know I have never been to North Korea.

I do however live in Britain and everything they are telling us they North Korean government do our government do. The BBC for example are Blatantly Backing Conservatives, its like they are telling us you have a choice vote this strong and stable government or this clown that is going to destroy the economy and therefore your lives. Does that sound like a choice?

Not satisfied with controlling the mainstream media they also employ strict Internet censorship, they tell us it is to combat extremism but NOBODY I know is as extreme as the conservative government. People are dying and living in poverty while our government fund corporate tax evasion, war and nuclear weapon programs (as well as there own high wages topped up by their expenses.) They claim its all fake news and extremism but is it? Because when I read most of this “extremism” I believe I am reading real people speaking about real issues that effect them as individuals. They are simply excising the freedom of speech we don’t have because if they were really fighting against extremism they would be fighting the hate filled Daily Mail or the dumb as fuck Sun newspaper not the people.

What is the point in having the right to vote if half of the argument is censored and unheard?

I believe real freedom of choice comes from freedom to read and watch whatever you want to before making a decision, if the Conservative party are going to simply censor their own population how can people make a decision that represents the way they feel? They can’t.

Censorship is only ever employed due to the fact that the oppressor recognizes they can not win an argument so they silence their opposition. In the other words the Conservatives are not only relying on the corporate media to win this election they are also relying on the people they wage war against to remain silent and if we don’t remain silent they will attempt to silence us with censorship, as so many people in Britain are doing at the moment its time to make some noise.



Anybody that walks around city centers in Britain must have noticed the amount of homeless people seems to be increasing. Shop windows in cities and towns everywhere are full of homeless people on this cold snowy night. These people live in conditions that are not suitable for animals in some cases and I have even witnessed these people being harassed and ridiculed by certain police officers! Homelessness effects mainly the young and its a trap that can be hard to get out of, thats because without a fixed address claiming benefits, starting bank accounts, looking for work and many other things can be awkward, sometimes impossible.

As usual the British governments plan of how to deal with such a problem is short sighted, uncaring, cheap and ridiculous. Police harassment has always been a favourite but the homeless people stay anyway, you would think they haven’t they got a home to go to.

When police harassment fails the only thing left is spikes! Shop windows and other favourite spots for homeless people in London and Manchester now have steel spikes sticking out of the ground to prevent homeless people sleeping in them.


With this mentality our government have, what other solutions for problems could our government find?

They could lace city walls with a chemical that becomes deadly when in contact with chemicals in spray paint and marker pens to prevent graffiti and then fire out metal spikes in to the faces of the artists.

They could put bombs in T.Vs that detonate and throw metal spikes out of your TV if you turn on the TV when you have not paid your TV license.

Corporate tax evasion could be completely avoided if we simply use spikes and dagger them in to the heart of all corporate tax evaders. 

Corrupt politicians could also be sorted out with the use of spikes. Every time we find out they lied, over claimed, rip us off just stab them with a metal spike! They would be shit scared to ever tell a lie again.