WOLVOMAN80 on God save the Queen, National anthem, Holocaust denial, England Football Team, Dele Ali’s girlfriend, WAGs, Fabio Capello, Jeremy Hunt, Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, Censorship, Nuclear Weapons, HM REVENUE and Customs, theives, gangsters, and much more Funny shit by a censored, extremist WOLVOMAN80.

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Are you sick of seeing foreigners roaming our British Streets? Are you sick of Muslims, Africans and Europeans coming over to our country taking our work and even our benefits? Do you think that the government should began turning people away? Do you think our government should the government stop immigrants claiming benefits to ensure that these foreigners do not think that Britain is “an easy way out or a soft touch.” Do you think that immigrants coming over to Britain is causing a decline in the lifestyles of the average Brit? If this is in line with what you think then not only are you wrong you are probably a ignorant idiot.

Instead of reading the hate spreading, fear mongering, racist and biased mainstream media or listening to hate spreading, fear mongering, racist and biased politicians read a history book. Read about the fact that our cozy lives that we live in Britain are built on the exploitation of Africa or try reading about the fact that Britain’s thirst for natural resources that exist within these countries and the middle east is the cause of much of the pain, suffering and poor living standards in Africa and the middle east. Read about the fact that Britain and USA were built on the slave trade and they continue to this day to exploit African people for their natural resources.

How can people in Britain claim that we British people should have the right to live here but not foreigners? As for immigrants that are out of work not being paid benefits I find it offensive that any government could even consider it, they are still human beings, they could have kids and still have to eat and drink, no benefits could turn them to crime or exploitation.

Like I said in an earlier post Nigel Farage claims as much on his expenses (not counting wages and other business incomes he may have) just his expenses cost two million pound in one year, that means that Nigel Farage cost the British taxpayer more on his expenses then fifty “benefit scrounging” families would get. Nigel Farage is just one man, the monarchy are handed out huge amounts of tax payers money, their security alone cost over 3 billion pound per year according to some reports.

How can the British people claim immigrants are having a negative affect on our lifestyles when hereditary hierarchies, bankers, corporations and aristocrats are running the country? I have got news for the average British simpleton that seems to struggle to spot the real enemy, gangsters don’t work themselves to the ground seven days a week for less than minimum wage and live in council houses nor do they claim benefits. Gangsters live in castles, palaces, mansions and obscene luxury, they use fear tactics and drugs to control and manipulate people, they extort, threaten and thieve, sound familiar?