Fuck the Tories, Fuck the Royals, Fuck the UK and Fuck you.

I am beginning to hate this country which is a shame because I have always loved the scenery of it. Britain is beautiful in places the countryside is spectacular, the history interesting as fuck, the mythology is ancient as it gets and almost forgotten (schools are only interested in Greek and Roman mythology.) I don’t even mind the weather in fact I love the rain so why do I feel this hate growing towards the beautiful place that we live?

I hate the extortion, the high, confusing and numerous taxes and the tax system in general is ridiculous. I hate the laws, the police and justice system, they do not work in fact they protect psychopaths, peadophiles and rapists.  The government are a joke EVERY decision they make is based on money the system feeds the rich and oppresses and extorts the poor. I hate the media they could not tell the truth if the truth was to walk in a room with a sign on its head saying I AM THE TRUTH and a truth stick and proceeded to beat them while shouting I AM THE TRUTH. All they do is propagate and tell people what they should think. Love the Monarchs, respect the rich, obey, conform fuck that.

Do you know what I hate the most though, the masses! Man they are stupid. We fall for every lie they print, we react to every bit of shit they stir and (some) even get upset when they are confronted with facts!

UK are war mongers that is a fact, they kill women, children and men (because men are important as well) abroad for money and then tell us its for good reason and even claim to attempting to free the people we attack! And we (the vast majority of us at least) believe them because the Sun said it was true. I don’t believe a word they say it takes a special kind of STUPID to continue to believe proven liars that are only interested in representing their corporate and rich masters. The reason we believe them is because we are distracted, we are too busy watching the TV, working for fuck all and acting like their little meat puppets.

Thats why I am going to finish this posts like this FUCK the Tories, Fuck the Royals, Fuck the UK and fuck the willing ignorant. Free Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Libya from the hypocritical fascists that claim to be helping them. If you don’t like this post FUCK YOU TOO. Offended? Good.



17 million views pays me less than $200! Videos removed based on false copyright claims, I dispute the claims, I win the dispute only for the claim to start again a few months later. They refuse to pay me on new videos, with no explanation given why they refusing to pay, I guess they are exercising they’re right of choosing what becomes a financial success and not! No video is safe, even if I made all of it myself (including music.) I believe it comes due to my anti Zionist, anti Racist, anti Israel views. Google seem so desperate to protect Israel that they are actually destroying our civil liberties and rights to do so.

Google, Facebook, the government and the controlled mainstream media may like and support genocide in Palestine some do not, GET OVER IT AND STOP FUCKING FINANCIALLY STARVING THE TRUTH AND ENDORSING THE PROPAGANDA.

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Fuck Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Zionism, Nick Clegg, War on Terror, Israel, Shit jobs, MPs expenses, Tesco, Supermarkets, corporate superstores, Google, Facebook, Sergio Brin, Larry Page, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Drake, Hip Hop. FUCK Internet censorship, Michael Gove, the education system, Animal testing, The IVORY TRADE, the FUR trade, rip off Britain. Judges, the Justice system, police, Prison, Piracy laws, Vaccinations, Vaccines, Ebola, Human Kidney cells, Human Diploid Tissue, Pepsi, Kraft, Campbells Soup, Cadbury’s, Propaganda, TV, zombie elite.

Fuck the music industry, corporate greed, the education system, war on terror, David Cameron, Barrack Obama, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Theresa May’s attacks on human rights, News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch, Tesco, Walmart, Nike, Sony, Apple, slavery, and oil wars, cannabis laws, banks, financial ombudsman service, Mortgages PLC Glasgow, the ILLUMINATI, NEW WORLD ORDER, hypocrisy, government lies, Nick Clegg, BBC, CNN PROPAGANDA, child labour, work for benefits, workfare, corporate tax evasion and avoidance.

Blatant political censorship of YouTube and social media has seriously slowed the spread of these videos, to combat this unfair and illegal censorship I am now GIVING AWAY FREE downloads of my most effected and CENSORED videos, this enables people that want to watch and share these videos a chance to put on to a disk and distribute freely.

DOWNLOAD FUCK THE SYSTEM BY WOLVOMAN80 FREE http://wolvoman80.co.uk/?p=1555


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Is this what YouTube has become?
Is this what YouTube has become?

