We live in a celebrity culture and we worship celebrity vultures and corporate whores to me its torture they’re brainwashing our sons and daughters.

I can’t even stand to look at my TV and seeing bitches like Adele singing whiny songs to me, what you so sad about you fat disgusting corporate whore why you fuckin crying what you so sad for.

Is it because you broke a finger nail or because you you’re the size of a whale? Just step away from your fridge you self-pitying fuckin witch your fans might be thick but some of see you for you are a sell-out fake bitch.

If I see her cry again I’ll give her something to fuckin cry about if I was at the Grammy’s I would have snuck on stage and ripped her hair out of her fat ugly head and punched her till she bleed and that would still be less cringe worthy than listening to the shit she said.

Some might take offence and jump to her defence but these people tend to be blind and lack common sense.

We live in a world where children are dying to see this self-pitying rich bitch crying it makes me fucking sick and ask who the fuck is buying?
Madonna said she wants to blow up the White House she’s another whore the world is better without what would have happened if me or you said that we would have been thrown in jail and probably never let out.

She said Donald Trump is oppressing women oh shut up you got to be kidding she’s been oppressing women since the 80s for a living.

Nowadays she is looking like an old hag she made her name by acting like a slag another corporate whore I’d to use her as a human punch bag.

It’s about her only use and before you accuse me of abuse look at the mentality that she helped produce.
The powers that be are trying to silence people like me don’t listen to them they’re extreme and they use profanity.

Yeah I fuckin do and I won’t stop just for you if you don’t like my swearing then fuck you. You get offended because we swear but they’re murdering kids everywhere and you don’t care because your too busy bitchin about people that claiming social welfare?

Now we have that ginger fucking freak, Ed Sheeran the fuckin leech some his videos get a billion hits but that’s because YouTube has been impeached.

Wake up the view counts are fake and this is no mistake Google take views from real people and hand them to the corporate snakes.

Ed Sheeran is a talentless fucking prick he sold his soul to get famous and rich his voice irritates me it’s to high pitched I wonder if he even has a dick, you’re probably right and I’m probably sick what do you expect I was bought up with the BBC and Jim’ll Fix It, Britain’s most fuckin prolific child rapist the BBC was giving him kids and the British media was ignoring this look at now and tell me who is sick?

Is it you or is it me? Or is our society? Now the truth is coming out about Edward Heath where the fuck was the police?

Probably too busy harassing kids smoking weed in the street because the police are useless and god forbid they arrest real criminals because he did have friends in high places that’s why they ignored the shit this disgusting Necrophiliac freak did.

But don’t look at that ignore all this after all like they say ignorance is bliss the people exposing him were dismissed as liars and lunatics slanderers and twisted totally unrealistic this mentality assisted the evil and the wicked until the truth was admitted.


I was watching Adele pick up her Grammy award yesterday I don’t usually watch that sort of shit but it was reported by the “real news” as if its real news, as I sat there listening to her acceptance speech I could not help but think to myself how fake is Adele? Is it just me or does anybody else get seriously pissed off every time she opens her fat whiny fucking mouth? Also did you see the competition for album of the year? What a load of horrible commercialized shit, Drake, Bieber or Beyonce? Surely there is something better than these over paid meat puppets by now. And who the fuck is Sturgill Simpson? What the fuck was he doing there or who’s dick did he suck to get there? Man I got more YouTube subscribers than him (its true), not for long I bet. I thought its only fair that I listen to him before I judge him and after listening to a few tunes he clearly should have won.

How the fuck does James Corden end up presenting it? Another overweight Brit Americans seem to love, James Corden is not funny and never has been funny. The best thing he has ever done is probably the Gruffalo and the only time I could see myself laughing at him is if he were to crash that fucking car and smash is fat, talentless face against the still filming camera, no offense! I believe James Corden exposes how stupid people really are, what I used to love about YouTube was getting away from dumb mainstream TV, the last few years YouTube has become more corporate and I notice James Corden is one of the more successful corporate dumbed down YouTube channels, he has nearly 10 million subscribers FFS! When I seen how popular he had become I had to watch a couple of his videos, most of them he is literally just sitting in a car singing with other mainstream corporate puppets and people watch the shit, lots of people apparently. But who gives a fuck about the Grammy’s anyway?

When I watch these celebrities crying and getting so emotional about their awards I cannot help but think get over yourself. These celebrities seem to think they are so important and what they do is important but they’re not, they’re just over paid meat puppets.