Fake news is the real news and real news is the fake news!

Over the last few weeks there has been much talk of fake news, fake news is the corporations way of controlling what you read and watch. When the term fake news is used you can guarantee they are talking about non corporate bloggers that have alternative ideas. I believe the corporations and world’s governments have realized they have lost control of the Internet and this is a desperate, pathetic attempt of gaining back some of that control.

“Stop reading that fake bullshit about the corruption, war crimes, massacres and thievery your government are committing and read the real news,” they tell us. But what is the real news? Well as I write this the top story on Google news is;

Who won X Factor 2016? Saara Aalto and Matt Terry’s emotional final as it happened

So thats the real news, well I was miles off! Heres me reading facts like 99 per cent of the worlds is owned by 0.1% of the world’s population and thousands of children are starving to death on a daily basis, reading about wars being fought all over the world and government corruption when I should have been reading about who won the X factor.

To me that’s the fake news kick it off Facebook please Zuckerberg it’s making people ignorant and stupid. But wait you want people ignorant and stupid so you and your puppet masters can carry on extorting to the world. So the the X factor is real news and war, poverty, corporate, exploitation, Pizzagate and extortion is fake news.

Two screenshot examples of Real news according to Google taken about half an hour part of each other.

Half an hour later

So somehow the bullshit that happens on a SHIT reality TV show ends up above 25 people being killed in Cairo. The only trouble is with reading the “real news” is its so mind-numbing, simple and dumb. When they say “real news” they mean corporate and government sponsored propaganda/distraction written by puppets. When they say “fake news” they mean the real news written by real people, talking about real issues and they are not necessarily financially motivated corporate elitist puppets.

They are trying to make the powerful corrupt, useless, propaganda filled mainstream media even more powerful and take power away from the people, like they always do.


Has anybody ever wondered why Queen Elizabeth II has her own category on Google news in the UK? Why do Google seem to believe that Queen Elizabeth II is so much more important than the other 70 million people that live in Great Britain. This “news” section never actually puts negative or questioning articles on it, it just talks absolute meaningless gobbledygook for example a few of today’s  headlines on Queen Elizabeth II are;

Queen Elizabeth II: Symbol and Style

JSTOR Daily  – ‎9 hours ago‎
In celebration of the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, more than 150 different outfits are on display in an exhibition entitled “Fashioning a Reign.


See realtime coverage

Danny Dyer related to Queen Elizabeth II

The List  – ‎Jul 13, 2016‎
Danny Dyer is to appear on a new series of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ where he finds out he is related to the British royal family.


Couple celebrate 70th anniversary with blessings from Queen Elizabeth II

Exeter Express and Echo  – ‎Jul 14, 2016‎
A TIVERTON couple have received congratulations from the Queen after celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. Wilfred and Phyllis Dunno who are both 91, will celebrate the anniversary on Wednesday, July 20, after getting married in 1946.


See realtime coverage

Take a Peek Inside Queen Elizabeth II’s Closet at Buckingham Palace Your chance to see 90 years of HM’s best looks.

artnet News  – ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
Throughout her record-breaking 63-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been an international style icon. In honor of Her Majest’s 90th birthday, which the Queen celebrated in April, the Royal Collection Trust is showing off a lifetime’s worth of fashion

The section of stories Google have decided to push on us is such blatant, royalist propaganda not to mention mind numbing. Realistically who cares if that Danny Dyer is related to the Queen? Who cares if the Queen blessed, cursed or trashed a wedding? How is that news? Thousands of children starved today and Google choose to show us corny, attempts of heart warming stories on some over privileged parasite?

My latest short video TRUTH IS FUNNIER THAN FICTION. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN? I HATE THE HM REVENUE asked questions about the Monarchy, Zionism and HM Revenue and customs, it seems the more subscribers I get the less people watch my videos in their early days and since adding the video I have lost subscribers despite my stats showing much improved growth in subscribers. Google obviously love Queen Elizabeth II and that’s nice but don’t try to push her oppressive, greedy, parasite family on us. Maybe Google love her so much because they are the same strange breed of ugly disgusting parasite because like the Royals Google are also oppressive, greedy parasites. Birds of a feather and all that shit.