Hardest job I have ever had is living on £566 a month.

566 pound per month may seem like a generous amount of money considering I do fuck all for it but 300 of this goes straight to my landlord! That leaves me 266 pound. I have my kids most weekends so that costs money as well. I know people will be demanding “get a job” and maybe I should but I like doing what I do on-line and I believe that given a chance and time I could make it profitably without boycotting my beliefs.

I already a fair following on YouTube plus thousands of people signed up to my website and over 18 million views. Thats why I always hold out and keep trying to create new material not giving up does not guarantee success but giving up guarantees failure.

The British government have set the system up to force you to give up. They use poverty as a threat and use the Jobcentres and the benefits system in general to assure that they are always going to be a pain in the ass.

I get £566 a month, I used to earn that (at least) every week when I was working in the building trade, that is the sacrifice I make to do what I want to do instead of what they want me to do.

Get a job and stop scrounging our taxes….LOSERS.

“Get a job and stop scrounging our taxes” are words that are said and heard regularly in our “free nation.” Who says these words? People that have jobs obviously. Why? I believe the reasons do not vary much. Some say these words because they have a job and the thought of anybody else not “contributing” towards “the system” irritates them. They seem to believe that working makes them superior and better to somebody that is unemployed. Is that true? Of course it’s not, it makes you more like a slave than somebody that is unemployed.

I believe that our nation has moved past rewarding people that work with a livable wage and towards simply ridiculing and even attacking people that don’t work. These people that are demanding, screaming and insisting that people should “get a job” must be loved by the government and the establishment. They tend to be the same people that sing our national anthem as loud as they can “GOD SAVE OUR GRACIOUS QUEEN” now she’s a scrounger. There is defiantly an element of brainwashed pride and these nonthinking conformists often appear to miss the big and obvious picture.

But how can they be so stupid? Well work takes up much of their lives so thinking gets pushed behind, but thats not the only reason! In most cases these people are trapped and mentally enslaved. Their lives are sliding out of view and despite the fact they have dedicated their lives towards work most still don’t have shit, like bullies they do not take out their frustrations on Corporations, the aristocracy, the monarchy or the rich (the big boys) who extort them and contribute very little towards the “system” instead they go after the little people. “He’s claiming £60 per week on benefits, ridiculous” Wake up the monarchy claim £3 billion a year for security, now thats ridiculous. Facebook receive a £4000 tax bill from the British government in the same year they pay staff bonuses of £35 million pound. Starbucks, Amazon, Vodafone and many other corporations do not pay above 5% tax and still receive government grants costing millions a time, that is what is oppressing you, Politicians make nearly £200000 a year and still claim millions on their tax payer funded expenses these are the scroungers.

You don’t need a I.Q like Einstein to work this shit out you just need to open your eyes and shut your “newspapers.”

So before you conformists nonthinking morons scream get a job, get a life…. Working does not make you a hero or better than somebody that does not work it simply means you are obedient… LIKE A GOOD DOG. Oh you’re a good boy well done… Now sit, fetch, shake a paw GOOD BOY WELL DONE, here’s a treat, one biscuit for you from this endless supply of biscuits we have.