You said you hate me and you wish that I would die I get so upset and it makes me want to cry that’s bullshit like your whole life it’s just a lie.

You’re an Attention whore always wanting more sucking dick on the fuckin dance floor in the club and pissed up in the pub used and abused just another disgusting fuckin slut.

There are millions just like you, you accuse me of being a dick when I say what’s true but that’s just because you’re stupid and you hate what’s true because the truth don’t suit you so carry on living your lie if you want too but don’t expect me to fucking join you.

And your approval doesn’t mean shit to me because you have been programed by a corrupted society that worships greed, materialism and money so shut the fuck up and just let fuckin me be.

Fuck you and hate away you fuckin bitch I don’t do this shit just to get fuckin rich, you wouldn’t understand so I will not attempt to explain to you but what I will say is fuck off and fuck you.

I don’t need your shit you’re all so narcissistic and two faced hypocrites to the planet you are parasitic and as a parent you are completely unfit I fuckin love my kids but the rest of you can suck my dick you fuckin money obsessed selfish pricks.

Where’s your loyalty? Why did I stress? Your so spoiled you see a white princess but you’re not royalty you’re just a mess, I can’t believe I gave a fuck nevertheless I’m stronger without you all and I guess I should just carry on regardless the people that surround me are so self-obsessed money is the only way they judge success.

I’m on a different level because I’m aware money was created by the devil it was put there to control the greedy and the weak the stupid sheep the unconscious and the fast asleep.

You follow every fad so if you hate me good I’m glad it no longer makes me sad despite this shit I’m not mad, you call me a prick look at your dad the man’s fuckin joke a disgusting fucking bloke and you got the nerve to criticize me because I used to love my coke?

I guess the shit apple drops closely to the shit apple tree so don’t talk about me to my kids because they love me and I love them back and I will attack anyone that puts me down to them so if I were you I would not do that.

Don’t unleash the bad side of me it’s something your yet to see you might believe you have but ain’t not yet believe me.

I’m not a perfect parent I wish I fucking was but I’m here for my kids and that is because, I love them so fuckin much and I don’t really give a fuck about the opinion of old whores or an attention slut.

In the club dancing on the tables, man I’m not able to cope with these bitches no more psychologically they’re unstable.

I think you might be depressed and no one is impressed you might gain some attention but you lost all respect.

You may think that we men love it and in way I guess we do we don’t to pay for prostitutes for the price of a couple of drinks we can have women like you.

I think your dumbed down scared and lame all you spoiled white bitches all seem the same it must be the chemicals in your food like aspartame you’re self-obsessed hypocrites that feels no shame knock yourself out feel free to pass me all the blame I don’t give a fuck its all fuel for my flame.

To me you see life is just a game I’m not scared you see and I won’t be fuckin tamed you can carry on and try to defame but it won’t work now watch my flame.

Before it turns into a massive explosion you can’t stop it its already in motion, you can’t stop this fucking notion just get out the way before you start your own erosion and get burned by a lava ocean when it comes to you my heart is now frozen and I no longer feel any emotion.

Go back to friends that you have to pay for if you don’t like me all you have do is ignore get on Facebook and try to find more like a desperate attention whore.

Share another selfie on snapchat when you’re not there you’re probably laughed at I feel sorry for you another deluded brat to get more likes show your fat ass and pass your money to the aristocrats in the name of charity tell your friends I’m a twat tell them all how you would love to see me fall flat on my face or on my ass but your just scum to them because your not middle class.

Just one more thing I got say to you fuck off and fuck you!