I have had a YouTube channel for over five years and in that five years Google have done nothing but censor, remove videos for petty reasons, under count views, refuse to pay me for the views I have had despite running adverts on nearly every video view, stop my account from unloading anything over 15 minutes and now they have decided to begin to remove subscribers from my channel, I receive emails informing me of new subscribers but the number of people subscribed to my channel goes down.

It seems to me that Google do not wish for the people to watch political videos that ask questions that mainstream media is not asking, it seems to me that Google would rather you watch mediocre, lame brained and very boring comedy like CollegeHumor, PewDiePie, pranks, idiots doing stupid things and people falling over or something shit like that. So many popular YouTube channels consist of low quality not good enough for the mainstream but so desperate to be mainstream comedy, nearly every video screenshot shows some famous on YouTube comedian wannabe pulling silly faces next to a cake or Kim Kardashian’s ass or a image of whatever subject they may be boring us with week.

Fuck that, that is shit. I want scary conspiracy theories that are closer to the truth than the average simple minded fool would like to believe, I want see to the lies the politicians tell us, their corruption and the banks and corporations greed, I want see the Truth, YouTube are not prepared to let that happen maybe the truth scares or embarrasses Google.

Removing deep thinking open minded political videos and replacing it with lame comedy acts is like waving a rattle in a babies face and playing peekaboo but there is a problem, this baby is an adult and this adult wants Sergey Brin, Larry Page and the terrified government and establishment to take that rattle and shove is somewhere the sun don’t shine. Google are not taking in to consideration the fact that some people have a mental age of above 12 years old and IQ’s above 50, some people actually want to watch videos that make them think, broaden their horizons and inform.


I am obviously not requesting or expecting YouTube to remove shit comedy videos, the exact opposite actually, I don’t think YouTube should be removing any video whatsoever unless they can prove that the channel/individual that uploaded the video does not own the rights. WOLVOMAN80 is now a business that like any other business depends on profit, I have a large family to feed and bills to pay and I view Google’s actions as oppression and I know that I am not the only one effected as numerous people and small YouTube channels have contacted me with similar complaints.

Google may claim not to like all this “conspiracy shit” but they seem to be making quite a lot of money at distributing it, considering that Google charge about $1.50 for a video ad and in some cases share the profit with nobody and YouTube get one billion hits per day, please Google can I have a few of the crumbs for my 17 million views so far.        11



About seven years ago I joined Facebook and despite never really being impressed with Facebook, (Facebook is for insecure people) I can not deny that Facebook has helped me reach millions of people from all over the world and other than YouTube it has probably been the most effective way to spread my message, but in recent times Facebook has become heavily controlled and even censored. Anti government and Anti establishment posts and pages have long been experiencing falling reach (a post of mine could once upon a time reach hundreds of thousands of people, now it struggles to reach one hundred people) and my page along with many other Facebook pages are now experiencing rapidly falling likes! Facebook have actually removed over 200 people from my likes in less than 24 hours.

This and many other factors including censorship of the truth, censorship of government and corporate corruption, censorship of elite peadophile rings, censorship of Israel’s viscous attacks on children, censorship of criticism of David Cameron, censorship in general and losers paying for likes and reach has led me to believe Facebook is now just another useless corporate controlled, shitty little website.

Mark Zuckerberg may pay the corporate controlled mainstream media to portray him positively and tell kind nice stories about him and he may look like a harmless ugly, little down syndrome sufferer, smelly breathed, weakling that could not hurt a fly even if he tried, but Mark Zuckerberg is actually a very dangerous man.

He has personally information collected from multiple mass used social media services on over one billion people around the world, that sort of information is useful to businesses that want your money, it could also be useful for tyrannical governments. Facebook know what you think, Facebook know where you live, what you look like, the name of your children. Facebook know when you got drunk, who you talk too, argue with and who you love and hate. Facebook could have seen you drunk, naked and they own EVERYTHING EVER POSTED!!! Private messages are owned by Facebook, private images, videos and information is all own by a ugly little man named Mark Zuckerberg and a disgusting company that feel no way in manipulating the spread of information to oppress the poor and protect the rich, Facebook.

Thanks to everybody that liked and followed my page.