A Playstation 4 rant.

I have had a PS4 since 2014. I also had a PS3. Upon first playing the PS4 the graphics look much better than the graphics on the PS3 and as I have stated in others blogs GTA 5 is a great game with huge longevity. Metal Gear Solid 5 also looks impressive and many recommend the Witcher, 7 days to die and fallout 4 and they all seem interesting but also a little similar to each other. Different enemies, different weapons and scenery but we are still just walking around maps killing everything in sight. That’s cool but sometimes a change is nice.

It may sound stupid and unreasonable for me to moan about the choose of games for the PS4. There are hundreds of games to choose from and yet I found myself playing the PS3 (which is free to play online) much more than I played the PS4. Despite the hundreds of games the PS4 offers most of them are average to shit games that are already out on the PS3 and take no advantage of the extra power of the PS4.

I like sports games like football but they update them every year with a new game and keeping up with the latest version is a VERY expensive thing to do. FIFA 18 will cost you £50 today yet this time next year it won’t be worth shit because FIFA 19 will be out. It’s a major rip off.

The PS4 has THREE UFC games (one to be released soon,) Multiple Farming simulators, who the fuck wants to pretend to be a farmer? What next? An abattoir simulator. There are hunting, cooking and construction simulators. The PS4 has a Rugby game, an handball game, 4 WWE games, 5 different versions of FIFA and 5 versions of PRO evolution but no boxing game! WTF.

The gaming developers and creators seem to lack anything like a decent imagination and instead of creating NEW high quality games in many cases they are simply creating cheap games that could have worked on the PS2 and selling people the same game but slightly updated over and over again.

Don’t tell me get an Xbox the game selection to that is equally as bad as the PS4’s it suffers from the exact same problem.

The PSN is also down A LOT despite the £5.99 per month it costs to play it. The PS4 and the eight generation of games consoles has to be one of the biggest disappointments and let downs from any generation of games consoles. Its overpriced, over hyped garbage with a very small selection of appealing games and so many lame cheaply made games that might as well be a PS2 game.

The smart phone generation will pay for its obsession.

Art created by Jacop Sempler

Living with teenagers can be a frustrating experience. I find many things about teenagers irritating but nothing irritates me more than the obsession many of them have with their smart phones. They sit looking at their smart phones so intensely for so long that you would think that they were reading a complex and scientific and spiritual explanation to the meaning of life. But they’re not they’re actually looking at pictures of their friends on Facebook, typing fake messages to people that they “don’t like” and crying out for attention and recognition among their equally as sad and pathetic friends.

I’m glad I am not part of this messed up, gadget obsessed generation and I fear for the future they have. Times and technology changes quickly I believe the next generation of parents could have more than irritating smart phones to content with. Virtual reality will take over and this generation of smart phone addicts will not be watching their children starring at their phones all day but they will potentially be watching their children wondering around in virtual worlds on the couch or in their bedrooms.

All sounds great until we consider that in the not too distant future we could plausibly have computers that hook up to our brain, this could make any interaction with users impossible as user sit appearing to be unconscious in their living room. Probably not that different to being around somebody that is constantly starring at their phones with hear phones but even more irritating I would say.

They won’t be watching on line porn they will be taking part in live online sex shows and shit and the poor parents will not be able to do shit about it as the weird slowly becomes normal. When is the time to stop or control dependence on technology? How long will it be before we are living in a virtual world and what would that do to the “real world?”