Why I do not fight for Gay or Womens rights.

I am described as many things a conspiracy theorist, a fantasist, left wing, a lazy work shy weed smoking prick it all depends on who you ask but I like to consider myself to be a political activist. I hear the sheeple now “if you want to protest go to Westminster and protest” but like their is more than one way to skin a Monkey there is also more than one way to protest.

I protest through blogs and videos about an endless list of what I consider to be wrongs or unnecessary evils in the world (is any evil necessary?) I cover what I consider to be important issues and deliberately try to speak out for people I consider to be the most oppressed, many of whom do not have the luxury to speak out for themselves because of the oppression they suffer from. I try to attack and expose child labour, corporate greed, political corruption, censorship, animal cruelty and many other issues.

I have not covered gay rights or womens rights! Not because I do not believe in gay rights or womens rights because I do but surely it should come under human rights, thats whats important. If gay people were being stoned to death in the streets, imprisoned or deliberately oppressed I would mention these issues. Same if women were still being beaten, denied the right to vote or deliberately oppressed but homosexuals and women are not being anymore oppressed than the rest of us unlike billions of people around the world.

Women and gay people in “developed nations” do have at least equal rights and freedoms to the rest of us. What do many women and gay people do with these freedoms? Do they fight to make sure that people around the world or even in their home countries are given the same rights as they have and no longer suffer from the same kind of oppression that they once suffered from? Of course not instead most sit on social media all fucking day sharing selfies, they spend to much of their time gossiping about shit and people that has nothing to do with them.

And most choose to ignore real important issues, I’m not saying that gay people and women are the only people to choose ignorance but lets be honest we would not be fighting for the rights of white middle class males because like women and gay people white males already have their rights.

In my opinion people that choose to ignore extreme poverty are as bad as the people that cause it through greed and oppression.