You work, work, work and work but you still cannot afford to buy a house?

How many people spend more of their conscious lives at work than they do at home? How many people that spend most of their lives at work away from their families and loved ones can actually afford to buy their own house? How many people are working their lives away just to pay their rich landlords/housing associations mortgages? In my opinion if you are dedicating half of your conscious life to work the very least you would or should expect from that is to be able to afford to buy and own your own place at the end of it. If not than what is the point in working?

I love it when people that own their nice houses demand people should get a job it really is a shame they do not put the same kind of passion and dedicate the same kind of thought process when it comes to fighting for the right of a fair wage.

Britain seems to have moved away from rewarding hard work with financial freedom and towards simply ridiculing and outcasting people that don’t work. I am not racist at all and I feel NO resentment to any foreign person that wishes to settle and work here but the huge influx of foreign workers not only lead to a drop in value of British workers but also made find building work much harder as many of the foreign workers were builders. I don’t see these foreign workers as the enemy, how can I? How can somebody that works his ass off and lives in ridiculously overcrowded accommodation barely suitable for a dog to save costs in most cases all support his family that he only sees once or twice a year be my enemy?

These foreign workers have only been allowed in to the country to benefit businesses with lower wages and less workers rights. People in the UK are so quick to blame the desperate and exploited but the desperate and exploited do not make the rules.

Work should be optional and its rewards should be the force that tempts people in to work not simply ridicule, financial hardship and blame.